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Dedicated Minecraft Server Hosting Advanced Features

We make it easy to build your Minecraft server by offering the cheapest Minecraft server hosting for any model you wish to start with industry-leading customer service.  

DDOS Protection

Our networks are entirely encrypted and shielded from any kind of DDoS attacks to keep your server online with 99.9% uptime.

Free subdomain

Our every order contains a free server web address that makes it easier for anyone to communicate.

Unlimited Modepacks

Each plan comes with mods that can be added or deleted at any time. Add your mods without any limitations with full root access.

Powerful Panel

Monitor your game server with ease from your mobile device or computer using our custom web-based Multicraft 2.0 panel.

Ultra-Low Latency

We have dedicated UK Based Data Centers to ensure you get the best performance service wherever you are in the world.

Files Manager

Edit setup files quickly by fully-featured direct file access in your browser. Access via the control panel of your hosting.

Simple Setup

Use the multicraft panel to set up the server in seconds or try the Ubuntu 18, Centos 7, or Debian 9 OS manual configuration.

Automatic Backups

Hosts have automated regular manual backups for 7 days. Build and rebuild your planet in your c-panel at every backup stage.


  • Sheep

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  • £ 6.27 Month
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    For initial 12 months

    • 2 GB RAM
    • 10 GB SSD
    • unlimited bandwidth
    • CDN & SSL available
    • HIGH Performance
    • Powerful tools avilable

  • Steve

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 11.58 Month
  • £38.60 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 4 GB RAM
    • 10 GB SSD
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • CDN & SSL avilable
    • High Performance
    • Powerfull tool avilable

  • Enderman

  • Limited Time offer

  • £ 17.86 Month
  • £59.54 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 6 GB RAM
    • 10 GB SSD
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • CDN & SSL avilable
    • High Performance
    • Powerfull tools avilable

  • Ghost

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 23.50 Month
  • £78.32 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 8 GB RAM
    • 10 GB SSD
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • CDN &SSL avilable
    • High Performance
    • Powerfull tools avilable

Low Latency Connections

The Email Shop is well-experienced in providing gaming servers of any size that provides you with an unlimited range of opportunities to build the Minecraft Server ping you desire. We utilize a custom version of the control panel Multicraft, which allows everyone to handle their server without training or expertise. This user-friendly GUI includes plug-ins, console control, modifications, and all other functionalities your Web browser needs from a server administrator. The panel also provides video guides if one of its components is uncertain.

Backup Data

Unlimited Modpacks

Our experienced team would be glad to assist you if you are experiencing any difficulties or issues. Please just send us a ticket or open a chat window, and we will help. Our team of experts has a long history of Minecraft server management and can help with the exact way your service works.
Our hardware is superior to our Minecraft modpack server. Check our most recent equipment. We offer advanced DDoS security that is enabled at all locations with a 99.9 percent network consistency.

Multicraft Panel Fast Set-Up

Configure a Multicraft panel for your Minecraft for cheap server efficiently. We provide both hosting plans with complete root access for Minecraft and an adaptable daemon that can be added or removed with a few clicks.
Install The Email Shop hosting panel quickly and run your Minecraft as quickly as possible. Use the Multicraft Panel Server list simply to name the server.
You can instantly set up your server and quickly play Minecraft as soon as your payment is verified. We will also be available through live chat if you experience any problems.


Why purchase a Minecraft server?

The Multiplayer option makes your Minecraft playing experience valuable and more enjoyable. After all, cooperation is one of Minecraft’s numerous abilities to help you grow.
A Minecraft server is simply a private network that any player may establish to enable others to join and play with each other. A server may have limits on IP, user names, access to players, instructions, settings, rules, PvP enabling, number of players limit, etc. A Server may have IP restrictions.
Minecraft servers naturally need hardware to function, and that implies expenditure to rent the gear you need to do if you go along the hosting path

Cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting From The Email Shop

Even at a cheaper cost, we offer many more features and use more strong hardware than our competitors. Since the Email Shop provides the best Minecraft server hosting UK. We have an unbelievably high reputation in the Minecraft server community, with hundreds of thousands of clients serviced.

We can proudly say you will be glad to choose us as your Minecraft host and enjoy unlimited bandwidth. Simply contact our support team if you want to cancel your order. You can scale up your package anytime.

Award-Winning Web Hosting

We are proudly one of the most reliable hosting providing a platform in the UK since 2004. Exceptional speed, comprehensive protection, and independence are provided in the email shop. Our team offers many pull factors, including 24/7 human server monitoring, daily backups, and technical staff to work with you if you seek a stellar host.

Why Choose The Email Shop for cheap Minecraft server hosting

Full Access to Files

Ubuntu 18.04 is one of our most resilient and stable systems on all our servers. You may fully access the server, manage your server using the SSH command line, use other services like MySQL, connect to the files via FTP.


You can manage and administer several services and apps for free with our cheapest Minecraft Server Hosting Control Panel. This includes an Apache, MySQL, and PHP comprehensive LAMP setup. You have access to an FTP and SSH server as well as utilities like PHPMyAdmin.

Support for Mod and Plugin

Using Paper, Sponge, Spigot, and Bukkit, you may play with every imaginable plugin. You may make your modpacks by using the forge, mixing favorite modules. You may also install one of our several famous mod packs, such as SkyFactory, FTB Infinity, and StoneBlock.

DDoS protection

We realize that you expect to be able to play with your Minecraft server hosting cheapest package all the time. We monitor even tiny breaches for DDoS attacks proactively and then take actions to neutralize the attack automatically. This implies that someone who randomly sends DDoS attacks to public-facing servers will not drive your server offline.

24/7 Servers & Support

We strive to provide the best possible client experience. Therefore, we are extremely serious about client service. We offer a complete 24/7 chat service available 365 days a year. We always deliver on-time response, no matter what aid you need.

Ultra-Low Latency

Ask any online gamer what is most crucial for online gaming and they’re going to answer it’s all about ping. The quicker your latency is and the more immediate your connectivity to the server is. We provide a variety of sites across the world to make your ping times better than possible by selecting the server location nearest to you.

Free Subdomain

Each server we rent comes with its own.ourdomain.com free subdomain. It makes connecting to your server easy for you and your players. You can utilize it also if you have your high-level domain or want to acquire a new one from us.

Automated Backups

What if your server fails after several hours of Minecraft playback and modding? Must you start everything from scratch? Naturally not, every Minecraft server is backed up on an off-site basis. From these backups, we can restore your server if necessary.

What is the cheapest Minecraft server hosting?

The finest hosting service from Minecraft offers quick speed, good operating time, and helpful support at an affordable price. For the performance of additional players and changes to be made, you need at least 2 Go of accessible RAM and 3 Go or higher CPUs. To address any concerns and maintain your server functioning at all times, it is essential that the provider has redundant connections and live chat representation accessible. 

How much does Minecraft hosting cost?

The cost of the cheapest Minecraft server hosting is calculated based on the customer’s RAM. Some companies are restricting performance and charging extra slots, storage, and assistance. Calculate the total cost of the service to determine which value is best and include all you need to start and continue to develop.

What happens when you are blacklisted on a Minecraft server?

Whenever a server is put on the blacklist, it is forbidden to connect to the blacklisted Minecraft servers. Meanwhile, to erase a prohibited player from the blacklist, you can use the /pardon command.

Are servers backed up?

The backup of your Minecraft server is required if you host the worlds and settings you worked on for days! We keep backups for the whole server for 7 days every day so that you may roll back to anything unpleasant in case something happens! This backup access is available without charge with our Premium hosting plans. Based on the number of days you desire, you may manually backup your archive on our budget servers, or you can utilize our automated checkout safeguards.

Choosing your cheapest server hosting Minecraft

Once you have chosen to operate your own Minecraft server via a host, the next step is to select the proper hosting equipment for you.

Wondering what is the best server hosting for Minecraft? Several factors have to be taken while picking a host. Let’s conclude this work by assessing many of the critical elements you may want to examine in the decision-making process to ensure you obtain the proper hosting provider from Minecraft.


Hardware is not enough to emphasize when you play multiplayer games online. Minecraft may make demands when it comes to hardware if you want several players with different modifications. To keep your multiplayer environment optimal, getting the correct sort of processor (and enough RAM to manage such severe hardware needs) is essential. The hardware is undoubtedly a dealer… or a deal-breaker when picking the hosting for your Minecraft server.


As you use third-party services to run your Minecraft server, pricing is equally important. Pricing: In addition to the hardware, you provide security, maintenance, plugins, and features with your hosting service. The good news is that hosting providers offer a variety of options to meet your demands.

Easy setup:

Face it. You don’t want to spend time and become stuck by an overall setup procedure. Therefore it goes without saying that the suppliers who offer a quick and easy setup are tempting. However, it is a novice-friendly task, but it is also a matter of ensuring that your hosting provider has full access to your server so that you may make any necessary configuration adjustments.


Even with the most outstanding hosting providers, there is always a risk that things are going awry and thus, you can be sure that you require customer assistance. It may be necessary to provide customer assistance, whether you cannot modify a critical setting or require support to protect yourself against or respond to something very disastrous such as a DDoS attempt. After all, any downtime might postpone your valuable players.


In general, it is also extremely essential that you always keep up with the server. Otherwise, people will quit, play their game elsewhere, and you will lose money. This is certainly a circumstance that you want at all costs to avoid. Some of the things you may wish to include FTP access when converting to a web-based control panel.

Does the Xbox One have dedicated servers?

For future multiplayer games, Xbox One will have dedicated servers accessible. The next-generation Microsoft console Xbox one Minecraft dedicated servers would have servers available for all the Multiplayer Titles, and a Microsoft spokesman revealed that. You can enjoy Minecraft Xbox one dedicated servers and Minecraft ps4 dedicated servers.

What are the Best Parkour Minecraft Servers?

PokeSaga IP and CubeCraft Games IP are the best Minecraft Parkour servers.

You can see many other gaming servers such as Minecraft assassins creed servers, clash of clans Minecraft servers, and ps4 Minecraft dedicated servers.

All available at best gaming server hosting at the best price.

Does Minecraft have a discord server?

A mere 700,000 active users are part of the official Minecraft discord servers and it is one of the most considerable existing Discord servers.

What is an SMP server?

Minecraft SMP servers are known as Survival Multiplayer and refer to a survival server in Minecraft, which does not focus on solitary play, but plays with others. You can buy these best gaming server hosting at the best price from us.

Benefits of Hosting Your Minecraft Server Remotely

Gaming Servers play a significant role when it comes to online or multiplayer gaming. Many games allow various players to link one another to play long distances from each other utilizing these servers. If you join two players to a comparable server, for example, you may simply play against or with each other no matter where in the globe you are seated.

Minecraft is one of the most popular online games that use this best gaming server hosting functionality. Minecraft is a game that enables users to develop, explore and survive a creative environment. This environment is an essential aspect of this game to share with other players, and you may utilize virtual servers remotely to do that.

You’re going to need game server hosting if you want to play Minecraft with your buddies. You can either host a server on your PC locally or you can find somebody who offers cheap dedicated game server hosting. Now, instead of hosting your PC, we will guide the advantages of hosting Minecraft online.

1. 24/7 Availability

You need to maintain your computer powered 24 hours a day and log in while hosting a Minecraft server on your computer. Most individuals sometimes power software updates down to their PCs or don’t use it, which means that any active player is started on the server.

You may anticipate a 100% network uptime guarantee and outstanding server dependability on a Minecraft server housed in the cloud to know that your Minecraft server will be available to users 24 hours a day. If you host your computer remotely, you won’t have to worry about maintaining that electricity.

2. Performance improvement

You need to think about how different programs running on Minecraft may influence resource use and slow down your gaming while hosting Minecraft on your computer. A sluggish and laggard gaming server no one loves to play.

You may rest easy, knowing your server has dedicated means to operate flawlessly, with a server hosted by Minecraft in the cloud.

3. Low latency and network enhancement.

It is not a piece of cake to host a server. Not everyone can accomplish it, irrespective of what you might think. Locally running a dedicated game server hosting implies relying on your household Internet service provider, who may not be able to offer you the optimum speed. Furthermore, maintaining a server takes up a lot of bandwidth, so you won’t be able to utilize the internet for anything else. You may feel certain that your game will operate correctly and without delay with a Minecraft server managed by someone else distant.

4. Cost reduction

As mentioned above, you will need a server if you wish to play Minecraft with your buddies. You will have to operate your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that may be very expensive if you do it yourselves. If you look at the facts, an average computer uses at least 500 W of electricity when a gaming server is operating. If a PC runs at least 15 cm per kWh 24 hours a day, around $650 must be paid annually. On the contrary, you may save much money if you’re going to hire the cheapest Minecraft server hosting provider.

5. Support

You must fix these issues yourself when your hosted Minecraft server goes offline or has performance problems.

While hosting with us, you can contact us 24/7 for help and keep your Minecraft Server online. Our staff will respond within 5 minutes or less.

Is a 1GB Minecraft server enough?

1GB is the preferred package for the standard small vanilla servers. For a small group of friends or relatives, it is the safest option.

Can I upload my Minecraft world?

We offer you full access to your world of Minecraft and any other information you might host! To another host? We also offer transfer to offer you a service ticket and get you up and running as soon as possible! 

How to change server setting?

You can adjust the configuration of your Minecraft FTP servers in the system control panel in your left-hand menu under the setup files. Once you have found the setup and made changes, you have to save and restart the server for changes

Do Minecraft servers make money?

Servers from Minecraft can be very profitable. Some of the update Minecraft server worth MILLIONS a year and can act as an income that is highly sustainable and passive.


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