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Learn about the Managed dedicated hosting 

The managed dedicated hosting is an effective and proficient way to manage your site on the internet. Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting in which you will get a server that will increase the performance of the site. Having a site on the internet is just not enough to make progressive growth. You need to make sure that your site is easily accessible. You also have to add themes, functions, and blogs to make your site attractive and professional. The email shop has multiple packages for dedicated hosting.

Explanation of managed dedicated hosting:

Supervised dedicated hosting is a type of dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is hosting in which you will lease a server from the hosting provider. That server has a high number of resources like ram, bandwidth, processor, etc. When the load of your site increase, you need high resources. If you cannot provide your site with high resources, you might lose your progress. So, individuals or organisations usually update their hosting when they have high traffic on their site.

Managed dedicated hosting

Dedicated servers can easily handle the high traffic of the site. Not only you can handle the traffic of your site, but using the dedicated server, and your site will have high performance. The reliability, security and efficiency of your site will increase. The dedicated servers are entirely allocated to the client. Meaning the client is not sharing his server with any other user. This increases the reliability of the site as it will only affect what you do to your servers. If you share your server with other users, then there is a possibility that your site gets accessed by another person. If another person makes any silly mistake, then you will get affected by it.

Managed dedicated server:

The managed dedicated server is a server in which the hosting provider will look at most of your site responsibility. The provider will give you a server in which the latest software’s and basic application are installed and updated.

You will get a control panel using which you can easily manage your site. You can see your resources usage stats and some other stats using that control panel. You can also create your site using the software. The provider has installed various scripts so that your site has essential functions. If you want additional function on your site, then you can easily install the new scripts. The Colo provider also has installed multiple security patches. He makes sure that your site remains secure from unknown access.

The server also requires physical maintenance and management. In managed dedicated hosting, the provider has professional IT teams. That will look after the management of your server. This way, you do not face any problem on your server. Moreover, the performance of the server is very high as it is looked after by professionals.

Are all the dedicated servers being managed?

The dedicated servers usually come in two types. One is managed and the other one is an unmanaged dedicated server. You might be wondering why there is a need for an unmanaged dedicated server. Well, some individual or organization do not want any outsider to interfere in their work. They want to keep things their way. The hosting provider will install the application or patches what he thinks is best for you in managed dedicated hosting. While in unmanaged dedicated hosting, you can install the application of your choice. But it is challenging.

Unmanaged dedicated server:

The unmanaged dedicated server is those in which you will get only the operating system of your choice. The hosting provider will not provide you with any kind of pre-install software like cPanel or WordPress. You have to set the security of your site all by yourself. The hosting provider will not give you any kind of scripts. You have to download and install the scripts of your server. Keeping the updated software is also the responsibility of the client.

In unmanaged hosting, you are very independent. There will be nobody interfering in your work. But it would help if you understood that doing the server tasks require high skills and knowledge in IT. That is why it is cheaper than the managed dedicated server.

Does managed dedicated hosting is suitable for your business?

If you cannot decide which server will suit your site, then you are not familiar with your site requirement. To choose effective hosting for your site, you should understand your site demands if your site has a lot of traffic. The site has sensitive information about your clients like password, username, credit card information, etc. Then it would help if you considered buying unmanaged dedicated hosting. Remember, you should buy the unmanaged server if you have high knowledge of IT.

If your site has high traffic and you have to look after other things of your organization or work. Then the managed dedicated server will be effective for you. The managed dedicated server suits best for those that have no information in IT. They have no skills on how to send commands to the server and many more. The provider can easily manage their site and protect them from any unknown access.


The managed dedicated hosting is a type of hosting in which you will lease a dedicated server from the hosting provider. That dedicated server has a high number of resources like ram, hard disk, etc. In supervised dedicated hosting, the Colo provider is responsible for the management and maintenance of the server. The hosting provider also has an unmanaged dedicated server. However, to operate the unmanaged dedicated server, you need to have high skills in IT. The email shop is a reliable dedicated hosting provider. They have multiple types of packages for dedicated hosting.



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