How to Setup Cloudways Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

How to Setup Cloudways Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting


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There is a variety of hosting options on the internet with different hosting choices such as shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, Dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting. Cloudways is the top managed cloud hosting service today as it is available from a number of popular hosting companies, They provide rich features and bring out several managed cloud hosting options with outstanding features. This article is all about Clouways and its setup.

What makes Cloudways different from other cloud hosting options is their top tech server and systems such as Nginx, Redis, MySQL, Varnish, Memcached, and Apache which makes Cloudways hosting swift and reliable. Cloudways offer managed server-side security with all of their plans and multiple layers of protection along with auto-updates to keep all of the servers on their platform up to date. This article will walk through the steps of configuring a cloud server with Cloudways

Signup for a Free Cloudways Account

Before setting up the server, the first thing to do is to sign up for the free Cloudways account. On the Cloudways main page, there is an option to signup using Google or LinkedIn accounts or using email. 

Users will be asked to set a password for their Cloudways account. After that, the user will receive an activation email to activate the account in a few minutes. Once the activation email is received user can activate their account right away.

Setup Cloudways Hosting Server

After signing up the following screen will appear. Cloudways has put the WordPress  right at the top and given these four options to choose from:

  • Standard WordPress
  • WordPress Plus WooCommerce
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Clean WordPress (no Cloudways optimizations)

Users can choose from the above options according to the requirements but if the user is not sure about the requirements they should go for the standard WordPress option. Then the user will be asked to add the names for the server, app, and project.

After setting names user will be redirected to select the plans for the cloud provider, server size, and data centers. All the plans offer a 3-day free trial to test their hosting quality. The currently available provider options include:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Amazon
  • Google Cloud

All Cloudway’s providers offer similar services with the most significant difference in price and reliability. 

Digital Ocean and VULTR offer nearly unlimited bandwidth at a lower cost, making them great choices. Amazon & Google allow bandwidth on the basis of  pay-as-you-go, indicating  that the monthly charges will be higher however the website will never be facing any downtime 

  • A server size must be chosen according to the user’s needs but when users are not sure they must choose a smaller server size plan because Cloudways provides add-ons anytime whenever the user requires more resources.
  • The last step is to select the server location; which should be chosen closest to the geographical location of the visitors.

After the configurations, it’s time to launch the server.  Launching the server is a timely process it is estimated to take  15 minutes for server setup and installation.  Once the server is launched we can manage it according to our requirements.

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Managing Your Cloudways Server

The Cloudways server console looks like this with default settings.

By default, the console will be open on Master Credentials and the user can edit username and password and can manage SSH keys, and view IP addresses.

  • In the Monitoring tab, there are multiple graphs and options to monitor servers and applications.
  • In Cloudways Server Manager Services users can look over the different important Cloudways services that keep servers operating. That includes Apache, caching, database, and application monitoring services.
  •  In Cloudways Server Settings and Packages users can adjust server configurations to upload a particular file or install a theme or plugins. 
  • Cloudways Server Security tab makes server security easy as Cloudways supports firewalls and implements server updates on a regular basis to keep servers and installations secure. They also monitor spam activities on the server. 
  • In the Vertical Scaling, the tab user can easily expand the space at any time. The amount of space increased will be reflected in next month’s charges.
  • Backups are set on the daily option as per default settings. It can be edited as per user wants their backups to be daily, hourly, or weekly. Users can also turn on  Local Backups that make a downloadable copy of a recent backup through SFTP/SSH.
  • SMTP is a built-in feature to employ a third-party email service to deliver emails from the server. This can be done by choosing SMTP and configuring an email provider.

Cloudways Features:

Cloudways offer the following features that can be accessed through the server manager.

  • Access to third-party DNS
  • Rackspace Email
  • High Volume Email Support
  • Website Migration
  • WebsiteUpgrade
  • CDN

WordPress Installation Management

In the application manager, we can access all of the server installations by clicking on the installed applications. A single click on the application will display the detail screen and provides all the information about the installation. 

To add the SSL security to Cloudways hosted website click on the SSL Certificate tab of Application Manager and access the built-in tool to create a free SSL certificate. Custom certificates can also be added for the user who needs to create and download a Certificate Signing Request,  that allows to create and buy an SSL certificate through a third party, the user can install it on the server.

Adding Team To  Cloudways Server

Cloudways provide a Team module option for the people who are working with multiple people on multiple projects. Cloudways allow users to add their team, modify the access to specific applications or servers and limit the controls of servers so that only the server owner has access to scale or delete the server.

Managing Projects With Cloudways

The Projects management page allows overlooking all of the running projects. This feature’s main function is to keep all of the installations organized so that the user does not get confused about what belongs to which client.

The above guide gives an idea of the features of Cloudways offering to WordPress users and how to get started with Cloudways hosting. They have an environment-friendly server console and WordPress setup with many built-in features that include backups, restores, SSL, teams, Migration tools, cron job management along with other server management tools. Due to their rich features, they have positioned themselves as a great option for new users and advanced users.

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