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How cheapest UK colocation calculating occurs

Cheapest UK colocation: Comparison of Colo and cloud

With the increase in the trend of business on the internet, servers become a vital part of any organization. The organization that providing their service on the internet use servers to host their sites. The biggest organization have to deal with a lot of traffic on their site—they need a specific environment for their servers to work properly.

 Hosting providers have the cheapest UK colocation hosting. Using this, the organization can provide its servers with the best optimum environment. The email shop provides reliable colocation hosting service for organizations.

The cheapest UK colocation explanation:

Colocation hosting is hosting in which you shift your servers into the hosting provider’s managed environment. Most of the providers have a data centre as a managed environment. The space that you lease has all the requirements of the server. They have installed features like cooling systems, efficiently distributed power system, various power circuits, etc. These features allow the server to work optimal and prevents data loss because of server problems.

cheapest UK colocation

In cheap colocation hosting, the provider will give you only the space for the server. You will not get any server from the hosting provider. The organization have to buy the servers all by themselves. They have to buy the servers and then also shift them into the place they rent out in the data centre. The management and maintenance are completely on the user. The hosting provider can give you a team that will look after the server’s management and maintenance. This team will have additional charges. You can also send your own team for the management and maintenance of the server. But you should keep in mind that you have to dedicate that team only the server maintenance and management. Because dealing with server requires a lot of technical knowledge and also it requires time.

Cheapest UK colocation rack space:

Space provides space in the form of racks. These racks are usually measured in either square unit or rack unit (U). The standard rack size is 42U. The hosting providers have multiple different spaces in the rack. Because not everybody wants to rent out the entire rack, this way, they can efficiently provide their servers with a managed environment.

These racks have all the facilities that are required by the server. Each of the servers has its separated power supply. The servers also have a backup facility through the uninterrupted power supply (UPS).  These racks have an effective cooling system with which your server works at its optimal temperature. If the temperature of the electronic device exceeds a certain limit, then the device becomes un-operatable. Having an effective cooling system for the server is very important as it holds a lot of important data on the site.

The different types of colocation rack spaces are discussed below:

1u rack space:

The rack of the colocation has the smallest space of 1u colocation UK. The 1u colocation space provides the space for only one server. This space is cheaper as compared to other spaces in the colocation hosting. This service allows small business to shift their servers into the colocation data centre’s managed environment. In the 1u colocation space, you will charge less for the consumption as compared to others because you have few servers in the rack. The organization that have 1-6 servers should choose this colocation rack space. The 1u colocation space is also suitable for organizations that have 8 servers for the management of the site data.

10U rack space:

The colocation rack space that provides the space for the ten servers will be termed as 10U colocation rack space. It is also known as quarter rack colocation UK as it occupies quarter space of the rack. This is efficient for an organization that does not have a high number of servers. Using the quarter colocation rack space, you will get a private localizable rack. The price of 10U is higher as compared to 1U, but you will be able to manage more servers in quarter colocation rack space. The 1U colocation becomes expensive after 8 servers.

Half rack colocation space:

The colocation hosting allows you to have half of the rack space. This space is for the 22 servers. The organization just has to shift servers into the private localizable rack that the hosting provider will provide. They will gain additional control over there servers with the remote hand’s service.

Full rack colocation space:

The full rack colocation London space is for the 42 servers. You will get your own private rack. Using such a facility, you will be able to have a secure environment for the servers. An organization using 42 servers have very vital data into their servers. Using colocation, they make sure that no unknown person will have access to their servers.

Why Colocation Should Be Part of Your IT?

If you have an in-house server for your site’s hosting, you will probably be suffering from data loss due to power issues. You also have to install the backup system of power. There is a need for the cooling system to prevent the server from heating. Installation of such an environment is very expensive. You should shift your in-house servers to a better environment using colocation hosting. 


The cheapest UK colocation is best for the organization that have multiple servers for their site on the internet. Using colocation hosting, you can have your servers in a managed environment (like the data centre’s environment) by leasing space in the data center. Colocation hosting provides you with multiple types of rack space. These racks are facilitated with multiple features like a backup power system, cooling system, etc. The smallest space in the rack is 1U colocation rack space. If you are looking for a trustable hosting provider, you should visit the email shop to get reliable colocation hosting.

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