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How can you enable or Disable Mod Security in cPanel?

Are you seeing a frequently blocked IP address while accessing the word press admin area or any script type with your browser? Are you feeling that your IP is blocked or your server is not working or down?

If “Yes, then it might have happened because of Mod Security.

Mod Security
ModSecurity is basically an efficient module that can protect your site from different kinds of vulnerable attacks. Mod Security can easily protect your site from attackers, hackers, external forces, and different threats. It may create different problems sometimes; so we won’t recommend you to disable it, but just fix this software vulnerability. The reason might be is, ModSecurity can only block the website if the security of your software is inefficient.

Disabling ModSecurity would help you analyze whether your IP address or your client’s IP has been blocked by ModSecurity. If this is not the case, then it means that your IP has been blocked due to other reasons. However, if it’s confirmed that Mod security is the reason behind your blocked IP, then you can approach us and we will help you figure out the reason so that you don’t require to disable the Mod security.


Steps to Enable or Disable Mod Security in cPanel

  • Sign in to your cPanel account.
  • Click on ‘mod security’ in the security section


  • If your ModSecurity is enabled, it would simply show you a “Disable” option, select the option and ModSecurity would be easily disabled on every domain. And in case, if you to enable it, you would be required to click on “Enable” icon. This would automatically be enabled in all domains.



Steps to disable Mod security on only selected domains and not every domain:

Sometimes users have multiple domains and they want to disable or enable ModSecurity only on some selected domains.

  • Sign in to cPanel and click on ‘mod security’ on the security section
  • Scroll down to the end of your page.
  • Click on ‘on’ and ‘off’ under the status option present next to the domain.

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