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Cloud Sever Colocation for Business Needs | Pros and Cons

Difference between Cloud Server Colocation vs Colocation

Server Colocation is a popular service among businesses, and one of the most renowned types is the hybrid cloud server colocation. The Email Shop provides excellent server colocation services in the UK; however, before we can get to that, let us see what server colocation is and how your business or organization can benefit from it.

For starters, in 2021, billions of people are connected to the internet. People go on the internet to get information, entertainment, connect with others, and buy different things. This has made the internet a vast marketplace connecting billions of people online. A lot of businesses and organizations have seen this as an opportunity to scale their businesses to such heights that weren’t possible before the internet. For such reasons, companies and businesses have their own IT hardware, mainly physical servers that allow the companies to manage their online presence.

Cloud Server Colocation

The scale of this hardware depends on the scale of the company. For example, a small business might only have a single server housed in a cabinet found in the corner of the main room or racks of many servers housed in a comm. Room with a proper environment managed by a team of highly trained professionals. Regardless, this IT hardware requires a separate space and dedicated management and monitoring from professionals, which is difficult for many organizations and businesses to manage especially small ones. Server Colocation provides a solution to this problem.

What is server colocation and hybrid cloud server colocation?

Server colocation is essentially a service where a company’s IT hardware is managed in specially built data center facilities provided by the colocation service providers. The data center will be responsible for providing all the necessary resources such as environmental controls, network and physical security, physical space allocation, a team of highly skilled professionals, adequate power distribution, and data and power backup services to keep your server’s 100% uptime without the hassle of doing it in your organization’s premises.

Server colocation has many advantages, such as it is a lot cheaper than the cost of building your own data center and housing your IT hardware in your organization. This is perhaps the most significant advantage of server colocation Vs on premise hardware housing. Colocation services provide on-site professional support and strict physical security measures to protect your data and hardware from unauthorized access. You can also scale your physical space in the data center as additional space to house more hardware or additions to the previous one is comfortable.

On the other hand, there are the cloud services in which data centre provide their own managed hardware to the organizations in which run their processes and tasks on the cloud service provider’s hardware that would be housed in the cloud service data center. Although both services seem the same, there are significant differences, the biggest one being the hardware. In server colocation, the customer has to shift their hardware setup to the data center facility manually. In cloud-based services, the cloud data centre provides hardware for the company to run its workloads. Server colocation Vs Cloud pros and cons vary a lot, and it all depends on the organizational needs. Server colocation Vs cloud cost would be the most significant factor that determines which one the company should opt for. If your organization wants pricing based on the performance and the processing and would not want to invest in an entire IT-hardware infrastructure, it would be best to opt for public cloud services. Most medium-scale businesses might opt for cloud-based services.

Then there are also the private cloud services that are essential, computing services offered through the internet or a private intranet service to a selected number of users instead of the general public. The private cloud service provides the best network security and privacy, including the company’s firewalls and internal hosting services. So keep in mind the organizations’ needs when looking at the server colocation Vs private cloud comparison.

However, it depends highly on your needs if you’re looking foron premise Vs colocation Vs cloud services. If you have the budget and a single server that needs to be housed, then go for on-premise housing.

Cloud Server Colocation Vs private cloud, which one would be best?

Although server colocation provides private suites that allow for additional physical and network security in their data center facilities; however, the private clouds dwarf the level of network security provided by the colocation data centre. If you have compassionate data that cannot get into unauthorized hands and cannot afford to compromise your network security, you should opt for private cloud services.

There is data centre in the world that provides hybrid server colocation within the cloud whereby a datacenter provides services to house your hardware with access to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Amazon Web Services provide both private and public cloud web services to their customers. As mentioned above, private and public cloud hosting has many benefits for customers who want processing-based pricing if you look at the services of AWS Vs colocation services.

Why Email Shop?

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