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Best cloud server hosting services in 2022


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Do you want your website/eCommerce business to enjoy the tremendous advantages of cloud servers but do not know which cloud hosting is best? If yes, you are at the right place.   

Cloud servers enjoy a distinctive competitive edge over their counterparts by offering the usage of multiple server resources. Technology has revolutionized how the internet operates. It distributes content over the entire network and does not rely on one server.  

Top Five Cloud Server Hosting Services Provider in 2022

Although the underlying technology is the same, many hosts could not be more different. Moreover, adding up the personal requirements of any business makes decisions more difficult. As a result, there is no single cloud host you can declare the best. 

A better way out is to read the reviews of the top four or five companies and think which is best for you. So here we have brought you a comprehensive analysis of the top five cloud server hosting companies.

  • Cloudways

Cloudways takes a different approach by letting you connect with top providers such as Amazon, Google, and Digital Ocean. However, they do not offer their own network.

The three most important reasons to go for Cloudways are easy set-up, selection of platforms, and free trial with no credit card. 

On top of this computational infrastructure then, they place their management and security framework. The strategy works perfectly fine for a diverse range of businesses. 

Moreover, there are multiple plan options for every infrastructure provider. Keeping in mind the scale of the project, decide if you want to pay hourly or monthly.  

Another great choice you get is the data center choice. Five providers have more than sixty data centers spread across twenty-five global cities. Pick your one wisely in the light of your business needs.

Cloudways is amazingly flexible in meeting your demands. Some of the many-core systems they support are Nginx, MySQL, PHP 7, Apache, Memcached, and Varnish Cache. Git integration is there to promote collaboration among developers. 

One major drawback is expensive to support. Premium support of $500 is required to take tech support on call.

  • Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an excellent scalable cloud hosting for small businesses. Specialized droplets enhance scalability, and we will talk more about them later.  

However, they also cater to enterprises. Digital Ocean offers highly flexible options: either you need to speed up your website, crunch through massive amounts of data, or develop a cloud-based app. 

As stated earlier, the key to this versatility is the system of droplets. These droplets are Virtual CPUs. You can purchase as many of them as you want rather than signing up for a single plan with a fixed number of CPUs or RAM. 

Moreover, figure out that you need general-purpose droplets for tasks like web hosting or memory-optimized droplets for massive database storage. 

You can deploy every droplet with any of six Linux distributions or apps like Docker, MySQL, and Node.js. Also, every individual droplet is held responsible for performance monitoring and system-level backups. So you are free from the headaches of a single lousy server slowing down your business.   

Also, Digital Ocean is one of the most budget-friendly cloud hosting providers. One general-purpose droplet with 1GB RAM is available for as low as $5 monthly. However, scalability means that you only pay for what exactly you need. Digital Ocean offers hourly pricing options for short-term development projects.

  • The Email Shop

The Email Shop provides great cloud hosting solutions in Linux and Windows operating systems. With a developer-friendly Linux interface, excellent cloud infrastructure, and diverse plans with optimal prices, ‘The Email Shop’ stands out in the list of cloud hosting providers. 

Linux servers come with an excellent platform for developers. In addition, the uptime and customer support they provide is more than up-to-the-mark. The uptime ensures your customer can always access you, and you never lose any conversion due to non-availability. 

Understanding the versatile hosting market, The Email Shop provides you with a feature-rich platform for websites. 

The best pros of Linux Cloud Hosting by The Email Shop are high-quality processors, SSD disk drives, and an intuitive cloud manager. The platform is self-intuitive and comes with a diverse range of features. For example, the Plesk control panel makes your life easy, and the website builder lets you build dynamic and appealing web pages. 

The starting plan gives you a 1v CPU core,  15 GB SSD storage, and 10 GB bandwidth for less than three euros per month. 

Though Linux is a top choice for hosting operating systems, many businesses still prefer windows. The Email Shop brings you affordable and safe cloud hosting solutions working on Windows. 

Pick from numerous versions of a windows cloud server, depending upon your needs. Then, build your online shops quickly with an eCommerce-friendly system. The starting plan costs you 4.49 euros.

  • Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a massive cloud computing platform, which is more than just a cloud hosting service. Two super pros are scalability and pay-as-you-go. 

Are you just looking for a good cloud hosting provider for simple business websites? If yes, Microsoft Azure is not the right fit for you. 

It is the right fit when your business requirements are much more complex. For example, dealing with massive data and crunching through a trove of customer data, and deriving useful information is a daily ritual. Also, you may need a complex internal business app. This is the scenario where Microsoft Azure is the best choice you can make. 

Microsoft Azure is much more than just adding RAMs and CPUs. It has the immense potential to let you add machine learning algorithms, bots, and cognitive APIs (application programming interfaces) to your Azure application.

Also, Microsoft is one of the most secure cloud hosting solutions available. The organization takes pride in complying with several brand-new cloud security standards.

  • Clook

Clook is a sound cloud hosting provider with fast data centers and ultra-fast internal connections. Putting the customer first is their policy. All plans come with excellent support over phone calls and emails. 

The support staff consists of experienced technicians who know all about servers and can make servers adapt to your business needs. The same people monitor the networks of Clook.  

However, there are two significant drawbacks—first, expensive plans, and second, no hourly plans. 

Putting It All Together

Every business has to be very clear about its goals and business objectives. That will give some cloud hosting providers the stamp of the best provider for your business. Also, do not forget to consider your scaling needs, RAM and bandwidth requirements, and storage requirements.