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3. How to make account level/global email filter in cPanel to fight spams?

It’s not possible to completely stop spam e-mail but yes you can filter it efficiently, discard it, and then deliver it to the selected folder.

create filter body


1. Sign into your cPanel account.
       2.Press “Global email filters” Icon present in the email section

        3. Click on the button “Create a New Filter
4.Enter the name for the filter in the Filter Name text section
       5. It’s possible to filter emails by many options, and you also want to delete the e-mail that contains the word “Lottery” or other attention-grabbing words, then choose “Contains” present under the “Rules” list, and choose “Body” from the dropdown menu.

       6. Find the icon “Actions” and choose “Discard Message“.
       7. Now choose the “Create” option

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