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Server colocation pricing is a type of service a data centre offers, in which it leases space and provides housing for servers. How spacing is done in Colo.

Colocation hosting is one of the popular hosting in the world. The organization can host their servers in an optimum environment using the colocation service. Using server colocation pricing, you can bypass a lot of expenditures. The organization site data become reliable and scalable using colocation hosting. The email shop provides you with cheap colocation hosting plans.

How server colocation pricing does calculate:

The colocation hosting provider will give a reliable environment for the servers. Using colocation hosting, you can shift your servers into a managed environment like a data centre. The provider has a different size of spaces in the data centre. They will provide you with effective power circuits and backup power system like generators, unite reputed power supply, etc. Using colocation hosting, your servers will work optimally, and you will not face server lag problems.

server colocation pricing

At the start of the business, a lot of organization host servers into their in-house setup. But as they make progress, their products demand increases. To handle such traffic, they need more network infrastructure. Such a big network infrastructure demands a certain environment. To provide that environment, they need to spend a lot of cost on the equipment.

Moreover, the staff required for the installation of the equipment will also charge you a lot. You also have to hire staff for the maintenance and management of the equipment. The organization usually avoid these costs. They do not want their budget disturbed as a lot of things rely on that budget. Using colocation hosting, they just shift their network infrastructure into the data centre. The data centre has pre-installed equipment required for a certain environment. By shifting your servers, you can easily bypass those huge costs and effectively grow your business.

In colocation hosting, the provider will not be responsible for your servers. Buying and maintaining the server will be your responsibility. You have to send or hire a team for the management of the server. You can buy the servers according to your organization work requirement. Usually, when a hosting provider gives a server, he does not make a huge investment into the server. They just make sure that the server has the basic specification in it. This might not suit the organization that have different work demand.

Who should choose the colocation?

Colocation hosting is not the only hosting in the market. There are many other hosting like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting. This hosting also provides you with dedicated resources and servers. But the colocation hosting provides you with more control. Using colocation, you get high-speed bandwidth, secure racks, scalability etc. Some organization have very sensitive information on their servers. They cannot share their server resources with others. They do not even prefer that their server is placed in a shared rack. So, using colocation, they can have a private localizable rack for their servers. This way, their servers are more secure and have only verified physical access. The organization that has very high traffic on its site cannot manage the data using 2-3 servers. They require multiple servers to keep up with the high traffic. Using colocation, they can provide an effective environment for their servers and buy the servers that suit them according to their site load. High-speed internet is the demand of the organization that have high traffic. If the site of these organization shows any lag, then the organization will suffer loss. Using colocation hosting, they get reliable and high-speed internet.

Server colocation pricing racks:

The rack space in the colocation hosting is of different sizes. Using colocation hosting, you can have different size of rack space. Some data centres provide even the smallest space of 1u colocation space. The 1u, 2u colocation pricing is less than all the other colocation spaces. The U is the rack unit that is used to measure the rack space. We will discuss multiple spaces of the colocation hosting.

  • 1U colocation rack space:

The 1u colocation space allows you to store your single server in the data server. Using 1U colocation hosting, you can store 6-8 servers in the data centre. This way, you can efficiently use colocation hosting. The 1u colocation space allows the small organization to shift their servers into the managed environment.

  • Quarter colocation space:

The quarter colocation space provides space for 10 servers. Usually, this proves effective for the organization that have 10 servers for their site load because the 1U colocation is efficient only for 8 servers.

  • Half rack colocation:

The half-rack colocation hosting allows you to store 22 servers. You will get a private localizable rack for the servers. The power cost of the half rack colocation will be very high as compared to the quarter colocation because you are running 22 servers at a time.

  • Full rack colocation:

Using a full rack, you can store 42 servers in the data centre. This type of hosting is usually selected by an organization that has a very high site load. Using full rack colocation space, you will get a private localizable rack for your servers.


The colocation hosting allows you to have a reliable environment for your servers. Using colocation, you can have independent space in the data centre. Using server colocation pricing, you can bypass the high cost of the installation of the managed equipment. Moreover, you do not have to hire staff that will look after the server environment’s maintenance. In colocation, the hosting client is responsible for the maintenance and management of the colocation. Using colocation, you can have the server of your own choice in the data centre’s managed environment. The colocation hosting provider has different sizes of space. The email shop will provide you with reliable and convenient colocation hosting.

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