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Since our launch in 2005, our goal is to offer Best Hosting for WordPress with the most Secure, Reliable, and Fastest WordPress hosting solutions to our customers coupled with our award-winning 24/7 support services.

WordPress Hosting UK

Additional features tailor-made to boost performance and speed come pre-configured with the latest version of WP Engine. Enjoy a powerful, easy-to-use blogging and content management system that powers millions of websites around the world.


Flexible Plan

Our plans fit modern business needs. Whether you’re a starter or an expert, our Dedicated WordPress Hosting plan makes it simple and easy to create your blog, e-commerce store, knowledge-base, or website, with all you need to get started now.

Support Performance

Our team strives to ensure 99.9% Uptime that provides you with super-reliable high performance. Moreover, our support is there to resolve your queries 24/7/365 through live chat. Our 45-days money-back guarantee makes your investment safe.

Free-Migration & One-Click Install

Team is also available all the time to help you with migration, which you will never be charged for. Just drop a message and our team will help you with free WordPress migration. Tools like cPanel and Plesk allow one-click WordPress install.


  • WP-Basic

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 1.49 Month
  • £4.99 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 1 Website
    • Shared Hosting based Server
    • 10 GB SSD Storage
    • 20 Email Accounts
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • 1 Parked Domain
    • 10 Sub-Domains
    • 5 Sql Database
    • 1 Domain Privacy
    • Suitable for Visitors 15,000
    • 24x7 Technical Support

    Best Value

  • WP-Advance

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 2.39 Month
  • £7.99 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 3 Websites
    • Shared Hosting based Server
    • 20 GB SSD Storage
    • 50 Email Accounts
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • 5 Parked Domain
    • 20 Sub-Domains
    • 10 Sql Database
    • 1 Domain Privacy
    • Suitable for Visitors 50,000
    • 24x7 Technical Support

    Top Seller

  • WP-Premium

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 5.69 Month
  • £18.99 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • Unlimited Websites
    • Shared Hosting based Server
    • 50 GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • 10 Parked Domain
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Unlimited Sql Database
    • 1 Domain Privacy
    • Suitable for Visitors 1,50,000
    • 24x7 Technical Support

  • WP-Cloud

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 8.99 Month
  • £29.99 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

      • Unlimited Websites
      • Shared Hosting based Server
      • 100 GB SSD Storage
      • Unlimited Email Accounts
      • Unmetered Bandwidth *
      • 10 Parked Domain
      • Unlimited Sub-Domains
      • Unlimited Sql Database
      • 1 Domain Privacy
      • Suitable for Visitors 250,000+
      • 24x7 Technical Support


The Place to start Web hosting to produce dynamic Web pages with our Microsoft ASP.NET hosting, a server-side Web application framework, .NET is the successor to Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology.


World’s most popular server-side scripting and hosting platform. Native house of WordPress hosting solutions which consists of PHP language on Apache web server with a combination of MySQL database

  • 20X FASTER


A WordPress Cloud Interface focused on usability, minimizing the complexities of more traditional web hosting or those of other cloud web hosts

Auto-backup with one-click restores; configurable for full or snapshot backups

One-click scalability to handle traffic spikes and increased capacity requirements
  Easy access to all your email accounts and other hosting options



  Enjoy up to 2.5X faster load times for your WordPress web hosting due to super charged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers

  Your website content is managed more efficiently, enabling dynamic content requests to be processed lightning-fast with our exclusive cloud hosting services

  WordPress Cloud hosting turbocharges your website for a faster load time!



Our FREE migration service will transfer your existing WordPress website to HostGator. Need help? Learn from our WordPress experts. Consultation services are included with some plans to ensure you have everything needed to get started on the right foot.

You’ll also discover valuable tips and tools within our managed hosting platform, including easy access to popular WordPress templates in MOJO Marketplace.



Supercharged Speed

Supercharged Speed

Load pages at blazing speed worldwide without having to configure your caching and CDN. We’ve got you covered.

Convenient Simplicity

Convenient Simplicity

Easy access to individual file and database restores and email accounts through a single portal. It’s that easy to use with our WordPress site cloud hosting.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Monitor and allocate additional resources easily with our easy web hosting platform. You have total control over your usage, with no surprises.

Value And Features

Value And Features

Our optimized WordPress hosting platform delivers optimal features like templates and plugins, and a great value compared to other WordPress hosting plans.

Superior Support

Superior Support

Get real-time answers from The Email Shop WordPress Cloud Hosting experts who are always available 24/7 by phone and live chat. Come see why The Email Shop-UK is one of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress.

We offer optimised WordPress hosting plans with instant setup, UK data centres, SSD storage and 24/7 support. Much exciting part is our packages include free domain name and email accounts. A WordPress hosting UK is a web hosting type with pre-configurations to host a WordPress CMS-based site effectively. It boosts your WordPress site speed, installs dedicated plugins and makes your site secure. With our cheap WordPress packages, a single click is required for integration and installation. You can modify your website and add content within a few seconds after installation. The cache plugins and safety features that you have already installed let you surf faster than you expected!

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

The fastest WordPress hosting with managed services optimises the site/server, perform technical changes, update plugins, etc. The experienced staff at The Email Shop keeps track of the comprehensive list of Web pages. Giving you time to concentrate on what’s most important: adding and modifying content and generating targeted traffic.
Furthermore, a managed WordPress hosting UK provides servers precisely tailored for WordPress operations. We also optimise everything and a straightforward installation and implement security measures so that your website may go online in just a few minutes.
In general, a managed WordPress cheap UK hosting system is perfect if you’re not a professional in WordPress hosting or if you don’t have much time on your hands.

Relaxation with Managed WordPress

You need to update your best UK web hosting for WordPress often to ensure it remains safe and performs optimally. This may be made simple by using the managed option WordPress UK Hosting. Automatic updates for plugins, templates, PHP, and WordPress will assist with the smooth running of your project.
Make use of the single sign-in functionality to directly access the WordPress dashboard without the need for extra input passwords.
Upload work in a secure environment and eradicate vulnerabilities and threats.
Managed WordPress has all the best UK WordPress Hosting packages coming with free subdomain names. Of course, you may manage and update anything by yourself if you desire. Get complete control and freedom with our cheap managed WordPress hosting packages.

Managed WordPress hosting From The Email Shops

Why choose our managed hosting plans? Here are the reasons:

Updates and safety management

By default, we’ll ensure that you’ll obtain the newest versions and updates of WordPress as soon as they’re available. This supports avoiding your vulnerability and other risk factors. We also have a firewall, 1 Tbps DDoS, raw force login protection, and virus detection.

Dedicated WordPress Team

We have a very experienced group of experts in WordPress who understand all about WordPress. They can fix mistakes, add additional benefits for the users and they are here to support you by improving WordPress.

Daily backups

These Backups secure information on the site. You can upload images on your WordPress site and record them every day so that you may restore them in time. If your data get compromised, you can quickly restore your site in seconds, or if you have committed a significant error, such as accidentally deleting something that you shouldn’t. Being one of the best UK web hosts, we offer the cheapest UK web hosting packages with all the features.

Fabulous support

All WordPress professionals are our UK-based support staff. They respond quickly and resolves your queries with the best solution possible. We are not dependent on robotic answers – we are counting on our technical and enthusiastic understanding of the subject.
Our specialists are genuine, unquenchable aficionados. They won’t rest until the problem is fixed. They are working 24/7! We don’t believe in tickets for help and long hours of waiting. We answer in 60 seconds on avg.

1-Click WordPress Install

You simply need one click to install WordPress on your hosting account. We implement some optimisations in addition to the required WordPress installation to achieve the highest website performance.

Up-to-date, responsive Cpanel

The email shop offers cPanel with user-friendly settings. It’s intended to be responsive and manageable from the beginning, and it does not create a complicated task to manage the website and emails.

Why select the cheapest WordPress Hosting UK?

The most popular content management system in the world is WordPress (CMS). It works well and is user-friendly. It may be installed and updated on open source. Your website is a private project of yours, especially if you are running a personal blog. So you need dedicated service for it.
The popularity of WordPress is its benefit. As it has the most powerful ecosystem globally, it is incredibly adaptable with numerous themes and plugins. There always should be someone out there to aid you if you ever have a problem. This is why we have a WordPress-optimized dedicated hosting platform.
Still –there are other CMS! Our Standard fastest Web hosting or Managed VPS can be more on your path if you wish to operate your website using various software.

What is the cost of WordPress in 2021?

The application is free of charge for WordPress. You can get free WordPress hosting UK; free topics and plugins are available to start. But free services are vulnerable, comes with ads, and site speed is awful.
Premium WordPress add-ons come with secure plugins and optimised speed. Others cost hundreds of dollars a year but are primarily available to sophisticated users. Like any other WordPress website, bandwidth would be unlimited and storage will be scalable as the website has more material, media, and plugins; more resources are needed.
With your account growing, you must plan and budget additional spending appropriately. First of all, shared hosting works excellent for most WordPress sites, but as many users expand their site scope like moving towards amazon associated services, they require to increase their plan. The Email Shop provides the best cheap hosting of optimised speed!

What are the Advantages of WordPress Hosting?

In most circumstances, it is the best hosting for WP websites. WordPress hosting UK does not only function well since it is set to be extraordinarily WordPress-compatible but also offers a variety of administrative capabilities for WordPress. This enables the management and maintenance of the Web site very easy for website owners without extra resources being allocated to accomplish the same. Although many hosting companies have distinct features, we will discuss the advantages of WordPress hosting UK.


Every program has its system needs to determine how well the software works. With this in mind, the optimal system requirements of even WordPress as a program. WordPress Hosting guarantees highly compatible configurations of hardware, firmware, and software to ensure optimal operation.

Having a suitable system guarantees that performance problems and system freezes are not experienced. The host site may crash or briefly become out of service if the system is not operating correctly and will have major consequences for the authority and experience of our site visitors.

Pre-Installed WordPress:

This functionality would delight developers that routinely take on WordPress projects. You don’t have to spend time downloading and installing the CMS on the host with WordPress pre-installed. You just buy the plan and start building the website. This saves a lot of time and you must never worry about difficulties of compatibility.

Automatic WordPress Updates:

Automatic WordPress updates are another significant advantage for UK WordPress hosting. Each new version comes with a series of bug fixes and enhancements. If your WordPress hosting instance isn’t up to date, you won’t just lose out on these key enhancements and bug fixes. You’re also more likely to face external security threats. WP Hosting automatically updates your coverage to this front. Sometimes, your website is not compatible with newer WordPress versions. This is a highly unusual circumstance, yet it nevertheless continues. In these circumstances, automated updates are only a reversal.

Cloud-Based Hosting:

The hosting is cloud-based, one of the main perks for cheap WordPress Hosting plans. This implies that WordPress hosting has the advantages of cloud hosting. Scalability at the push of a button and high dependability includes these advantages, as there are no single failure points. Moreover, we incorporate Varnish Cache into this cloud-based platform, which may boost the performance of your website by 1000 percent.

Enhanced Security and Backup:

You can integrate premium security features other latest security plugins in your WordPress hosting services. One of them is CodeGuard, which regularly takes backup of a website to allow you to restore sufficient points in case of a disaster. SiteLock is the other feature in our WP Hosting. This program scans the malware and safety threats website periodically and alerts you of the actions needed. In case of an encounter, SiteLock may also be programmed to deal with security issues automatically.

Jetpack Plugin Pre-installed:

Plugins constitute a robust basis for the growth of WordPress. Every action or capability you may conceive using plugins may be made available. Our WP Hosting plans have specific essential plugins, such as jetpacks. The plugin is suitable for a wide range of functions, such as the supply of WordPress themes, lazy loading, and marketing services such as analytics, automatic social networking and SEO tools. Also, payment gateway inclusion, and high-end online safety. The Email Shop is one of the best UK web hosts that offer the best hosting for WordPress UK.

• Managed services:

The provision of managed services is another beneficial benefit. The WP hosting staff is responsible for all maintenance chores of your website. As the website owner, you are charged with the upkeep of WordPress, which demands resources without managed services. The services operated comprise a bulk of hosting assets such as CPU, RAM, and storage space. As your website expands, the incoming traffic load will require additional hosting resources. The controlled team can accomplish this effortlessly without worrying about the intricacies.

The management of the WP database is another example of managed services. The WP database contains all your website’s key data, such as web pages, posts, form information, cookies, thematic settings, etc. This database gets voluminous as your website expands. Bulky WP databases are generally sluggish and must be improved to avoid affecting the website’s overall performance. The managed hosting staff handles this without your intervention.

We concentrate on hosting so you can focus on business

All in all, the significant advantage of managed fast WordPress hosting UK is to deal with everything for you – and you can just concentrate on the things that you want to achieve. The whole objective of managed providers is to ease hosting WordPress sites to expand your network rather than becoming a server specialist.

In addition to all the site’s advantages, the extra workflow features let you work with your team and customers more efficiently. While the cost may be greater than what you’re used to sharing, I can guarantee that a managed host will provide you with a lot more value.

As you’ll see, the above WordPress hosting UK has many advantages and is undoubtedly crucial for WordPress blogs of all sizes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or if you need clarity on the benefits of WordPress hosting. We will be glad to explain them and come back to you. Visit here if you want to check out various WordPress Hosting options at The Email Shop. Hopefully, this will assist you! Stay tuned for more stuff!



WordPress is the single most popular choice of webmasters for web design in the world today. Start building a powerful and Professional Website right away with the opportunity to publish websites in minutes. WordPress hosting comes with many standard features with an advantage of thousands of free great-looking website themes and Plugins, out-of-the-box use of SEO tools, and the rest of the webmaster tools.



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