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With 13 years of experience in providing speedy and trustworthy Linux hosting solutions including Linux Shared and Dedicated Hosting Servers, we have been rated five stars by many businesses, developers, and high-intensity end-users.


High-Speed in High Traffic

Register to get your account hosted on one of our high performance Linux Servers to enjoy 20X speed. Systems are capable enough to tackle even the most demanding traffic situation and keep the website services up and running.

Smooth User Experience

Our Linux Hosting UK products are designed to give the best user experience with most of the tasks being accomplished with a click of a button while our specially written “knowledge base” articles always give the best solutions.

Excellent Support & Uptime

99.9% Uptime Commitment backs our all services so you can expect super-reliable performance. Moreover, our well-trained support team is always there to help. 45 Days money back Guarantee is there for your protection. Order today!


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    • 25 Sub-Domains
    • 1 SQL Database
    • Cpanel Control Panel
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    • 5 SQL Database
    • Cpanel Control Panel
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    • 20 SQL Database
    • 1 Domain Privacy
    • Cpanel Control Panel
    • 24x7 Technical Support

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    • Unlimited Websites
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    • Unlimited Parked Domains
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Unlimited SQL Database
    • 1 Domain Privacy
    • 1 Dedicated IP
    • Cpanel Control Panel
    • 24x7 Technical Support


User friendly yet feature rich host


cPanel Hosting to manage web space


Host your eCommerce website


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Widely used Dovecot Mail Server


Mobile, CalDAV and CardDAV Support


Cloud Linux hosted platform


Outlook, Apple Mail Client


Host Secure MySQL Databases


Full Featured Apache Web Server


One click apps installation option


PHP hosting provider for developers

Free advance easy to use website builder

Setup online shop with windows hosting

Free SSL Certificate for secure websites


Virus Scan, Spam Filter. SSL/TLS


IMAP, POP3, SMTP and Webmail


24/7 Business Hosting Support


Linux is one of the top operating systems for hosting websites. It is widely used in industry for personal websites to advance community or host business website. Along side HTML, Linux supports many programming languages and framework such as PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Python. Create a blog website in minutes by using out of the box software like WordPress, Joomla or setup a secure online store for an eCommerce site, all uses a combination of PHP and MySQL for responsive web design.

Its an industry leading Linux hosting UK services, starts from £0.99 + vat, our no-contract cheap Linux hosting solutions in the UK. Host your website on our reliable Linux platform backed with 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer service to ensure that the problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Huge variety and flexible range of service truly makes it one stop solution for your web based business.

For Linux Reseller Hosting, Please contact our sales team for industry best packages.

Best Linux Hosting UK

Running Cloud Linux and UK cPanel hosting offers inexpensive UK Linux business quality, which guarantees that your website is protected. We provide the ideal plan for you, whether you’re running a personal website, a corporate platform, or an online shop.

Why Cloud Linux?

Cloud Linux shop offers the most reliable environment to accommodate several websites, as each website is separated in its virtual environment from others.

This assures that a neigh bouring noisy syndrome impacts no website and that no resources are used unexpectedly by another website. This way, each environment is also safer and more reliable than a typical “regular” Linux setting.

Strong and quick free webspace UK servers for the quickest and most convenient website processing, including

Best Linux Hosting UK Services

Linux is an open-source OS. The web-based programming language supports an extensive range, such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and MySQL databases for various online applications.

cPanel, a web-based web management panel that allows you to administer every aspect of a website is provided with our Linux hosting packages with only a few clicks.

With Linux hosting UK, you can add any of our free 1-click Web applications to your website in seconds, including blogs, forums, polling stations, wikis, calendars, and more. If, for example, you wish to start a Blog using WordPress, pick Linux hosting UK.

Compared to solutions developed on other operating systems, UK linux hosting is typically seen as the safest alternative. Open-source software in general and commercial systems like Windows are not targeted so much by hackers.

This is primarily due to fewer methods. There are new approaches every day for breaching Windows security system, but a cheap linux hosting box has fewer risk factors. Not many hackers attempt to breach.

The Linux community of users is huge, and those committed to maintaining the operating system’s security are always on the case. A security fix is put out shortly after the bug was found to ensure that no up-to-date Linux setup is exposed for a long time to new attacks. More importantly, the Linux software community is very active and takes fast action and publishes a solution patch when a flaw is uncovered. Linux developers are dynamic and are attentive in preserving the supremacy of Linux security.

If you are searching for an additional protection layer with proactive security monitoring and malware eradication for Linux hosting UK, The Email Shop’s Power Protection Plans are best for you.

If your website is contaminated, your company results and reputation will be impaired and affected. The Email Shop’s protection planning will secure the protection of your site from hackers.

Protection Power informs you when we detect any problems and recommends the best remedy. No software has to be installed in modern security systems and proactively guard against the most recent hacking, malware, or DDoS attempts. The proactive Security Scanner checks for possible security flaws, security vulnerabilities, malware intruders, blocklist inclusions, etc. It’s done automatically, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Email Shop Offering Linux Hosting In UK

For years, The Email Shop has been delivering superior Linux hosting UK services, and the flexibility is the reason behind our hosting UK platform success. Everything you want, our firm provides you with profound control over the parameters of your server.

Some other functions are considerably more powerful. While The Email Shop allows other hosts to choose how many day-to-day backups they want to save or squeeze as many backups as possible within a certain amount of disc space. Both choices are paid at £0.99 per GB each month, which is relatively cheap because you pay for whatever you do.

While your server is set up, the exceptional assistance of the Email Shop is available 24/7 each day so that problems may be solved as fast as possible. And we mean fast: if the hardware is failing, say, within 30 minutes of the identifying fault, the firm pledges to rectify it.

Moreover, with a fantastic service level agreement, The Email Shop supports this commitment. If the firm fails to react within 30 minutes to a first Helpdesk ticket, you are credited with 10 times the amount missed and equivalent terms covering power brakes, network failures, and more. All this must increase your trust in the service quality you are providing when you use Linux Hosting UK from The Email Shop.

Do I need to know Linux in advance?

No, you as a client doesn’t require an understanding of your server’s operating system, which is a complicated, sophisticated system. We will instead conduct all the necessary maintenance, security, and updated work for you. Also, our experts will perform technical and administrative tasks so you can always access the full extent and capability of your THE EMAIL SHOP cheap web hosting UK plan. All other important work, such as integrating your contents, installing subdomains, or creating email addresses, may be performed without the operating system working directly via a specific administrative interface.

Why is Linux the best option?

Secure and trusted

Unlimited bandwidth* enables thousands of people to access your website globally constantly. Not only that, your website has daily backups and monitoring in our safe data center UK so that you can relax at night knowing that your website is still live.

Simple to configure

Configuring your Linux website is straightforward. It is quick and easy. Our 1-click program installs WordPress quickly. Also, Drupal and Joomla are compatible with Linux web hosting.

UK Online Support

Our pleasant customer care team will help you choose from the most appropriate cheapest web hosting UK package to support your after-sales.

Linux Hosting with cPanel

One product that contributed to making Linux as ubiquitous as an OS is cPanel, a renowned web hosting control panel.

The web-based interface allows users to create email accounts, install apps like WordPress or Joomla! And monitor site statistics so that you can access it from anywhere. The system also enables users with an easy-to-use interface to manage files, databases, and domains who wish to bypass a Linux command line.

Ease of Use

It is difficult to suggest that Windows is simpler to use when all your interactions with a Linux-based machine are aimed to manage your website. CPanel and the Linux Economy hosting are the primary cause.
Linux cPanel hosting UK was a web-hosting game-changer that allows millions of inexperienced site holders to administer their sites easily.
CPanel’s Linux hosting is easy. The best webhosting UK environment is, by far, the most used control panel. You may manage your website from wherever you are as cPanel is an application based on the net. Its simple interface allows accessible programs to be installed or removed. Moreover, email accounts are managed in the entire web hosting environment.

Lower Cost

Cpanel is stable and fully featured at an affordable cost. The Email Shop is offering Linux web hosting for £ 0.99 per month.

It is a small charge which deals with simple administrative tasks, but it fairly represents the genuine price of the OS. 

We can satisfy such criteria at reasonable costs since we need additional room or sophisticated alternatives for site owners. (Review: we are quite pleased with The Email Shop because they provide Linux hosting at a low fee and still comprise usefully, one-on-one training and top class assistance)

Finding a cheap linux hosting plan is challenging if you need extensive functions and control over your web hosting environment. For instance, it would be a horrible choice to choose incredibly cheap VPS hosting for Linux if you needed a plan that delivers virtual private servers.

Linux hosting UK from The Email Shop has all the functions, pricing, and flexibility to make it possible to add functions and develop your website in conjunction with your company.

Trusted performance

Speed and stability are known for The Email Shop since 2005. The Linux flexibility makes it so powerful for web servers to deal with highly particular situations deprived of any interruption.

It has enabled millions of stable webserver deployments to be tuned and customized to meet particular performance criteria. Operate on a Linux server with a stable CMS like WordPress. You may never experience a downtime of a second or even momentary downtime due to server problems.

Technical support

Being an accessible OS, Linux has an extensive developer network which is an active support group. In addition, The Email Shop has Linux professionals in-house who have experience in all typical hosting difficulties and addressed them.

Reasonable tech assistance is available for Microsoft. We need to analyze the costs to understand why Linux trumps Windows hosting in technical assistance. The Email Shop personnel focus their attention to fix any difficulties with our Linux-based hosting plans. 

There can be no way Windows hosting UK can compete with best Linux hosting UK for support when you get into license fees and service contract prices connected with Microsoft products. And, as we spoke about, Linux has the key to flexibility, safety, and affordability!


Linux’s is open-source software and likewise, many of the website administration tools available for Linux are open-source, going much beyond those of Windows-based hosting.

Many options for a Linux web server allow you to install your website with a CMS that most of you want and manage administrative duties using tools precisely suited to your demands.

It’s the liberty of choices we’re speaking about.

While Windows-based solutions don’t leave any lacuna in the use of useful tools in web server functionality or scripting, you don’t find the broad selection of web hosting possibilities.

Linux hosting UK is the solution to go if you don’t want to be trapped in software in a given firm but want the freedom to choose from a wide variety of services and choose the best solutions for your needs.

Linux or Windows Hosting? Which one is better?

Which is best, Linux or Windows hosting? A clear indication of which platform is superior cannot be given by comparing performance, stability, security, and simplicity of use. It all depends on your website requirements. Many developers choose supporting frameworks and functionality they plan to employ for Linux as the hosting platform. While, a website utilises a Windows platform based on ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, or Microsoft SQL Server files.

All other sorts of files – PHP, Perl, WordPress, MySQL, etc. – are considerably easier to execute on the Linux web host. These files still operate on a Windows web host, but their data types are mainly developed for the Linux platform.

Both systems still utilise and read HTML files in the same manner that most typical sites operate without any performance differences. Various file types make a difference between Linux versus Windows, but Linux is the most popular alternative for web hosting companies when it comes to affordability.

However, consumers usually don’t have the choice to choose the operating system from their web hosting providers. In most situations, this is a hosting package based on Linux. However, in some cases, web hosting companies with a Windows-based platform can be found, leading to a better query.

Ultimately, the distinction between the two lies in the powers available to users. It is not a question of compatibility or simplicity of use to pick one over the other. Some customers believe that utilising a system on their home computer other than your home host may cause compatibility problems and make the site unworkable. Still, you don’t need to run anything from the web-hosting system on your computer. Features running on a Linux website need to be designed to operate on them and are not the same programs running on a home computer so that you don’t have to use Linux already.

If you’re a Windows user traditionally and you assume that getting a Windows web hosting account will be easy, this is also an erroneous notion. You will not see the start menu button or desktop icons on a Windows web hosting account. There is nothing like this on a web hosting server, even when it runs Windows. The Linux hosting interface will be identical to a Windows account.

UK Colocation
What is Linux Web Hosting?

Presence of a business or an organisation is important on the internet, Business websites are used to advertise the online presence, you need a web hosting company to host or display a website. We offer fast Web Hosting in UK for over 10 years.

Why Linux Hosting?

There is not much choice of network operating system though which a hosting company can offer services, Linux with its open source nature offers many out of the box hosting features which makes it really easy of server administrator as well as users to setup a secure website with a nominal budget and tones of free secure and widely used additional software to go with it.

Is website hosting on Linux a better choice?

As we know that there are two main network operating system you can host websites on, Linux and Windows, a typical website consists of some basic features which require, a webserver software such as Apache or IIS, a scripting server side language such as PHP or ASP.net and a database server software such as MySQL and MSSQL. Users have had their own reasons to choose a platform, some goes with the simplicity, cost and wide useability. Apache, MySQL and PHP is robust combination on Linux can be used with the low overall cost compare to the Microsoft’s widely used combination of IIS, MSSQL and ASP.net on Windows where some cost of licensing would be involved.


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