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How to reboot Your VPS using your SolusVM Cpanel or command line?

If you need to reboot the VPS Via cPannel, Follow these steps. or for Command-Line see Bellow the images.



1. Sign in to your SolusVM Control Panel.

2. If you have different kinds of VPS, choose the suitable one.

multiple VPS


3. Scroll down to find a reboot option, and click on the button.

reboot solusvm


4. You will see a confirmation window and click ‘yes’

solusvm Reboot confiramation

It may take a few seconds or minutes, and When it completes you will see a confirmation message about the reboot.



How to reboot VPS via Command line?

This is one of the best methods to reboot your VPS via the Command line because it may stop all the processes and after that it helps you initiate the reboot process.

  • Sign in to the SSH Client.
  • Enter this command “shutdown -r now”

Once after executing this command, you may have to wait for some time, and then the VPS will start rebooting. If you find that VPS is not online after 5-10 minutes, it’s better to reboot the VPS from the SolusVM.

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