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How to download Onyx or Plesk on Linux Centos?

Fresh CentOS 6 or 7 must be installed on your server.

Sign in to your server via SSH Client.

Enter these three commands first:

wget http://autoinstall.plesk.com/plesk-installer
chmod +x plesk-installer

When you see such option, type “F” and click Enter


  • Choose your own desired version. For Plesk, type 1 and if you are using Plesk Onyx, type 2. Click Enter. Type “F” and then click Enter again to choose the next option.


  • The option “Select the Installation type for Plesk” enter “F” or if you know exactly what you are doing, then select the other option – download all the components by entering “2” click “F‘.


  • Then click “F” again. The installation would begin soon which may take as long as 25-30 minutes. If you are seeing a hostname-related error, then it’s better to not quit the installation. Sometimes Plesk will only show warnings and provide instructions to fix the problem.


  • Once it gets installed, it will show you a congratulations message


Copy the complete URL given by Plesk and paste it into the browser. If the URL is not working, you may need to open the part in your firewall. If it’s working, you will need to open a port in your firewall. You can find it easily by disabling your firewall, and then access the URL. If it’s working, then it means you are required to open the Plesk port in the firewall.

  • From the View Selector, choose the desired option. As we use our Plesk control panel to sell different hosting plans so we would choose the “Commercial Web Hosting” and press “OK“.


  • Scroll down and check out the end of the page, create your new password, then click “OK“. Make sure you are saving the password in some place. After that, enter your administrative information like your email address, or name, and then enter “OK”.


  • Now press “Install Key“, enter the Plesk Activation code and click ok to save it. User can also choose the trial key or use own key.


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