7 Methods To Grow Affiliate Sales For WordPress Blogs

7 Methods To Grow Affiliate Sales For WordPress Blogs


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Often we start a blog with the pure intention of educating people. All we want is to answer people’s questions and share knowledge. But thinking changes with the passage of time, and there is nothing wrong with it. You work hard to provide quality content. Then you pay the hosting fee, purchase security certifications, and buy plugins. You deserve to generate some revenue from your efforts. 

So do you think it is time to change your informational WordPress blog into a revenue stream? Let us share some valuable insights about the least expensive and most rewarding method to monetize your blog. Yes, it is affiliate marketing. This post is all about seven ways you can use to grow the affiliate sales of your WordPress blog. 

Yes, you can do it right if you have the required knowledge. The right strategies can help you get consistent traffic flow and an impressive number of sales. We are going to share seven such great tips or tricks.    

Affiliate Marketing: An Introduction

Affiliate marketing works on performance-based or referral-based relationships. There are affiliate workers who promote the products/services of a merchant on their own platforms. They earn a certain percentage whenever someone buys the product using their platform. Affiliate marketers use a unique link or tracking code for promotion. Let’s say you run a pet care blog. It would help you monetize your efforts if you become an affiliate partner for companies that sell pet care products or offer pet care services.

The companies will provide you with the links once you sign up. Link to their products or services in your blog posts as smartly as possible. 

What Is So Great About Affiliate Marketing?

It is flexible, requires less effort, and needs nothing to set up. You can do it both part-time or full-time. 

7 Fantastic Ways To Grow Affiliate Sales

Following are some of the most effective ways to utilize the full potential of affiliate programs and earn a handsome monthly income. 

  • Get To Know Your Niche

Do not try to be the jack of all trades. Pick one topic and create catchy content that sounds like an expert. Even if it takes time, you should do it. Pick the niche that interests you and also offers good earning ground. Get time to know your industry and create content around the core of the subject of your blog. A well-functioning blog with a well-defined niche shows good blogging sense. 

When the niche is defined, the topic selection also becomes easy. You can prepare a list of dozens of topics you can write about without running out of creativity and ideas. Also, you should try to find a niche where you can come up with ideas related to products or services. Another criterion is to find the niche where a lot of affiliate marketing programs are available. Show yourself as a specialist, and not a generalist.

It would be an ideal scenario if you are well-informed about your niche. You can easily prove yourself and speak like an expert. The audience will find you trustworthy and buy the product or service you recommend. However, also keep in mind that every niche is not lucrative. 

Being knowledgeable about such a niche would not help you earn well. If that is the case, you should pick some lucrative niche and become knowledgeable about it. Choose a highly-profitable niche, and work hard in the right direction. You can easily earn a good amount. Some examples of lucrative niches are software, travel, cryptocurrency, finance, parenting, dating services, business, eCommerce, health, and fitness.

  • Get To Know Your Target Audience

Yes, you should know and understand them like a close friend or family member. If you do not know them you cannot recommend them the right products/services. For this, you need to know their pain points. 

When you know them you promote the products or services that are beneficial for them. Those products solve their problems and they buy when they see your stamp. 

Be wise when you pick merchants. The services they offer should address the problems of your target audience.  To conduct deep research about them. Wear their shoes and analyze the challenges they are facing. What frustrates them the most and what pleases them the most. What would be their considerations before they order? 

What possibly could prevent them from placing an order. Align your content with all these considerations to increase your sales. Try getting into their minds and talking to them. Surveys, forums, and social media groups and comments can reveal everything about their psychology. 

  • High-Quality Content

If you can persuade people to click your affiliate links, you can generate sales. However, they will not click if you do not build quality content that makes them trust you.  Build the content that educates your audience and builds your credibility. Do not make poor and overly promotional content to get sales. Be passionate about your niche and create content that adds value for readers. 

Rather than just marketing your product, teach them how to use it for their benefit. Write in-depth tutorials about products. Let them go through detailed procedures. Also, provide honest product reviews. Let them know the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of everything. Give them the free ground to decide. Make them feel like they are the ones to decide.

Create a lot of different types of content. Make templates, provide them videos to watch, eBooks to read, etc. Comparison types are also best for content marketing. Publish comparison types posts about products you are promoting to increase customer awareness about them. Make them want to check new products and services. 

Your content should be high quality. High-quality includes things such as well-written, easy to understand, error-free, and catchy. Also, it should help your audience make informed decisions. Assess every content piece from this angle. How much value does it provide? Think how much you would like it if you were a reader. 

Does it engage you well? Is it relevant to what you are looking for? If answers are positive, you have created valuable content. It will attract your audience. This also increases the chances of a content viewer becoming a regular customer. Hence, your affiliate’s sales will grow. Growing sales will bring you a good number of heavily paid commissions.

  • Optimize The Blog

Content quality is not the end of the project. You also have to optimize the website for search engines, so your content can rank on search engines. After all, humans will most probably see your content when search engines show them. So, you have to optimize your entire WordPress website for SEO. Or in other words, you have to optimize all factors that play their role in SEO. For example, speed and responsiveness.

Content relevance is important because you have to make the appropriate keywords naturally appear in the content. Also, they must appear in meta descriptions and tags. You can find good keywords also by keyword research. Find the ones that people are using in the industry. The content should be evergreen. 

Search engines rank websites that are well-designed, and well-structured. A good structure means that the website is easy to navigate. Things like meta descriptions, tags, and internal links are more than just important in SEO.

Keep adding as much relevant content as possible, since it will improve your ranking. Structured data and snippets can also help with blog optimization. Also, you should focus on building quality backlinks. They will bring more traffic, increase brand awareness, and ultimately improve the SEO of your WordPress blog. 

Have you just started your blog? The sooner you implement SEO strategies, the better it would be. Good SERP rankings are almost critical for making most of the affiliate links you add. Moreover, there are many SEO plugins you can buy. These plugins would also help you optimize the pages and posts of your WordPress blog. Yoast SEO is a good plugin. It lets you perform all SEO-related tasks. You can fix the keyword, and add the meta description and relevant slugs.

  • Pick The Affiliate Program You Will Use

So, we have optimized the blog now for SEO and made quality content for it. Or at least a content strategy has been developed. Now, it is time to start the core affiliate tasks. First of all, you all, find the right affiliate platform. Make this choice very wisely. Your profit depends on it. This will also affect the impression you leave on your audience. 

Also, avoid promoting low-quality items. It would generate a one-time sale and then you will lose the client’s trust forever. Your opinion and business would have zero credibility in their eyes. Be very selective when it comes to affiliate programs and products to promote. Check the reviews of people who have used the product. Also, you should read the terms and conditions of the program. Make sure that is suitable for you.

The market is huge. The list of affiliate networks and marketplaces would seem to not end. Join any program you find useful. You should know how well they perform, what are their qualities, and where they lack. It should go with your business goals.

Amazon Affiliates is one of the most popular programs. You need no technical skills to integrate it into your WordPress blog. Next, you start promoting Amazon products on your website. For every sale, you get something in particular. 

Another great one is ShareASale. It links to you a list of merchants and makes it easy to find good affiliate programs. 

  • Use Affiliate Tools On Your WordPress Blog

It could be pretty difficult to manage affiliates when you are a beginner. Investing in tools that automate and speed up the process. Yes, you will have to invest but the results are worth it. But people running their blogs on WordPress will have a significant advantage. WordPress provides many great tools and plugins. Those marvelous tools can help you monitor, manage, and affiliate programs.    

Thirsty Affiliate is a great plugin for finding and incorporating affiliate links in your pages and posts. It also allows you to convert long URLs into shorter links. 

An ideal plugin should allow you to:

  • Add affiliate links.
  • Monitor the performance of every affiliate link.
  • Track the number of clicks on your affiliate CTA button.
  • Create shareable links and modify them. 
  • Monitor The Performance

You should know the related statistics. For example, how many clicks each link gets, and how many of them lead to sales. Keep an eye on all your affiliate campaigns and their performance. It would let you know where the flaws are and you can develop strategies to improve them.

Keep your eyes on all key performance indicators. Just track what matters. You should know the following:

  • conversion rate
  • click-through rate
  • revenue by traffic source
  • average time spent on page

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