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Our business-class UK email hosting packages are exclusively designed to provide you safe and secure email hosting plans according to your business need. Quick setup, easy-to-use, effective, and secure communication, all in one location makes us customers the best choice. Upgrade your business or email address with us to upfront and trustworthy services.

Stand out with a personal address

The Email Shop lets you create a personalized address so your clients find you trustworthy and professional. Start using an existing domain or registering a new one is totally your choice.


Sync across all devices

Automatically keep your emails synced at all times, whether working on your PC or mobile device. Download the latest Office apps for iPhone or Android for an even more streamlined experience.

Stay Protected & Exclusive

Built-in spam and virus protection keeps you safe from online threats and reduces your vulnerability. As a special inclusion, you can wave a final goodbye to junk mail.

Store and send all your stuff

An expandable 5-25GB on The Email Hosting packages and also 50GB for our Office 365 packages, spares you enough room to save everything needed. Plus send attachments as huge as 50 MB.

Manage everything together

Manage everything together

High level productivity & organization in complete webmail solution. Streamline daily tasks like emails, task management, calendar events creation, all at one cost effective platform.

Access emails from anywhere

Access emails from anywhere

Instantly connect and manage your fully synced email account from any online device - stay up-to-date, anytime, anywhere.

Use your email client of choice

Use your email client of choice

Want to use Outlook, MacMail, or Thunderbird? We are compatible with all email clients, so you can choose the ones that work best for your business.

Say Bye to Spam & Virus

Say Bye to ``Spam & Virus``

We incorporate the option of creating catch-all aliases to ensure you never miss an email. It will capture and show you the emails sent to an address of your domain that does not exist.


  • Email Essentials

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 1.15 month
  • £2.31 50% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 10 GB SSD Storage
    • 5 Email Accounts
    • Domain Based Email
    • Un-Limited Devices & Forwarding
    • Private Secure Email Servers
    • SSL / TLS Encryption
    • Auto-Configure Enabled
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • Webmail Access
    • Multi Email Clients Integration
    • IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
    • Virus Scan & Spam Filter
    • CalDAV & CardDAV Support
    • 24x7 Supportability
    Best Value

  • Email Plus

  • Limited Time offer

  • £ 1.12 month
  • £4.08 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 25 GB SSD Storage
    • 50 Email Accounts
    • Domain Based Email
    • Un-Limited Devices & Forwarding
    • Private Secure Email Servers
    • SSL / TLS Encryption
    • Auto-Configure Enabled
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • Webmail Access
    • Multi Email Clients Integration
    • IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
    • Virus Scan & Spam Filter
    • CalDAV & CardDAV Support
    • 24x7 Supportability
    Top Seller

  • Business Premium

  • Limited Time Offer

  • £ 1.99 month
  • £6.63 70% OFF
    For initial 12 months

    • 50 GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Domain Based Email
    • Un-Limited Devices & Forwarding
    • Private Secure Email Servers
    • SSL / TLS Encryption
    • Auto-Configure Enabled
    • Unmetered Bandwidth *
    • Webmail Access
    • Multi Email Clients Integration
    • IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
    • Virus Scan & Spam Filter
    • CalDAV & CardDAV Support
    • 24x7 Supportability


Professional Hosted Email Solutions

The Email Shop is providing cheap email hosting UK plans exclusively for your business. Whether you want an email hosting plan for personal or business use, we got you covered. No matter how large or small your business, we deliberately provide secure and reliable email hosting UK services. Speed, security, stability, redundancy, and privacy are our specialities. Fortunately, we are not demanding any long-term contract from you.
In case you want to extend your package limit or services our 24×7 available staff will simply do it in minutes. Since 2005, Our UK Based reliable and secure data centers are providing best email hosting services. Also, you are always backed up with our 99.9% Uptime Commitment for ensuring your business super-reliable performance. Our remote hands are always available to solve your issues and provide you best solutions.
For further queries, get in contact with our experienced 24/7 available team and discuss the best solution for your website.


tick  Encrypted Email
tick  Industry-leading email storage capacity
tick  SPAM and anti-virus filtering
tick  Compatible with all email clients like MS Outlook and Mac Mail
tick  Calendar, Tasks, and Online Email Portal

tick  IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
tick  Super-fast servers
tick  Email Forwarders and Auto Responders
tick  Webmail Interface
tick  E-mail Control Panel



Your email address is your unique identity on the internet. Every person and business needs an exclusive email address to be seen on the global network. This email is used to get in contact with your friends, family, or customers.
You can easily personalize your web email address. You can use your name, your brand name, or even choose any random name for your email address. For example, you@yourdomain.Yourdomainextension.
Get your personal or business email address with The Email Shop. Our cheap email hosting UK service gives easy access to your emails from any device anywhere, anytime.
Moreover, we have no contract-based policy. Keep your expense in check, level up, or cut down your services package conveniently.
Choose the package according to your needs and enjoy our secure cloud email hosting solutions.
Order or freely transfer your existing email domain to get the best email hosting UK  services.

Email Hosting UK


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates are used to secure communication between a visitor’s web browser and your website. Ever noticed HTTP and HTTPS protocol? This in HTTPS stands for secure which is a small file that digitally binds a cryptographic key with the details of an organization. This secure data transfer is ensured by SSL Certificate.

It converts HTTP web protocol on communication port 80 to HTTPS protocol over port 443. SSL is used to secure data transfer, customer login details, data on interactive websites, and credit card transactions.

When it is installed on a website or a web server, HTTPs:// appears in green. Likewise, it activates the padlock on the browser that allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Take Your Email Collaboration To Next Level

Now schedule your meetings and manage your contacts with our built-in calendar. Communication within an organization becomes flawless. 
Take your email with you wherever you go. Stay connected all the time. Enjoy seamless working on all major browsers. 
Advanced search options make it simple and straightforward to find any email, either you remember a single word or complete address of sender. 
Our email hosting UK solution lets you import your existing email and contacts easily. Move everything to your new business email easily. 

Email Hosting UK

Safe and Secure Business Email Hosting UK

Professional companies invest in paid email clients because they know they cannot compromise their company data by using free services.

We don’t access your data or share them with 3rd parties. To protect the transmission of your data and information, we provide encrypted SSL/TLS access. In case of a network breakdown or any other terrible incident, our service provides backup services to avoid risks. With 24/7 server monitoring, your data is in safe hands.

Types of Emails provided by us

We are offering all 3 types of top email protocols:




What is POP3?

POP3 is an inbound mail protocol use to obtain emails from a remote server to a local email client. The original data will be deleted from the server’s inbox when the Post Office Protocol completes the operation.

But now, email hosting service provider UK offers an option to maintain the original copy intact so that consumers may see the same material while using a different platform.

In common, this situation is recommended for users using only one device to read emails and want their communications offline. Those who wish to release a box space that nearly exceeds its limit are also beneficial.

Bear in mind that the content of your offline inbox cannot be synced with your online equivalent by default through this protocol. So if you lose or break the device which keeps messages, all of the devices you stored might be gone.

We as the cheapest email hosting UK and best email hosting service provider offer POP3, SMTP and IMAP services for our clients.

What is IMAP? What is IMAP?

In contrast to POP3, IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a two-way mail protocol that simply downloads email headers rather than its whole content.

This ensures that the actual email messages are still stored on the server when retrieved to view another platform. It also syncs any changes made to the server on the email client, hence double-way interaction.

It is advisable for individuals who wish to engage with their mails on numerous devices. If a device is stolen or broken, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. The convenience of finding a certain message using a keyword is another advantage of utilizing IMAP.

However, to fully view all the emails saved in the IMAP server, you need a reliable Internet connection. The capacity restriction of your email account might also cause some problems for your communications, particularly if you utilize them highly.

What is SMTP?

Now that we have learned about POP3 vs. IMAP, let us check the protocol utilized to process outgoing emails.

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is used to deliver emails to a recipient’s address from a local customer. The Message Transfer Agent (MTA) program works side by side to transfer electronic communications to the right destination.

In addition to transmitting emails, this protocol is also a protection to filter through message. It controls the number of messages an account may send over some time.

Features our cheap Email hosting UK packages include:

Personalized Emails from The Email Shop

It is crucial to have a trustable service, personal or corporate usage. Choosing to customize your email using your domain gives a distinctive identity that will allow your friends, customers, and co-workers to know what business they’re talking about.

Always in touch

We assist you in maintaining contact wherever you are –anytime, anywhere. Use our mobile-friendly webmail or log on to your favourite email program, including iPhone mails and emails that will sync to your device automatically so that you can remain in contact anywhere.

Tools for collaboration

Hold on as a team to work. Collaborating may be difficult. Yet, we make it simple and fast for teams to share and work with shared calendar entries, address books, tasks, files, and even mailboxes.

Recovery and Email Archiving

Don’t lose any email again. Select a plan to archive and retrieve emails and never lose an email again. Emails are securely encrypted and saved to enable you to comply with any legal requirements. You may also search them easier to find them quickly.

Spam and malware control

Keep your organization and you safe. With Spam Experts email filtering solution, your email will be screened for spam, viruses, and malware long before it gets into your mailbox. Get the best email hosting services from the best email hosting UK providers and forget about the spams.

The UK hosted and Ad-free

Secure your privacy on the internet. We do not scan your email for marketing reasons, unlike other email hosting UK providers, and as your email is safely located in the UK, you have some of the world’s strictest laws on data privacy. You will be confident of your privacy with our best email hosting UK. 

Windows VPS hosting service

That essentially runs on Microsoft Windows Operating System. It is among the easiest to manage hosting services. However, it costs a bit more than others. 

24x7 Expert Supports

Support you can trust. 24/7, our dedicated staff is ready to answer your queries. Whether you need assistance or guidance, we are here for you. It is easy to reach us when you need us through live chat, phone, or ticket.

Professional Business Email Hosting

Are you looking for a corporate email hosting service provider? But doesn’t know what is the best email provider and which is the best email provider? Would you like to know which hosting services will be suitable for your business? We have got all of your answers!

Mailbox hosting is a service by the best email provider (that we’re!) lends its users (you!) email servers. It is intended to process all your information to send and receive emails. For certain companies, it’s unnecessary to pay for cheap email hosting UK services. However, you should hire the best email hosting provider for business if you often send and receive crucial documents such as bills, invoices or transfer confidential information.

In addition, subscribers and consumers might drive away using free webmail services like Google and Yahoo that offer the best free email accounts UK. You must build up an individual cheap email hosting to seem professional and distinguish yourself by sending an email directly via a professional email hosting service. The economic email hosting services of The Email Shop contain features to guarantee your business the most pleasing possible email experience.

What is the best email hosting service?

The Email Shop is one of the best UK email hosting providers. Our corporate best email service offers everything the company needs to interact via email. With your choice of the custom domain, you can be confident that your domain email hosting is available when you need it in a quick, dependable, and safe cloud environment.

Free spam filtering and antiviral protection are included to make sure you get only critical emails.

All email programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and iPhone, and android are compatible with our corporate email hosting UK. If you wish to check your email on multiple devices, we also provide webmail.

Save time, effort, and money for yourself

Business email hosting UK saves your time, money, and efforts. For example, your email may become hacked, or your password gets exposed in a free email service. With professional services, you don’t have to pay heed to such issues as we will secure everything. Internal service is installed with spam filters and malware protection to fight against DDoS and other hacking attempts. All of these best solutions with the cheapest email hosting services packages.

You will get help 24/7 hosting support with The Email Shop: we as a professional email hosting firm, offers immediate help everywhere and every time.

Services to host your business through email

In organizations majority of contact takes place via email between team members, suppliers, and clients. Professional email hosting is what you need to keep the wheels of your business rolling. With its inexpensive email hosting UK services, the Email Shop provides unlimited aliases, email forwarders, and self-responders. Aliases can vary from a single email account without additional inboxes being paid for. Mailing forwarders can assist you in transmitting your received emails and aid you to send emails at default intervals automatically. It all enables you to manage your company smoothly.

Get the cheap email hosting uk from one of the best UK email hosting service provider. We provide 10 GB of storage space as well. We realize that hunting for free space via hundreds of emails is always a problem and we don’t want anyone to worry about it.

Respecting Your Privacy

You can authorize them to utilize the contents of your emails for profiling when you utilize third-party email services. These data are shared with marketers in some situations. At The Email Shop, we strictly condemn these practices. Also, we have firewalls to protect your privacy against spam, virus and malware. E-content mail is never saved independently from the email itself and we never profile or sell our users’ data.

Why invest in a paid email solutions?

There are several reasons; some of them are listed below:

1: Open communications maintenance lines

One of the main advantages of a email hosting service is you keep your website and email host apart. First, you risk that everything will fall once you host the two on the same domain. Your host may be dropped and your email may be dropped. Until the site is back up, panicked customers will not be able to reach you, which might damage your customer relations. We offer the best email for business as we are the best business email provider.

By buying a domain name forever with us, you will get free business email UK!

2: Migration not available when you update your site

You will probably relocate your website from time to time to a different hosting firm. Let’s face it; sometimes, your website and service provider could not get along. You can choose to move at a better price, higher speeds, or any number of other reasons. It is not straightforward to move your DNS, zone, and MX (MX record) files. Almost often, something doesn’t transfer correctly, is corrupt or if you try to move your email to a different server, there are many problems.

If you separate your email, it’s so much easier to move your domain files. A plus is that even as your domain propagates to the new server, your email is will still work, as it is not on that server.

3: More professional looks

Which one would you be more inclined to open if your email got from John doe@companydomain.com vs. John_doe@gmail.com? Using a custom domain name seems more business-like and consumers have a better chance of trusting the content of that email. It also looks more professional and allows itself to promote your organization. Whenever you send a marketing email, the user’s chances of getting click by the user will enhance if you have the same domain name and email. You may also upload your logo with domain hosting with email.

A plus to host your email from your firm is a recovery from disasters. If the server gets compromised by a natural disaster, your data will be backed up in the cloud.

We at The Email Shop offer the best domain and email hosting uk, best email address for business, and the best email account for business, to offer our customers secure email hosting.

4: Additional Features

Free email accounts typically don’t give much more. You will obtain benefits from corporate email accounts such as the increased capacity for storing, spam prevention, brute attack prevention, and points for recovery if you lost emails and wish to restore them to an early date.

Be aware that most organizations that host emails enable personalized settings as well. You can give this as part of the entire service if you need to use numerous domains or emails.

5: Saves You Money

You might believe it is a good idea to host your email as your company expands. This necessitates buying an expensive server and hiring an IT individual to manage the server and keep it up-to-date. It will probably be considerably cheaper to outsource your email demands to a professional service between the cost of payment, perks, and equipment.

You will also get highly qualified specialists who manage your email server needs. Since professional email hosts specialize in technology, they know how to safeguard and maintain your email 24 hours a day.

You will save even more from the fact that most email hosts provide scalable services. You are just paying for the degree of service you require but can update your business to more storage, more mailboxes, and so on.

Your best email is one of today’s most critical components of the company. For your business, you must select the most outstanding service. Both today and in the future, most paid services may suit your demands. These services are primarily developed at the pace you need.

Your Right Business Email Hosting Service

Each company can face unique issue in their mailbox. We realize each of your issues and resolve them, thus making us one of the premium hostinguk services available. But indeed a first option when it comes to the corporate cheap email hosting UK. Especially for start-ups companies who are tight on budget.

Email Hosting UK
What is Email Hosting

Email Hosting is used to operate email servers. Let’s say you have a domain and you want to have email services on your domain name. You will require email hosting company services for this purpose. By using the Email Shop services, you can access your email via webmail anytime, anywhere.

How it is a secure Email Hosting

We host our servers in the ISO-certified data center in the UK. Also, we use the latest SSL/TLS protocols for remote connection to all the servers. This protects all types of communications. For example, use cPanel access to manage the secure email hosting account or connection to the webmail. Moreover, you can connect from outlook to your mailbox on the server.

Can I Increase the Size of the Mailbox?

Yes, you can upgrade or cut down the email hosting package as per your requirement. We have a non-contract-based policy which makes it more convenient.

Likewise, you can adjust the size of the single mailbox within the hosting control panel. Second, the Size of a single email account can be as bigger as the total size of allocated disk space to the package you have purchased.

Can i use Email Hosting Service w/o transferring the website?

Of course, you can, since we are specialized in professional email hosting services many people and businesses migrate their emails with us. Just for the use of our hosted email solutions.

Furthermore, you can change the MX records easily for email through the existing control panel to our given IP address to get the benefit of our cheap hosting services.

What is autodiscover?

Autodiscover is used in setting up an email account on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. It automatically configures your email address which is convenient as compared to configure all the server settings manually.


Having confidence on our trusted services we offer 45 days money back guarantee.

ISO Certified

We are an ISO certified company which makes us globally recognized organization.

Information security management

Services have been optimised with all possible redundancies hence guaranteed uptime

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