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Powerful Windows Server

Powerful Windows Server Hosting

Our powerful windows server is beginner-friendly, intuitive operations through a graphic user interface, and supports a large number of third-party applications. It will possibly solve technical problems via system recovery.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Enjoy several options for Windows users, including a Windows web hosting plan starting at £ 0.89 per month, 1 GB SSD Storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, and much more. Our 45 days money-back guarantee servers as your best backup.

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Control Panel

Our Windows hosting solutions feature the versatile and intuitive Parallels Plesk control panel. Exercise full control on unlimited subdomains, FTP accounts, and email accounts with Plesk. Cleaner GUI your website needs with Plesk.

Free SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate

Ultimate protection for encrypted links, personal details, e-commerce purchases, and other data. The hosting plans include free SSL certificates, 24/7/365 customer support, free migration to websites, and auto-backup solutions. 


  • BLUE

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 0.89 month
  • £2.99 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 2 Websites
    • 1 GB SSD Storage
    • 20 Email Accounts
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • 1 Domain Included/Transfer Free
    • 10 Parked Domains
    • 25 Sub-Domains
    • 1 SQL Database
    • Plesk Control Panel
    • 24x7 Technical Support

    Best Value


  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 1.99 month
  • £6.64 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 10 Websites
    • 3GB SSD Storage
    • 100 Email Accounts
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • 1 Domain Included/Transfer Free
    • 20 Parked Domains
    • 50 Sub-Domains
    • 5 SQL Database
    • Plesk Control Panel
    • 24x7 Technical Support

    Top Seller

  • GOLD

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 2.99 month
  • £9.99 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • Unlimited Websites
    • 100 GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • 1 Domain Included/Transfer Free
    • Unlimited Parked Domains
    • 20 Sql Database
    • 1 Domain Privacy
    • 1 Dedicated IP
    • Plesk Control Panel
    • 24x7 Technical Support


  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 4.49 month
  • £14.99 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • Unlimited Websites
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • 1 Domain Included/Transfer Free
    • Unlimited Parked Domains
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Unlimited Sql Database
    • 1 Domain Privacy
    • 1 Dedicated IP
    • Plesk Control Panel
    • 24x7 Technical Support


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User-friendly web hosting


Business-class email experience and daily backups


Windows server hosted platform

Plesk control panel to manage web space

Free, advance, and easy to use website builder

Host Microsoft MySQL Database

IIS – Internet Information Server

Windows hosting provider dedicated to developers


Set up an online shop with windows hosting


Easily host your e-commerce website

Free SSL Certificate and SQL Server


24/7 Business Hosting Support and 99.9% uptime guarantee

Windows Hosting UK

The Email Shop provides one of the  best ASP.NET hosting  services in UK. The Solid State Drive powered servers makes one of the scalable windows hostingservices. We provide one of the cheap window hosting services. Windows is ideal for operating ASP.NET. And SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, creating e-commerce web pages or company sites, and running several 3rd Party software packages, with access, MySQL or MSSQL databases. In contrast to several cheap UK windows hosting services, do not charge extras, including the .NET framework activation or SSL for MySQL, CGI, and SSI, as all of our Windows Hosting UK packages are free of cost. Including a File Manager Secure Control Panel, free sub-domain names, domain aliases or DNS controls and many more improvements to help your website management. With several features, including email transmission, unlimited bandwidth, and ASP.NET support, we offer you a wide variety of economical, adequately documented, and easy-to-use windows hosting UK packages. You receive the finest services and pricing when you pick us as your best windows hosting option!

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a powerful windows control panel that supports you in managing your windows hosting account and allows you to create websites, manage email addresses and deploy apps to a server. With Plesk, manage an infinite number of subdomains, FTP accounts, and email accounts hassle-free.

Award-Winning Web Hosting

We are proudly one of the most reliable windows hosting providers in UK since 2004. Exceptional speed, comprehensive protection, and independence are provided in The Email Shop. Our team offers many pull factors, including 24/7 human server monitoring, daily backups, and technical staff to work with you if you seek a stellar host.

Windows Hosting UK Features

Trust your site to the UK best web hosting company.

Instinctive Control Panel

Manage your Windows hosting UK, upload and email program, activate ASP.NET, build MSSQL databases and install programs.

ASP.NET & .Net Core

Friendly, out-of-box support for ASP.NET and the .NET core – so you can begin working immediately.

MSSQL 2017

Build, import and export data from our control panel with MSSQL databases with only a few clicks.


Operate your Windows hosting UK plan for applications based on PHP & MySQL, including WordPress and Magento.

Unlimited Mailboxes

Build and manage your email via our webmail client. Unlimited mailboxes, forwarders, and transponders. It’s easy.

1-Click Installer

Hundreds of apps, including WordPress and Magento, for ASP.NET and PHP, are all only a click away.


Straightforward and simple, without rigorous screening, install SSL on any website for free with let’s Encrypt.

Daily Backups

Our premium packages backup solution ensures that your data are confidential and safe on your website every day.

FREE Domain

Buy premium packages buy .co.uk domain, .NET or .com domain. Moreover, you can also claim a free website builder and SSL certificate.

Windows VPS UK Hosting Service

That essentially runs on Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is among the easiest to manage windows hosting services. However, it costs a bit more than others. 

Why Buy Windows Web Hosting?

The option of Windows hosting has several advantages. The ideal of all, Windows hosting is the first option if you want to construct a website using the .NET language. Many people can use Windows OS, making it more attractive as those who know about Windows OS don’t find it new. Likewise, primarily when the user uses the Windows Hosting UK platform to set up and manage it. Also, it is also one of the most effective and pocket-friendly options for Windows website hosting.

You may establish as many email accounts as you desire from our windows hosting UK packages. We also protect and track our email services, eliminate spam and safeguard your accounts. The inclusion of an SSL-free Let’s Encrypt certificate accessible in your Plesk Panel in a one-click installer. Thus, enhancing your website security and improves your ranking in the search.

Make outstanding websites using ASP.NET, MSSQL, and PHP frameworks and enjoy a high level of compatibility.

What is Plesk used for?

To control their services and run applications, all computers require an operating system (OS). If you’re using a PC, you’re most likely using Windows 10 or Mac OS. In online hosting, Windows and Linux are the major operating systems used for running web servers. “Windows Hosting” means hosting a website on a server running on a Windows system in simple words. However, this edition of Windows is specifically designed for servers and not the same as the one powering your laptop.

The benefits of Windows operating systems are it appears to be the easiest and more user-friendly web hosting UK solutions to utilize from a hosting point of view. Adding features and functions to your website much less challenging it. Moreover, support from Microsoft comes with it, such as frequent upgrades that ensure that your website remains safe and bug-free.

For many Web developers working in asp or ASP.NET, Window Hosting has been a favourite platform for some years. Our Windows server hosting is quick, safe, and strong and has dedicated email systems instead of a shared mailing system like shared hosting UK to ensure that your website always shows and runs as effectively as possible. To assure the performance of each server, we also limit ourselves to a certain amount of domains.

Buy Windows Server

Microsoft Corporation’s Windows Server is an operating system server. Dissimilar to UNIX, cheap Windows Server provides simple management via its UI. Our cheapest UK web hosting environment covers essential web languages, frameworks and databases such as ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, and MS-SQL. 

Cheap ASP.NET Hosting Providers

The Email Shop ASP.NET hosting plans with SQL Server databases starts from at £0.89/month

ASP.NET is an open-source framework that leverage the .NET platform to construct dynamic websites, applications, games, or online services. Programmers develop Web forms in ASP.NET, which become the building parts of the more extensive website or app. 

While ASP.NET is less often used than PHP – the most omnipresent of web building programming languages – it gives web designers a significant advantage that makes it a strong choice for many online sites.

Top Benefits of Using ASP.NET

ASP.NET is not for everyone; hence the market share of ASP.NET is substantially less than PHP. But the advantages of utilizing ASP.NET to create your website or app are remarkable enough to be considered. Here are the 10 advantages of ASP.NET.

1. It's an open-source.

Any developer or programmer may modify the ASP.NET architecture in an open-source environment according to their project demand. And developers typically share all the changes and enhancements they produce in the broader community so that many bright, qualified ASP.NET programmers may benefit from the work they are doing.

Get the advantages of all of the brilliant brains who utilize open-source software or programs. Every programmer who wants a framework more versatile, secure, or rich in features is an ideal choice. You can depend on ASP.NET with over 60,000 active contributors to keep improving.

2. It's known for being high speed.

ASP.NET makes it easy to construct a site with less code than others. Websites and applications are loaded more quickly and efficiently with lower processing code.

Packages of ASP.NET employ compiled code instead of interpreted code as well. Compiled code is once translated, then executed into the object code. And it loads quicker every time afterwards. In contrast, each time a user accesses the code that slows things down, parses, and reads code.

ASP.NET implies that you start with a website that works and loads much faster than alternatives. You always have the choices for accelerating your website speed with whatever you create.

3. Low cost

ASP.NET is open source and affordable. The newest version of the program is not available for download from the website at all. In any basic text editor and free choices like the Visual Studio application in Microsoft, you can build ASP.NET code.

In certain circumstances, such as with Visual Studio, the beneficial text editors can employ a free base plan and subscription editions that can give additional helpful features, such as collaboration possibilities, for the expected demands of a significant company. You may pay some money to make the maximum use of it, but companies on a budget may utilize ASP.NET for free.

4. Easy to use.

ASP.NET also provides several functions that make programmers lessen the amount of labour needed to build the website or app. In contrast, PHP has a reputation as a simpler application. First of all, ASP.NET programming involves less code than other solutions. This implies both less time spent working on developer code and your pages are loaded faster since it takes less time to parse the code.

On the other hand, it provides code after mode, separating the design and the code. It produces separate files for the page design section and the page code section.

Lastly, ASP.NET allows you to generate template and server-side caching, both of which allow you to create further and simply reuse design components for different portions of the website or application.

Although ASP.NET is primarily a resource for expert developers, they provide a variety of free resources for anybody who wishes to learn the subject.

5. A vast community of developers.

Windows platform holds a huge community to get right answers to questions from an active community of experienced developers.

And having a huge community implies that more intelligent people regularly scale up ASP.NET as an open-source program. Many of the faults it had in the previous years have been rectified and in the months or years to come, you will find more valuable updates.

Fortunately, in most situations, the ASP.NET community is sufficiently large to find an experienced developer working with the framework.

6. Setup for Windows users is less necessary.

If your firm currently utilizes Windows products, it will be suitable for you to choose a Windows framework to construct your website or app. ASP.NET runs easily with other Windows programs as Windows OS supports it. It’s easy to combine different items to play nicely and operate together.

And you didn’t have to think about updating your compatibility to ASP.NET or some other Windows apps. Windows ensures that newer versions of its different products and apps continue to function effectively together as they all improve over time.

7. Support for multiple languages.

ASP.NET programmers can select from other programming languages: C# and VB.net.

C# is a preferred alternative for many developers, mainly as strong, flexible, and simple to learn. This is one of the major languages for creating Microsoft apps, games, and mobile devices nowadays and is well-known for being especially suitable.

8. Compatible with all servers

Indeed, Windows introduced the ASP.NET Core a few years ago, which complemented the program for all servers, including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Although a windows server may still work best, you may utilize the ASP.NET framework. No matter what sort of webserver you like because it was created with this compatibility in mind, too.

9. Microsoft supports it

Microsoft is one of the world most significant and most robust technology platform. Every product that has its support gets maintained, updated, and updated regularly. There is always the danger with certain free products that their designers will no longer maintain them and that anybody depending on them must begin from the start, but ASP.NET has the strength of a firm that doesn’t go anywhere behind them.

10. Excellent security reputation

The ASP.NET service is one of the significant places where most specialists feel that PHP is safe. Multi-factor authentication techniques are supported to allow users to manage who gets access to the website or app they build through the context. Included in ASP.NET are capabilities that can safeguard against usual hackers, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injections, open redirect assaults, and forgiveness of cross-site requests (CSRF).

Security of websites is a growing concern that all owners of websites are considering, particularly as hackers and profile data violations are becoming increasingly widespread.

Selecting ASP.NET is an ideal choice to improve the security of your site.

Start an ASP.NET site quickly with the power of MS SQL servers.

The Email Shop’s ASP.NET hosting UK services helping your website to grow. We make adding ASP.NET to your hosting account straightforward so that you can begin quicker. We enjoy the best reputations in the market. If you are still unsure about a suitable provider for your ASP.NET website, our sales and support staff can answer your queries 24/7. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect package for your website requirements.  Keeps your website up and running with the best Plesk hosting in the market.


The Email Shop is providing a reliable and efficient email-free domain to keep you on top of your competitors. For maximum Secure Hosted Exchange email experience, we are providing efficient anti-spam and antivirus services. Besides, we are providing Windows Server Hosting along with the Business free domain email via our mobile-friendly and advanced IMAP email service. Furthermore, you will get the benefits of POP3 email domains.

with the Business domain email via our mobile-friendly and advanced IMAP email service. Furthermore, you will get the benefits of POP3 email domains.


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We are an ISO certified company which makes us globally recognized organization.

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