Best UK Colocation Server Hosting Providers Review (2022)

Best UK Colocation Server Hosting Providers Review (2022)


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Getting a web host is not a simple task. You have to consider your requirements and many different hosting types. UK colocation hosting is one of the most viable hosting solutions these days. Businesses are opting for colocation because of their flexibility and good server configuration ability. In this article, we will see what colocation is, its advantages, and some of the best colocation service providers in the UK.  

Colocation Hosting

Colocation is one of the most widely used hosting types. Organizations purchase their hardware and place it on a third-party server. Then, they pay for power and the network.  

Why Is Colocation Needed?

Server maintenance and organization are critical concerns. The server should be configured to meet the business needs. On the other hand, having an in-house server comes with its own problems. Colocation provides a healthy balance. You do not have to manage it in-house. Also, you can configure it the way you want. 

Colocation also allows you to choose the location you find better for the data center, as you place your physical server there. All physical aspects are the responsibility of the client. Replacing old servers would also be their headache.

The following are the features any colocation provider must offer, by definition:

  • 24x7x365 Access
  • 24×7 Support Available
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Power
  • Redundancy Generators
  • 100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Advantages of Colocation

There are a lot of benefits to colocation. First of all, physical security is not your responsibility. But, on the other hand, the in-house servers make you responsible for it. Also, you get access to high-speed internet. 

The best is a disaster recovery plan, which is very hard to achieve in an in-house server. Power is also no issue since colocation providers ensure the uninterrupted power supply. Also, you get an enterprise heating and cooling system. 

Some of the Top UK Colocation Companies

Finding the correct provider in a  market full of vendors is quite tricky. Therefore, we bring you this comprehensive guide about the ten best and high-quality colocation providers.

The Email Shop

TheEmailShop lets you keep your servers in the top data centers of the United Kingdom. You will never have to deal with messy equipment. Hence you can use maximum creativity to grow your core business. They show a fantastic diversity in the number of units. You can get from 1U to 5U, quarter rack, half rack, and full rack. 

TheEmailShop offers the best and most professional disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure your precious data is always safe. The data centers use high-quality racks to empower your server. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 45-day risk-free guarantee, TheEmailShop makes the leading UK colocation provider. In addition, TheEmailShop makes your server completely your server. You have all control over content, bandwidth, and server software.  

All plans offer unmetered bandwidth, a dedicated account manager, and a 1 GB/s network port. Three digits communication lock is also part of the plan. 

Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers diverse and comprehensive solutions for multiple kinds of audiences. The independently owned private company makes products for freelancers, business owners, resellers, and agencies. The company entered the market in 1997. 

Today, after over two decades, they have earned a good reputation as a web hosting company. If you want a colocation server that you can control,  you should go for Liquid Web. They offer you complete control of the server. 

Before they fit your server and other equipment into their racks, configure the server as per your needs. Liquid Web will not offer any software or operating system installation. It is beyond the scope of their services.

They offer a service called ‘Hands-on support.’ The company will charge 50 dollars per hour for this service, which is remote assistance. You cannot ask for less than one hour. You need a ticket to make a hands-on support request. 

They will reach out to you shortly and ask for your details like arrival time and full names of visitors. They may also ask for the number of servers and technical specifications of all upcoming activities. Four hours is the maximum time limit for a single visit. 

If you are looking for dedicated services, they will offer them too. One thing to confirm is that they provide colocation service in your desired location. If you are unhappy with their services, you can claim your money back within one month.


The company has been in the market since 2001. So, they have offered managed hosting servers and web tools for almost 21 years. HostDime has international fame. They are constantly adding new features to their products and services. It includes SSL certificates, VPS, cloud host, dedicated servers, domain name registration, and colocation services. Moreover, the company has many data centers spread over various locations. So, customers have a complete choice to choose one for them. 

The hardware choice of Host Dime is also excellent. They use the best and industry-standard hardware. That includes SSD storage, best racks, scalable cloud servers, and lots of CPU, disk space, RAM, etc. So you can enjoy a completely customized solution that runs a server. Here are some features you will find in both their startup and expensive programs.  

  • Monthly bandwidth of 50 MB/s
  • 1GB/s (GigE) Burstable Public Port
  • 29 VLAN Allocation – 5 usable IPs
  • 1 Amp @ 208V Power
  • 24x7x365 Access
  • Shared Rack Space


Nexcess is the daughter company of LiquidWeb. They also have two decades of experience with a client base as huge as 50,000 worldwide. Nexcess also offers location choice when it comes to data centers. Let them know your requirements, including location priorities. The team will let you know what suits you more, their dedicated servers or colocation option. The official website shows they have good locations for colocation in the UK and US. They have well-trained and well-educated professionals in their team who always keep the hosting environment safe for you. Here are their best security features:

  • Compliance Assistance
  • Prevention of DDoS Attacks
  • VPN
  • Firewall
  • Protection of Web Application
  • Server Protection
  • Data Security

Green Geeks

Green Geeks is a relatively new company when compared to the previous two. They started operations in 2008. Maintaining their reputation as a green company, they consume three times less energy with the help of renewable energy. 

So referring to them as 300% green hosting would make perfect sense. Also, they provide budget-friendly colocation packages and offer great value for money. Their packages have a lot of full and unlimited features. 

Free of cost are SSL certificates, nightly backup, and a content delivery network. Also, they offer a free domain name for the first twelve months. Unlimited features are email accounts, data transfer, SSD web space, and data transfer. Try these fearlessly since you can claim your money back in 30 days.

Dream Host

Rackspace has been offering excellent hosting services since 1998. They offer their services in more than 100 countries. It is one of the most well-reputed companies in the USA and UK. One of their expertise is multi-cloud solutions. They offer impeccable multi-cloud solutions and use the most advanced technologies to empower them. So, managed cloud services are their focus. 

The company offers many plans with cloud, dedicated, and colocation services. Their salient features are price upon request, unmetered bandwidth, and free setup.

Phoenix NAP

2009 was the year when Phoenix NAP started its services. Their vision was to focus on high-end solutions. They operate with world-class technology to ensure the highest performance level. Get the best industry-standard solutions at excellent and affordable prices. All packages include DDoS protection.

They offer monthly bandwidth as good as 50 MB per second. Other incredible features are 1Gb/s (GigE), Burstable Public Port, 28 VLAN Allocation – 13 usable IPs, 15 Amp @ 208V Power, and 24x7x365 Access. You also get a dedicated Rack Space and private lock combination.


The company has a unique competitive edge when it comes to location. Their location is strategically near the business hubs. Hence, you can expect the best and high-quality results. Avail of the best-in-class infrastructure provided by the world’s top data centers. 

Hyve comes with tier 3+ data center facilities. They guarantee 100% network uptime along with SLA. The power availability is 99.9%. Also, you do not have to worry about your growing business needs since the solutions are easily scalable. You can have extensive bandwidth with low latency. In case of any problem, you can have remote hands service. The temperature and humidity guarantee is also 99.9% with SLA. 

Hyve provides data center security that you can easily trust. There are biometric scanners, 24/7 CCTV, card readers, and video monitors. Also, you can avail of 244/7 phone and ticket support from UK-based teams.

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