colocation server hosting?

What is colocation server hosting? Do you need it?

What is colocation server hosting? – Get a detailed overview

What is colocation server hostingThe server colocation hosting is the type of hosting in which you would lease space from the hosting providers. You need to shift your servers into the space that you lease and then provide your servers with the managed environment. Colocation hosting benefits a lot of organization. A lot of organization use colocation hosting so that they can use their servers without any problem. The email shop has multiple packages of the colocation hosting. You should visit their site to get a reliable environment for your servers.

What is colocation server hosting: Explanation?

The Colo hosting is a hosting in which you buy servers and then shift them into a managed environment provided by the hosting provider. The hosting provider will offer you multiple spaces in the managed environment. You need to rent out these spaces according to your need. When you put your servers into the colocation space, then you will provide your servers with the environment like cooling system, efficient power distribution system, etc. This efficient environment is essential for the servers. Otherwise, you will face problems like data loss due to power fluctuation and overheating of the servers.

 Colocation is a hosting. To understand colocation hosting, we should know about hosting. What is web hosting? Web hosting allows you to make your site accessible on the internet. The web hosting companies provide servers, space, and other network infrastructure to their clients. Web hosting providers have multiple types of web hosting. Like dedicated hosting, colocation hosting shared hosting, etc.

What is colocation server hosting?

Effective for high load site:

The people who have high load on their site can require many servers to handle the high traffic on their site. These multiple servers require a certain environment to work properly. Providing a managed environment for these servers is very complex and costly. The organization’s budget can be disturbed if they install the equipment required for the managed environment. They probably look for the alternative instead of installing the equipment. Colocation hosting providers have already installed such resources required for the managed environment. These organisations just rent out space provided by the hosting provider and put their servers into the managed environment.

The different space of the colocation:

The collocated hosting offers different size of spaces into the managed environment like a data center. These spaces are made of different types so that you everybody can utilize the colocation hosting efficiently. The spacing in the data center is done either in square foot or rack unit (U).

Not all organization have enough servers to fill the entire rack in the data center. If they buy the whole rack and shift only 20-22 servers, then colocation hosting will prove efficient for them. For that reason, the Colo providers have a different type of space in the data center.

We will discuss the different space that is provided by the colocation hosting:

1U space:

This is the smallest space that a hosting provider will give to you. The 1U colocation space allows you to shift a single server into the data center.  It is the cheapest space among all the spaces that the hosting provider provides. Your server will be placed in the rack that has the server of other users. So, using 1U colocation, you have to share your rack with others. You can buy multiple 1U colocation space. If you have 6-8 servers for your organization, then 1U colocation space will be very efficient for you. The 1U colocation allows the small business to provide their serves with a space in the managed environment.

The 10U colocation space:

The 10U colocation is also known as quarter space of the rack. Using 10U colocation space, you can lease a space for the 10 servers in the data center. You will have a localizable rack. Your rack can work with 8 amps of current. If you have 8-10 servers, then 10U colocation space will be the best option for you.

Half rack colocation space:

The colocation hosting provider will even provide you with half of the space in the rack. Using this hosting, you will get a private localizable rack. The half-rack colocation hosting allows you to have space for 22 servers in the data center. You will get service like remote hands to have more control over your servers.

Full rack colocation servers:

The standard size that is used by most of the colocation hosting provider is 42U. The organization that has a lot of load on their site needs a lot of servers to manage the data of their site. They usually need a private localizable full rack that can store their servers. The colocation hosting providers have made efficient racks that are suitable and efficient for most of the organization.

Customizable rack:

The cabinet size of the rack is made for the typical server available in the market. Some organization require different types of special servers for their organization work. Those servers do not get fit into the cabinet of the standard-size rack. For those servers hosting provider will provide you with the customizable rack option. You have to provide them with the cabinet’s details, and they will give you a customizable rack for the space in the data center. Colocation hosting pricing will increase if you avail of the customizable rack.


Above we have discussed what is colocation server hosting. The colocation hosting will give a space for the servers so that you can have managed environment for your servers. This way, you will provide your servers with the environment like the managed power system and cooling system. Colocation hosting is very efficient for the organization that has a high load on their side. Colocation hosting provides separate space in the data center. The email shop has effective and reluctant colocation hosting packages.

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