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WordPress cloud hosting- introduction and features

How to navigate the best WordPress cloud hosting providers in 2020 for business sites? If you are a business owner and worried about the efficient hosting solution then you must need to consider this post for the best advice and suggestions given by the email shop experts in the UK.

Wordpress cloud hosting providers

But the main question is, how to choose or find the best cloud hosting solutions for word press sites? Especially if you have the least ideas about features, benefits, and qualities of reliable hosting services.

To get clear ideas, you need to understand the introduction, features and all essential things about cloud hosting WordPress.

Introduction to WordPress cloud hosting:

Let’s get started from the beginning for clear ideas and solutions.

  • As we all know that the simple type of web hosting is shared hosting. In this solution, one server can simply house hundreds of websites from various customers.
  • VPS hosting is another major form of hosting. It is quite similar to shared hosting since numerous websites can be hosted on the same server. However, you can consider dedicated resource allocation which makes sure that the websites wouldn’t interfere with the speed or performance of one another.
  • Another common type if dedicated hosting where a single site can be hosted on one server. This would eventually give you major control of your host’s resources, and then simply make your website independent of the others.

Cloud hosting is probably a mixture of all the above elements.

By considering theoretically, a virtual machine existing on the cloud can never be compared to some common forms of web hosting. Therefore, a cloud hosting provider can simply host multiple websites on their premises, a part of which can easily be bought from everyone. The data center which mainly hosts the cloud would be able to share the solutions between other customers.

Though on the other hand, a private cloud would be exclusively hosted for one customer at any distant or remote location. A private cloud would be the extension of various capabilities of your client to manage some highly momentary loads. It would be simply hosted on the premises of the customers.

What to expect from WordPress cloud hosting providers?

You can consider choosing WordPress cloud hosting providers based on different aspects:

  • Costs:

People tend to focus on some immediate impacts that the pricing of one platform might be different from others, and affordable for your wallet too. But the point is, you need to consider long-term implications. For example, there are many word press cloud hosting providers that offer good initial plans which are much harder to ignore, but after that, introduce the biggest price hikes in the next year for more profits.

Then at the end of the day, if you need to stay with your host, like for more than 5 years, it’s important to calculate the overall costs for your entire period and not some initial cheap plans for short term benefits.

  • Scaling capability:

A significant advantage of cloud hosting over traditional hosting is the ability to scale to variable demand.

Does your host have the capacity to manage high workloads? If yes, does your host requires some manual intervention so they can manage high loads? Is your hosting provider allocate some new resources depending on the traffic? Does your host de-prioritize multiple resources if loads get back to normal position?

  • Dependency:

If you want to choose word press hosting or cloud hosting provider, you need to consider about all the dependencies your services have. For example, do the services leverage someone else’s platform to offer the right solutions? The threats associated with third-party services may shift to other hosting providers too.

  • Other reliable features:

To differentiate good services from bad, hosting providers tend to offer multiple add-on features that may be relevant to your business. There are multiple examples of these features which include inbuilt version control, CDNSSL, dedicated IPs, caching, and much more.

  • Technology:

Do you think the stack of your cloud hosting solutions are aligned with your business needs? For instance, if you choose a WooCommerce site hosting, would you be comfortable shifting to another host that can offer some strong technical support for completely generalized PHP hosting, but no other additional support for WooCommerce and WordPress?

Also, if your host’s configuration is in-tuned with what an application needs might be? Many server-side technologies can work well on the machines configured in some special way vs the others. If you want to choose and run some serious setup, you need to consider the suggestions of Google cloud hosting WordPress for smart tricks and techniques for advanced guidelines.

The best word press cloud hosting providers:

Here is a list of top word press cloud hosting providers:

  • The email shop:

The email shop doesn’t only help you manage domains, web hosting, email hosting, and server hosting, but also offers word press cloud hosting solutions for your business. You can communicate with the providers and get customized hosting plans & packages according to their budget and business needs.

  • Amazon EC2:

Amazon Web Services offers high quality hosting solutions specific for computing in the cloud. Moreover, there is great stuff and solutions in Amazon’s portfolio that customers may get a headache while making a proper decision.

By choosing Amazon cloud hosting WordPress, you can have the free tier only which may give you access to 1GB of RAM, you would also have the option to scale up to more than 144GB of RAM as well as enjoy its networking speed of around 25Gbps.

  • Kinsta:

Kinsta is the most essential WordPress hosting provider which is been known to offer a high-quality solution and product. One significant thing to know more about them is, their overall setup runs successfully over the Google Cloud Platform. Their initial plan is $30/month, and you will get 10GB of storage, more than 25,000 visits, as well as CDN transfer of 50GB.

Choosing a reliable word press cloud hosting provider is not an easy choice, you need to have a complete understanding of essential features, services, and benefits. After that, you may find yourself in a position to choose the services according to your business needs. For more guidelines, you can also consult with the email shop experts, where professionals can provide a detailed outline of everything you are looking for.

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