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How to download SOLUSVM Slave on Centos 7?

The SolusVM is one of the most popular VPS hosting control panels and the SolusVM Slave would be installed on your dedicated server for creating VPSs on that server.

Fresh CentOS 6 or 7 must be installed on your server.

  • Sign in to your server via SSH Client by using the root account

Enter these 2 commands first

wget https://files.soluslabs.com/install.sh
sh install.sh

It will show you an option to choose virtualization. Many people choose KVM and some choose Xen. So, choose your preferred virtualization carefully by typing 1 or 2, then click enter. For KVM, type 2 and press Enter.


The installation will usually take from 10-15 minutes.

Once you complete the process, it would show you the Slave keys and additional instructions for the virtualization type. After that, use these keys that will add the node in your SolusVM Master panel. You may require a SolusVM Slave license for every node.


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