Your Complete Guide on How to Get Sponges in Minecraft

sponge crafting recipe

How to get sponges in Minecraft: Complete Tutorial

Minecraft is one of the hilariously popular games. The word is not only a game but a buzzword now that provokes a certain emotion and paints a particular picture in the listener’s mind. Specifically, everyone is talking about Minecraft sponge. One of the most frequently asked questions in the discussion circles is ‘how to get sponges in minecraft?’

This post of The Email Shop is going to be your complete guide about the subject. The primary learning goal is to learn how to get sponges in minecraft. But before diving into the real subject, let’s have a little overview of one of the top games in 2021.

how to get sponges in minecraft

This could be interesting for you if you have no or basic knowledge about Minecraft. In case you are an expert, feel free to omit this section and directly jump on the next.


The dazzling game lets you explore infinite worlds. From the simple and little homes to the mighty castles, you can build anything. Minecraft allows your imagination to run wildly. If you can imagine it, Minecraft can build it.

Fun parts are playing in creative mode with unlimited resources. What will send shivers down your spine will be going into mine deep into the world, which is the survival mode. Creating, exploring, and surviving alone or without friends will be a good tagline for the game. These three words are the crux of Minecraft. To tackle the dangerous mobs, you can craft your weapons. Minecraft is one of the greatest role-playing games ever.

What are sponges good for in Minecraft? Let’s understand by figuring out what they are.

What is Minecraft Sponge

Perhaps all of us know about sponges in real life. In Minecraft, it can be used to remove water around itself when placed. During the process or after the absorption, it turns into a wet sponge. After this point, they refuse to absorb water anymore.

These wet sponges drip tiny water particles. The sponges that are in item form, do not absorb any water and go wet.

In other words, a sponge is a block in the game that you can use to rapidly remove the water from somewhere. When placed at any particular point, a sponge absorbs the nearby water. The sponges will cap out the total amount of water that they will absorb at 65 blocks worth of water per sponge. The sponge can only absorb the water nearby. It cannot absorb the water which is not adjacent to it.

For removing large amounts of water, sponges are an incredibly helpful tool in Minecraft. It could help you fix the base that was griefed by another player who drowned it in water.

Another possible usage is draining out a pond. Sponge makes the process much easier and convenient. Imagine the pain of using a bucket or filling the water in the blocks.

As a Minecraft player, you can mine any type of sponge by hand. You can also do it with any tool. In comparison with the other tools, hoes break sponge is fast.

What we have discussed up till now was imperative to understand how to get sponges in Minecraft?

And now begins the main point. Here is the sponge crafting recipe.

How to Get Sponges in Minecraft?

Elder Guardian Minecraft is one of the answers to the question ‘’how to get sponges in minecraft?” This is the character who always drops one wet sponge when any player kills it.

People also ask where is the sponge room in minecraft? Keep reading to get the correct answer.

There are other natural ways as well. The ocean monuments also generate the sponge rooms. The average number of sponges each room contains is 30. Lucky players would definitely be able to come across a sponge room.

Players have to get their hands on it before actually getting sponges in Minecraft. They have to make their way to the nearest ocean monument. That is the only option to get a sponge when you are using creative mode or console commands.

Killing an elder guardian is the most foolproof method. This might be the only good thing about these violent mobs ready to trample on you every time. Before they perish, they leave the greatest gift for you.

Try to get at least them killed as soon as possible, and you will have a sponge. Yes, it is not an easy task. Great rewards never come after simple ventures. This was all about how to get dry sponge in minecraft.

We have already talked about sponge rooms that originate from ocean monuments. Players can quickly harvest and collect the 30 sponges from every room.

Players should try to place the sponges on source blocks of water. This way, they can use them the most effectively. That would lead to the permanent removal of water. The water will not simply flow back around the sponge.

How to Get Sponges in Minecraft: Wet Sponges

What about wet sponges? They are also quite useful. When placed inside the Nether, they dry out instantly. If that is not possible, you can dry them out using a furnace and a fuel resource. Drying out with a furnace provides you with the achievement of DRY SPELL Hereafter, you can reuse this sponge to absorb more water.

How to make a super sponge in minecraft

How to get sponges in minecraft is a little different from how to get super sponges.

Super sponges are more fun. It is a sponge covered in diamonds on a crafting table. When you place it in the ocean, it creates a permanent large air bubble unless the sponge is broken. Super sponge is movable by oceans. Bubble also follows the suit. And guess what in real meaning makes it a super sponge? It never gets wet.

The super sponge is further divided into four types.

Super Water Sponge and how to make it?

There are two steps in the process of making a super water sponge. First of all, you create a water-eating bacteria with four ingredients which are kelp, seaweed, seagrass, and a glass bottle. Then, you combine this water-eating bacteria with a sponge.

Super Lava Sponge and how to make it?

Again, the first thing to create is producing lava-eating bacteria. Ingredients are weeping vines, red mushroom, magma block, magma cream, and a bottle. In the second step, combine this bacteria with a sponge.

Super Water-filling Sponge and how to make it?

Using nine water buckets you have to make a compressed water bucket. Then merge the compressed water bucket with a sponge.

Super Lava-filling Sponge and how to make it?

Nine buckets of lava will help you make a compressed lava bucket. Then you use compressed water and a sponge to make a super lava-filling sponge.

Putting It All Together

The sandbox video game Minecraft is the production of  Mojang Studios, a Swedish video game studio. As of 2020, there are 126 million active monthly users. That makes it the best-selling video game.

How to get sponges in minecraft is not a question but a challenge for players. We hope this article really helps you with it. Good luck applying these tips and tricks. In case you encounter any problem, let The Email Shop know. We are always here to help.