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How to reinstall OS using your SolusVM OS reinstaller?

It’s possible to reinstall your OS using SolusVM automatic reinstallation tool VPS, but you need in mind that the option will simply destroy the data on VPS.

  • Sign in to your SolusVM Control Panel.


  • If you have different kinds of VPS, choose the suitable one.

solusvm select vps


  • Scroll down to find a ‘reinstall’ option

solusvm vnc start


  • You may find different options. Choose the operating system which you need to reinstall. Like if you want to install CentOS 7, select it.

solusvm select os reinstallation


  • Scroll down and go to the bottom of the page, click “Reinstall“.

solusvm automatic reinstall-2


  • Click ‘yes’ on the confirmation window


It will show you a message that reinstallation will take a few minutes and you will also see admin/root password. Copy this password on notepad as you may need it later to access the VPS account later.

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