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Best Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel

Best Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel in 2022


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Web Hosting Control Panel

Maintaining a website with a command line or Linux operating system is not easy. However, control panels like cPanel and  Plesk are available that make remote server management easy. They do not require any solid technical knowledge and let you manage email accounts, bandwidth, disk space, and many other things. 

However, they are paid tools. Rates might not be affordable for individual website owners. In this article, we will discuss the seven best open source alternatives. 

Standard Features of All Hosting Control Panels

  • Management of Domain Name Systems
  • Management of databases
  • Configuration of emails
  • Installation of security systems
  • Maintenance of security systems
  • Providing a user-friendly interface for management of server files
  • Enabling of FTP protocols
  • Installation and activation of SSL certificates
  • One-click installation of WordPress
  • One-click installation of Joomla
  • One-click installation of Prestashop
  • Space utilization
  • Bandwidth management

7 Best Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel

  • ISPconfig

ISPConfig is a powerful open-source web hosting control panel made for Linux powered machines. It is entirely compatible with several Linux distributions and can manage FTP, Apache, and databases.

Quickly figure out the status of server-related services. ISPconfig will let you know which is working and which is not working as per expectations. The tool also allows you to check the UDP and TCP ports. Also, remember that ISPConfig is capable of running multiple servers. Therefore, you can inspect all servers that your ISPConfig master server controls.  

Here are some notable features of ISPconfig

  • It is possible to use just one control panel for managing more than one server.
  • ISPconfig is compatible with several Linux Distributions
  • Support For Many Daemons
  • You get managed services
  • ISPConfig is available in more than twenty languages

  • ZPanel

ZPanel is the next item on the list of free web hosting control panels. It is for the servers that operate on Windows, Linux,  UNIX, and macOS. PHP is the language in which the code of ZPanel is written. The company has made this secure web hosting system by combining several open-source software packages.

Several modules make a ZPanel that ensures the efficient working of a web hosting service. Moreover, a separate module allows monitoring your server resources, and another module allows DNS management. 

Some listings of this core set of modules are hMailServer, FileZilla Server, MySQL, PHP, Webalizer, RoundCube, phpMyAdmin, phpSysInfo, FTP Jailing, and Apache Web Server.

  • Open Panel

Without this great web hosting control panel with the highly-intuitive interface and diverse functionalities, the list would be incomplete. This platform suits developers. Being open and amazingly modular allows the best utilization for controlling any Linux server process. It is a javascript powered application with a modern and sleek design.

Here are some notable features of OpenPanel:

  • Highly-intuitive and  welcoming user-interface
  • User-friendly and easy to understand command-line interface
  • Complete freedom of controlling the technical processes
  • You can provision the new services with easy module addition

  • Webmin

This is the best option for system administration in Unix. The web-based interface of Webmin lets you manage things with a modern web browser. You can set up user accounts, Apache, file sharing, DNS, etc. You do not have to edit UNIX configurations manually when you have Webmin. For example, there is no need for manual password change. It is possible to manage the system or use a console remotely. 

Here are some notable features of Webmin

  • It allows the configuration of virtual servers on Apache.
  • Management and installation of software packages. 
  • A firewall is there for security.
  • Webmin enables the modification of DNS settings, IP address, routing configuration.
  • Easy database management. You can manage tables and fields on MySQL.

  • Sentora

Sentora comes with a wide range of generally needed features. Enjoy fantastic add-ons, attractive third-party modules, and great theme sets. Let us tell you that the ZPanel developers’ team also makes Sentora. Even ZPanel provides the basis for Sentora. Moreover,  Sentora is one of the best web hosting control panels for medium and small ISPs. 

The design is tailored for making hosting web management easy. It simplifies tasks and saves time for web owners. In addition, it ensures the availability of the central repository that lets the users install, sell and publish modules.

  • CentOS Web Panel CWP

Easily and quickly manage Dedicated & VPS servers without using ssh console for every little thing. CentOS provides a long list of great features and options to manage servers. 

Here are some notable features of ISPconfig of CentOS Web Panel:

  • CentOS automatically installs.
  • It comes with an apache webserver (Modsecurity + OWASP rules optional)
  • You get a varnish cache server that tremendously improves the performance of your server

  • Cloud Panel

Cloud Panel is the best option for command-line Debian Linux servers that lets you efficiently handle many web components to monitor the system. You can also easily manage NGINX, PHP-FPM, Redis, and MySQL services.

Putting It All Together

Depending on particular needs, different web control panels may suit different businesses. Therefore, make sure that you take ample time to understand your requirements before opting for any web hosting control panel to enjoy the best web hosting UK experience.

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