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Should I choose a Windows or Linux hosting package?


Should I choose a Windows or Linux hosting package?

We always hear this question many times from multiple users. For any type of hosting, we use the browser such as Chrome or Firefox that can easily manage all the websites and accounts. So a user can easily run their Windows Hosting account by using a MacBook, or a Linux Hosting account by using any laptop with windows. So, it’s possible to get the Windows or Linux hosting packages at cost-effective rates.


Reasons to pick Linux hosting

According to many people, Linux Hosting is the best choice that supports everything you are looking for your website needs from Word press blogs to e-commerce stores and much more.

  • You won’t be requiring knowing about Linux to use Linux Hosting.
  • You will be using cPanel in order to manage Linux Hosting and websites by using any web browser.


Reasons to pick Window Hosting:

Windows Hosting will support you with everything you are looking for to make your website attractive.

  • It’s important to use Windows Hosting if you need to use MS-SQL databases, ASP.NET, or .NET Core on the website. These require a Windows operating system running on the server.
  • You can also use Plesk that helps manage the Windows Hosting account as well as websites in all the browsers.



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