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What is cheap email hosting? What are its features?


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What are the features provided by cheap email hosting?

You must have heard that web hosting is the best and only way that gets your business online into the public domain so you can easily showcase your products and services. I agreed this is the most essential step, but still, it leaves a very important query unanswered: How would you be able to manage your professional business communications efficiently?

Well, there are a lot of free options available out there, and they are definitely best for personal use. But when it comes to communicating with business clients, there is just only one reliable solution- cheap email hosting.

Email hosting is not technically difficult to set up. It’s typically one of the optional services that are available with your web hosting plan. And you can simply activate this option when you create the website. For more effective results, people choose separate services for both web hosting and email hosting. The email shop professionals help you discuss how email hosting is important for your business communications and what features and benefits are associated with this service.

Cheap email hosting and other hosting types:

We understand it’s difficult to learn significant features of each hosting type when you have to deal as a business owner. Have a look at these commonly used hosting types for effective results.

  • Email hosting: most of the time, email hosting is a part of your hosting package, this is basically a separate service which enables people to set up their custom email ID for sending and receiving emails. Your email domain name must match the name of your website.
  • Web hosting: web hosting helps your website be discoverable on the internet. These services house your website on their server and are responsible for establishing a smooth connection to the internet. Web hosting often includes email hosting in your package, but you would be required to inform that if you want that for the site.
  • Domain hosting: this is comparatively a most confusing service that is often confused with web hosting. A domain is basically a uniquely identifiable name, like ‘the email shop’. That name identifies your website, now getting the website online can simply happen if any domain name is associated with it.

Cheap email hosting and its benefits:

Now you must have learned the common types of hosting solutions, so let’s explore one of the most frequently used services- email hosting.

Email hosting services help you host your business emails on their specific server in the data center. This server is well- equipped with all the latest software, tools, and features that can guarantee the security of your emails. The server is maintained according to the current advanced technology so it would never go down and you can send & receive emails without experiencing any downtime issues. That’s the reason, many companies prefer the best small business email hosting so they can run their operations smoothly & efficiently.

Options for cheap email hosting:

Now that you have got ideas about email hosting and are also aware of its common benefits, it’s important to cover some options to consider while choosing great services for professional and personal email hosting

If your email hosting services offer you these solutions, you should consider taking advantage of their services.

  • Online archiving: When the services offer online access to your email archives, it would significantly give you all the previous records of business communications. Many services provide 10-15 years of email backups which can be directly accessible via login portal.
  • Multiple accounts: If you are running a growing business, you must need the ability to build mailboxes and have access to manage multiple email accounts. It’s important to ensure that your host provides you all the mailboxes you want for the support of your operations. 
  • Bundle deals: If your service provider is offering you email, web, and domain hosting in a single package, then it’s better to explore the services that offer each service separately as you can get affordable rates by considering separate services.
  • Mailbox storage: this is another important thing to consider. Always inquire about your mailbox size limits and ask from the services whether they can expand it or not. The mailbox can store your large data, files, and huge quantities of emails, so it’s best to ensure that your mailbox storage is suitable according to your business needs.
  • Room to grow: you can never know how much email storage you need or how many mailboxes will be enough for your online business. When you have numerous email addresses, it would effectively streamline the business operations and enhance your professional impression. The email accounts would add up and grow with time. And some large attachments can easily file up the allotted storage space quickly.

What is the best email host for small businesses?

Many business owners question: who has the best email hosting service? The reason is, they have the least ideas and knowledge about quality service providers and couldn’t figure out exactly who is the best for their needs. Well, email hosting shouldn’t be a confusing deal. Once you get the idea of the best email hosting features, benefits, uses and all the complex terms, then email hosting won’t be a difficult choice for you.

You can explore the cheap email hosting solutions in the market so you can select them for your business needs and analyze what is the best service that can come up with guaranteed and long term results. 

So whether you want to get email hosting and web hosting from the same provider or not, in the end, you have to choose the service for the best results. Email hosting is quite easy to sign up for, and you won’t need to settle for some low-quality service that is not offering you the flexibility and services you need for your business. If you want to get more details about the solution, the email shop can help you understand all the important elements. Visit the official website for further details.