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Choosing windows or Linux hosting depends upon the technology you use along with your server. Linux Hosting is compatible along PHP and MySQL, while, Windows Hosting provides you durable operation with ASP .NET and MSSQL.

In this article, we will discuss what are the benefits of Windows and Linux hosting. Furthermore, we will discuss the differences between them to help you choose the suitable technology.

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is the family of free open source OS used to power almost all types of servers, especially web servers. Linux provides flexibility and maximum security layers. That is the reason it is used by worldwide reliable hosting providers.

Apart from security, Linux is getting popularity due to its unique compatibleness with the following platforms:

  • Apache: A worldwide Web server application.
  • MySQL: Most popular database applications.
  • PHP: The most used scripting language.

Linux is further divided into Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Fedora. All of them work according to the Linux principles with a few differences. Each providing different levels of flexibility, security, and customization.

Most of the Webhosting services providers prefer Linux Hosting due to its customization and stability.

What is Windows Hosting?

In windows Webhosting, typical Microsoft OS have used to power the servers. They provide a Graphical User Interface and some exclusive windows applications convenience.

Commonly on hosting websites, you will find Linux hosting services. But, window hosting is a good choice to work along ASP.NET, Microsoft FrontPage, and MS SQL. Moreover, Windows Hosting provides excellent compatibleness with the Visual Basic Scripts and MS Index Server.

The reason Window Hosting is getting popularity are:

  • Unlimited access to domains, email and disk space.
  • 9% uptime deliverance.
  • 24/7 tech support.
  • Compatible with Cpanel, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Python.
  • It comes with a free domain name and much more.

Most of the businesses prefer window hosting due to its GUI and a variety of interactive page choices and services.

Linux and Windows Hosting Differences

Mostly two types of hosting services are used worldwide. One is Linux hosting and the other is Window hosting. Yet the real question arises which is better? Both have their own uniqueness and compatibleness. More importantly, it depends on the requirement of your business.

While both of them work on VPS or dedicated servers. These servers are provided by dedicated hosting companies. As a matter of fact, your end-users will not know what type of hosting you use. But, when it comes to performance any user can clearly see the difference.

Let’s discuss the difference between Linux and Window hosting in detail:

Linux Hosting Advantages:

  • Security: Linux kernel controls the computer’s major security modules and provides maximum security layer to them. While windows servers are more prone to many malicious programs. Linux is considered as a most secured platform by experts. Most hosting packages come with the private SSL/TLS plan.
  • Performance: You are less likely to face errors or bugs. Moreover, research shows that Linux servers have less chance to get down or restart. Additionally, it has excellent language support.
  • Stability: Linux hosting provides better load tolerance and fast loading. Linux, alone, powers 70% of the world’s servers.
  • Flexibility: As an open-source, it provides you the convenience to change the source code. You can run Linux along with multiple desktop and devices.
  • Customization: You can design the OS of your choice especially with Ubuntu. Also, there are plenty of third-party applications that can be used to customize a desktop, themes, and how a server works.

Windows Hosting Advantages:

  • User-friendly: Users prefer windows Webhosting over the Linux due to its user-friendly modules and Graphic User-Interface. It uses most popular Microsoft Operating systems including windows 7 or windows 10.
  • Compatibility: Windows Webhosting is excellently compatible with Microsoft tools and applications. Moreover, if your websites are developed in the ASP.Net framework then surely, it is the number one choice. Furthermore, the database MS-SQL is highly compatible along with window hosting.
  • FrontPage Extension: The Windows Webhosting provides the best FrontPage extensions. These extensions are basically advanced software to provide front Page users a communication platform with the web servers. Moreover, they are packed with some additional features.

Thus, making them better than your normal website. The main advantage of using the front page is it allows non-programming users to make desired changes or to add functionalities on their website.


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