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Adding your cPanel account on your iPhone takes a few steps. Follow our step by step instructional guide to add emails for a specific time. Moreover, you can add emails manually too and get a notification on your iPhone.


1. Go to your home screen and tap on the “Mail”


2. At the end of your screen, tap on “Others”.


3. New Account> Tap in the IMAP option. Write the details in relevant fields.

Name: Your cPanel username.

Email: your cPanel email address.

Password: Write your email password.

4. Press on the ‘Next’


5. Wait for a few seconds. It may take a few seconds to verify your login details.

6. After successfully adding the email account> go back to the home screen> press on the ‘Settings’


7. Scroll down> click on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’


8. Accounts> “Main Accounts”


9. Under ‘IMAP’> Tap on your email account. Make sure to enable the mail option. More importantly, notes options should be disabled.


10. Under “Incoming Mail Server” write your details as follows:

Hostname: Write your domain name like example.com

Username: Write your full email address like user@mail.com

Password: Write your email password.


11. Under the “Outgoing Mail Server”> SMTP domain.


12. Turn‘On’your‘primary server’option.


13. In the case of ‘Outgoing Mail Server’:

Hostname: Write your domain name like example.com

Username: Your full email address, such as you@example.com

Password: Write your email password.

Use SSL: Off

Authentication: Password.

Server Port: 587

Note: you can also use SSL, for this, simply go to cPanel > Email > Your Email > Email Configuration

Pro Tip: In case, after entering your accurate details you are still not able to get a login, then try using your main Cpanel account password rather than your custom email password.

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