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Colocation hosting will provide you with a room in the data center.  This will allow you to provide your servers with the managed environment. Server colocation 1u will make your organization very stable and keep its growing up. You will pay monthly Colo bill for the services you used. The email shop offers you colocation hosting that will provide a managed environment to your servers.

What is server colocation 1u?

The server colocation hosting is a type of hosting in which you lease space in the data center. At the data center your servers will be provided with the managed environment like power, cooling etc. These managed environments will allow your servers to work at their best. If your servers are working at their best, then your SEO will improve a lot. You can easily manage your data without any data loss. They usually provide your server with a cabinet, or you can have a tower server colocation for your multiple servers.

Colocation billing factors:

The colocation hosting will send you a monthly bill. Data center pricing will depend upon a lot of factors. Some elements have a large part in making the monthly bill.

Server colocation 1u

Some of the factors that affect your monthly bill are listed below:

Hardware maintenance:

The system that is used to provide your servers with efficient power and cooling require hardware maintenance. The professionals generally do this maintenance. Some of the hardware will be changed regularly. The colocation providers usually provide a flat price for this maintenance so you can have an idea about the billing.

The space of racks:

The racks provided by the colocation hosting will keep your servers. These racks are rented by you and play a big part in your colocation bill. These racks are divided into three types. The suits, standalone, and cages. The servers are of different models and structures. Some servers cannot fit in the cabinets of the racks. The providers also have a service of the customizable rack. You will tell them about the cabinet’s specification, and they will make you a cabinet according to it. You should check the racks before buying so that you will have an idea about the need for a customizable rack. The standard size of these racks is 42U.  Most of the hosting providers offer space as small as 1u2u colocation cabinets.

Power and cooling system:

The power consumed by the servers and the cooling systems also makes a majority part in the hosting bill. Just like we pay for the electricity we use in our house. This power is generally measured in the KW. Some colocation hosting providers will charge you for services like redundancy and risk management. The power charges will vary depending on how efficiently the hosting providers have installed the power system. The efficient system will allow you to pay only for the power you use.


The bandwidth is used to manage the servers in the data center. The data centers are off-site, and you need to manage your servers. For that, they provide your bandwidth. The bandwidth usage depends on your organizations need and how they treat their servers. Usually, a right Colo provider will send a team that will work with you in calculating the bandwidth.

Backups of the data:

Your data contains a lot of vital information. If this information is lost or damaged, then you might suffer a huge loss. So, to prevent you from any data loss, Colo provides you with data backup facility. This facility will be charged monthly in the bill, but it provides you with a big facility of backing up the data.

Location of the data center:

The location of the data center plays a big role in the colocation price. Like in real estate if you live in a high standard area, obviously your monthly cost will be high. If you avail of services in the service of the data centers that have high demand in the market, then your monthly price will be high. On the other hand, if your organization requirement is just storage and processing choosing a data center in an urban area might suit you.


Your organization require high-speed internet. For this, the providers have direct connections with the internet service provider. They can provide you with even a speed of 1000MBPs per second. Some hosting providers offer this service as an add-on service. If you require high-speed internet and cannot provide a lag for a millisecond, you will be provided with high-speed internet, but it will cost you a lot in the monthly billing.

Advantages and disadvantages of server colocation 1U:

The colocation hosting provides flexibility to your site. You can add more servers to the racks if you feel the need.  If you are using an in-house server, you probably know that they need the proper work environment. Hosting providers have installed these features that your servers require. It allows you to bypass the first-time cost of providing the managed environment. To help you in solving any issue related to your site, they will provide you with 24/7 customer support. So that your site keeps working all the time. You are provided with consistent uptime.

The colocation main drawback is that it demands a very high first-time investment. This investment might disturb your budget. Colocation hosting is not suitable for small business.


 To provide your servers with facilities like efficient power and cooling systems colocation hosting is best for you. The server colocation offers space in the data center. The server colocation 1u is generally less in cost than others. But if you have multiple servers, then you will require space of more than 1u. The colocation hosting will provide you with their service at a monthly cost. The monthly bill depends on multiple factors. Some factors have a huge role in making the bill. The email shop has multiple packages for efficient colocation hosting.

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