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How can you forward the email to Yahoo, Gmail or other services?


Email Account Forwarders:

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account.

Step 2: In the “Email” Section of your cPanel, click on “forwarders:” and then click on “add forwarders

email forward icon


Step 3: On the”Add a New Forwarder” page you will see the “Address to forward:” field. If you want to forward myemail@example.com to the custom e-mail ID, then enter “my email” in your “Address to forward” area and if you have some multiple domains, then choose your desired option from the drop-down menu of domains.


Step 4: After that, click the “Destination” area and choose “Forward to email address“. Then add your own custom e-mail address on which you need to receive all the forwarded emails.


Step 5: Click on “add forwarder” button.

email forward steps


How would you forward mails to the mail pipe script/program?

  1. If you need to forward the emails to an e-mail pipe script such as myemailpipe.php, that is present on the html folder like “/home/username/public_html/myemailpipe.php”, then consider step 2 and step3


  1. When you find the”Destination” field choose “Advanced Options” that will expand them, and then click “Pipe to a Program”. Then add your full path of the custom email pipe script like “home/username/public_html/myemailpipe.php”(Without the quotes, and you may have noticed that we do not use a slash at the beginning of the)


  1. Click on “Add Forwarder” Button.

email pipe

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