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How to make your additional web disk account in cPanel?

  • Sign in to your cPanel account.
  • Click on the ‘web disk’ icon in the files section

cpanel webdisk icon

Find the button “Create an Additional Web Disk Account“, and then add the details of your new account.
Username: folders
Password: Enter the new password

Directory: You can also keep it blank; however, it may grant access to your entire directory.  If you want to allow access to the specific folder, then enter the folder location, like public_html/folders

Permissions: Select the button


Note: If you are working on the Windows OS, you may need to click “Enable Digest Authentication”. Also, if your server has an SSL certificate signed by some reputable certificate authority and you are not able to create the SSL connection over the port 2078, you won’t need to enable this.
4. Choose the “Create” option and you will be able to create a new additional account. Use these new login details to access the Web Disk.

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