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How to build an email auto responder when you are unavailable?

If you are planning a long vacation and will not be available for weeks or months, then it’s possible to create an auto e-mail responder for checking all the emails, so when people send you an email, they automatically receive an email with the message, like “I am on vacation, please contact me after few days.”


  1. Login into the cPanel account.
  2. Click ‘auto responder’ in the mail section.

autoresponder email icon

  1. Click ‘add auto responder’ on the auto responders page
  2. When you see an internal field, select the numbers of hours you want the auto responder to wait between the answers to the same email ID.
  3. Add the email address in your email area which you want to allow the auto responder. If you are looking to enable auto responder on support@example.com, click “support” in your e-mail area and if you have multiple domains, choose the right domain from your dropdown list.
  4. In the form section, add a name that your auto-response will be from.
  5. Enter your email address in the subject section like “I am on holidays“, etc.
  6. Choose your start & stop time on auto responder.
  7. Choose create or modify button

autoresponder email configuration


How to remove Autoresponder?

  1. Open your Autoresponder.
  2. You can see the auto responder email list present under “Current Autoresponder”.
  3. Then choose auto responder, and find “Delete” Autoresponder.

autoresponder email delete

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