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Fully managed dedicated hosting cheap & reliable server

The fully managed dedicated hosting allows you to easily handle the load on the site. Using dedicated hosting, you will be able to easily handle the site traffic. You would have reliable and secure data on your site. Using the dedicated hosting, you will get dedicated resources like ram, hard disk etc. By using dedicated hosting, you are very independent while hosting your site. The email shop provides a very reliable and convenient dedicated hosting service.

Explanation of the fully managed dedicated hosting:

Dedicated hosting is a service in which you will get dedicated servers to manage your site. What are the dedicated servers? The dedicated servers are the servers that you lease from the hosting provider and shift your data into those servers. These dedicated servers have dedicated resources like ram, hard disk, etc. Using these dedicated resources, you will be able to handle the high traffic on your site.

You will get cheap managed dedicated servers that are already placed in an optimal environment. You do not have to install the exterior server maintenance like a Cooling system, backup power systems, etc. All of these server requirements are installed by the hosting provider. This way, your organization will be able to easily manage the site without investing any big-time cost in the server requirement.

Fully managed dedicated hosting

The managed dedicated server hosting provides you with pre-installed software like a dedicated server with Cpanel. You will get a control panel with which you will be able to manage your site’s data.  They will give you pre-installed scripts with which you can easily perform functions.  You will get the statistics that help you with the site’s management like they will show the usage of the resources. Using managed dedicated server hosting, you will manage your site without having a lot of knowledge in IT.

Are all dedicated servers managed? Not all dedicated servers are managed. Some organization wants to have complete control over their servers. They do not want anyone to manage the thing this way. So, the hosting provider has unmanaged dedicated hosting servers. In these servers, you only get the operating system. You have to install the security patches all by yourself. The installation of the new application will also be your responsibility. Installation of the scripts and keeping the information about the resources usage of the server is your responsibility.

Advantages of the fully managed dedicated hosting:

Following are the advantages of the managed services:

High uptime percentage:

The uptime is required to have a consistent supply of the data when the user demands it. Having consistent uptime is very necessary for the organization. If the customer accesses your organization site and gets lag or does not have access to your site, you will give very bad feedback about your site. The dedicated server gives you a high uptime percentage so that there is no issue with accessing your site’s data.

Better performance:

Using the dedicated servers, you get a high number of resources like ram, bandwidth, etc. These resources allow you to improve the performance of your site. Using such resources, you will be able to have a lot of data on your site. The dedicated resources allow you to handle the high traffic on your site.

More reliability:

Using a dedicated hosting service, you do not share any kind of your resources. You are using the entire server only for your site management. This way, your site becomes very reliable.

More security:

In the managed dedicated server, there are various security patches installed. These security patches prevent any unknown access to your site. You will get SSL with which you will get verification of the big search engine like Google. This way, the traffic will get a boost on your site.

Greater flexibility:

The dedicated server hosting offers a lot of flexibility for your site. Using dedicated hosting, you will be able to manage the increase in traffic to your site. The organization have goals in the progress of their site. When certain progress increases, the site’s load also increases and manages that traffic will become very challenging for the organization. The hosting provider has a scalability feature in the dedicated hosting so that the organization can buy more than 1 dedicated server for the convenient management of the site.

Disadvantages of the dedicated servers:

High cost:

As you know that dedicated servers provide an entire server for rent. The servers are very expensive in the market. So, renting out these servers will also be expensive. This might affect the organizations budget.

Not suitable for the small business:

The organization that does not have a high load on the site if using the dedicated server will end up in loss. They will not use all the dedicated resources’ features and will pay a high cost for renting out the servers. So, if a site does not have high traffic on its site, dedicated hosting is not suitable.

Requires high technical knowledge:

If you use unmanaged dedicated hosting, then you need to have high knowledge of the technology. Managing and maintaining the servers need skill s and time.


The fully managed dedicated hosting allows you to handle the traffic with dedicated resources like bandwidth, ram, etc. Using such dedicated resources, you can keep up with your organization’s growth. The managed dedicated servers will be made hosting the site very easy. They will give you a pre-install software control panel that manages most of the site’s data. In unmanaged dedicated serves, all the responsibility of the management of the site is your responsibility. The dedicated servers give good uptime, flexibility to the site, made the site secure. The dedicated server is expensive to rent out. The email shop provides you with efficient and convenient dedicated servers.

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