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Why is The Email Shop Best Ecommerce Hosting Provider?


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We are too conscious when picking the web development partner during the web project. We check their portfolio, read their customer reviews, and ask about their processes. But, most of us get on board with web hosting providers without taking these pains. 

Wise selection is equally important in web hosting too. Much of your user experience will also influence the quality of the web host. Web hosting is a critical parameter for eCommerce websites. 

This article will discuss two points briefly:

  1. What makes a good eCommerce web host.
  2. What makes TheEmailShop the best eCommerce hosting in the UK.

Expectations of Customers Are High

Clients are spending their money. That is why they expect a more smooth experience than other websites. So, let us summarize their expectations in bullet points.

  • They expect a smooth shopping experience without any complex tasks. The interface has to be easy and intuitive. The journey from landing page to final payment should make them feel easy. If they spend hours understanding purchasing processes, it counts as a bad experience. Also, they will want the process to be fast. 
  • They also long for a personalized experience. Getting suggestions with their names like, Hey Adam, you may like this product. It makes them feel wanted and they make repeated purchases. 
  • Clients may also expect a visually attractive website design unconsciously. Sometimes, design is the sole factor behind buying or not buying.
  • Customers are not providing their sensitive information everywhere. They will expect outstanding security.

Must-have Features of An Ideal Ecommerce Website 

These expectations help summarize the qualities of a professional eCommerce website.   

  • The User-friendly Interface & Design

A good eCommerce website ensures a satisfying user experience. It provides a simple and elegant homepage. In addition, it provides an easily visible search bar and mentions all product categories in the navigation bar.

  • The Ecommerce Website Has To Be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is used for the majority of online purchases today. An ideal eCommerce website will confirm its responsiveness at different screen sizes. 

  • More Than One Payment Options

Purchasing stage should be more than easy to reduce cart abandonment. An ideal platform will not confine to adding both credit card and debit card options. It will also show versatility by adding PayPal, Stripe, and more.

  • Active 24/7 Customer Service

There is no compromise in customer service. It should be there 24/7, be it in chatbots or email. 

  • Section of User Reviews

The eCommerce industry hugely depends on customer reviews. Users have no other way to experience the product before purchasing it. If they do not find the user review section, there are high chances they will not buy. 

  • Discounts & User Features

All humans want to feel special. Make them feel like a special customer, and they will never leave. An ideal business tries to achieve it through personalized deals and offers. Personalized wishlists and loyalty offer also go a long way.

  • Comprehensive Product Information

Many people are still reluctant to buy online in 2022. This hesitation is more prominent when they buy from unknown smaller brands. Professional businesses try to make them feel safe by adding product details. They will add comprehensive knowledge about the product. 

Please provide as much information as possible to convince them to buy. They of course want complete satisfaction that your product is worth spending hard-earned money on. 

  • It Is Never Down

An ideal website will ensure good uptime by opting for the best eCommerce hosting. Downtime can waste the effort of months in minutes. 

Why TheEmailShop Is The Most Suitable Candidate To Become Your Best Ecommerce Hosting UK Provider?

TheEmailShop takes the lead in eCommerce hosting. It helps clients reflect all qualities of ideal eCommerce businesses on their websites. Get professional eCommerce hosting at affordable rates. Make your website secure, fast, and easy to use.

  • Security 

Security is essential in an eCommerce business. There is tons of sensitive information that you daily receive and send. There could be social security information, credit card information, and your customers’ passwords. 

Even a little compromise can destroy your brand reputation. A minor loophole can let the intruder actors break into your system. 

With TheEmailShop, you can enjoy a completely secure and reliable hosting environment. Security and reliability also result in a great user experience. Our best security feature is firewall security with a dedicated IP address. For best security and data confidentiality, we also provide dedicated SSL. Hence we succeed in securing our customers’ transactions. 

  • Scalability

Also, we ensure that our customers can scale up or down if they need to. Business is constantly in flux these days due to the competitive landscape. Everything is evolving rapidly. So scalable hosting is crucial to fulfill the changing customer needs and cut costs. 

  • 24/7 Dedicated Live Support

The importance of security also needs no introduction. TheEmailShop features diverse support, which is available 24/7. There are multiple ways you can reach out to our support team. They may resolve your queries via live chat, ticket, or email. All our experts are experienced and well-versed in the hosting niche. 

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

TheEmailShop ensures your customers can always reach out to your website. They should always be able to make transactions without facing any problems. Downtime is a big no in eCommerce hosting, and TheEmailShop ensures it is zero or negligible. 

  • Get Live Quickly

TheEmailShop allows you to start your business online in minutes. YOu can follow step-by-step instructions easily and accomplish the mission. 

  • SEO-Friendly Tools

Also, we help you get higher ranks on Google and other search engines. Our SEO-friendly tools help you become more visible to crawlers. 

  • Easy Product Addition: Unlimited Categories

We provide smooth addition and deletion of products. In addition, you can add as many categories as you want. 

  • Simple Management

We let you administer everything related to your website simply and compactly.

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