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How can VPS hosting supercharge your Website?


Are you tired of the restrictions of shared hosting? Also, it’s slow speed is a mental torture for both website viewer and web admin. Then, sometimes, we have intensive applications that require much more space and other server resources. These problems are natural when you work with shared hosting and the only solution is VPS hosting

It is almost like a mini dedicated server at a much affordable cost. This article is all about what VPS is and how you can supercharge your web hosting with it.

What Are Virtual Private Servers & Why Are They So Famous?

In everyday life, we have a simple VPS term that means Virtual Private Server. However, technology working behind is not so simple. VPS sounds like hardware, but actually it is a software. This software mimics the functions of a physical dedicated server. You can also transfer this same software to another hardware.

VPS hosting is very budget-friendly. The secret lies in the possibility of making multiple VPS servers within one actual server. That also is the major reason behind why they are so popular. 

The term private is used because all websites have their private resources. All have their own operating systems, storage, and RAM, etc. 

How VPS Hosting Would Supercharge Your Website

  • Reliability Is Amazing

Yes, shared hosting divides the resource among you and other websites, and the division is not also fair. It naturally happens. If one website needs more resources it will consume the resources of the other one.   

To prevent such situations, shared hosting providers implement limitations. So you cannot use the software you like. This holding back is the main drawback of the shared hosting. 

Also, when all websites are busy, it affects the overall performance of the server and as a result, all websites suffer. 

VPS is reliable because it does not share resources. It assigns dedicated resources to all of the websites. All websites have their dedicated CPU, RAM, and other resources. That results in the greatest reliability levels. 

  • Abundant Resources-Better Speed-Better Performance

VPS offers much more resources than most of the websites actually need. You can run more websites, and install more applications. There is much more space to save your data. 

Most VPS providers offer SSD drives with fastest speeds that load your pages quickly. The latest processors are also there to handle larger volumes of monthly traffic. The abundance is also found in bandwidth. 

  • Run The Software You Like

The freedom of Virtual Private Servers goes from applications to operating systems. You can choose any operating system you find better than Linux and  Windows. 

It does not affect any other user, as all are independent. You can freely choose the one you think would better fulfill your needs. Moreover, there are no limitations on using resource-heavy applications, unlike shared hosting. 

  • Complete Server Control

Shared host does not give root access to any of its users. Only the web host has access. This restriction also ceases to exist when you switch to the VPS servers. You can configure the server the way you like. You can configure it to meet your needs in the best way possible. Control panel helps you do it.  

Also, you do not always have to manage the server. If you opt for the managed VPS, the provider will be responsible for all management. It includes updating the operating system and other tools, monitoring everything, and solving any issues that arise. Normally, when there is any problem it will move VPS software to some other physical server. It is to ensure that the website does not go offline in any case.

  • Technical Support 24*7

Best providers offer brilliant support all the time. If you encounter any problem,  you can get technical assistance right at the moment. You can reach them out via call or email.  The professional and trained human representative will respond to you. That person will quickly solve  your problem. 

  • Constant Monitoring

Web host will be monitoring your server every time. That does not only include software but also hardware. It will proactively solve  the hardware issues and not let them affect your website in any case.    

Yes, sometimes hardware needs full repair, and you have to turn them off. In such cases, providers will transfer the VPS machine so your website does not go offline. Your web host also monitors the website for security. They use the latest firewalls for this with built-in intrusion detection and prevention features. Hence, your website stays safe from malware and DDoS attacks. 

  • Backups & Disaster Recovery

Data is one of the most valuable business assets. It is almost a disaster to lose your application or files. In many cases, it takes a long time to recover. You have lost billions by that time. Every company must have some disaster recovery plan all the time.

  • VPS Hosting Boosts Your SEO

A super VPS is also best for ranking your website in search engines. Many VPS benefits ultimately lead to better search engine rankings. For example, a dedicated amount of resources speeds up your website, and Google loves speed. 

Also, VPS guarantees the availability of your site. When the search engines’ bots see that your website is always available, they rank it soon. Similarly, security is also an important SEO factor. Therefore, good VPS also ensures the most outstanding security.

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