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How do you enable two-factor authentications on cPanel?

Security is the most important thing for our data safety and that’s the reason we suggest you enable the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on the cPanel account so that attackers can never be able to get access to your cPanel even if they have obtained your user name and password details.

You would need a smartphone along with the time-based one-time password app. It would support mobile phone operating systems like iOS, Windows, Android or Blackberry that may have an app for 2FA.


Steps to enable your Two-Factor Authentication on cPanel Account:

  • Sign in to your cPanel account.
  • Click the “Two-Factor Authentication” option in the security section



  • After the step, you need to scan QR code by using Google Authenticator or 2FA Authenticator APP. If your app doesn’t have the QR Code reader, then it’s possible to manually enter your Account name as well as Key number.



  • Choose the “Security Code” option in the text box, enter the Two-Factor Authentication code and then click “Configure Two-Factor Authentication”.


You will see a message, such as “Success: Two-factor authentication is now configured on your account“.

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