How To Choose The Right WordPress Hosting

How To Choose The Right WordPress Hosting


With the growing rate of technical revolution, all businesses and people are eagerly accepting these technological advancements. The digital journey begins with a website and most people are choosing WordPress for their online business website. This is because WordPress is steadily growing into a Content Management Solution (CMS) which is rich in features for most users and provides an easy and smooth experience to beginners. Once the website is built with WordPress, then there comes the verdict of choosing the right hosting platform. There is a wide range of WordPress hosting platforms available online that any user can get confused about while selecting one of them. This article shares some factors to be considered while choosing the right WordPress hosting platform.

  • Bandwidth and Disk Space

Bandwidth and disk space is the most important factor when choosing any WordPress hosting platform. One shall review the business requirements so they can better know about their traffic size and amount of the disk space they need. If they are running a small business then 5 GB of monthly disk space is sufficient enough. But if the user has large businesses and downloadable content on the website, then large bandwidth and large disk space are required. However, Most popular hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

  • Number Of Sites Or Additional Domains

A reasonable shared hosting provider offers to host at least 10 websites. The most popular and fancy hosting provider provides unlimited website hosting Most often, it’s always economic to buy a shared hosting account for a minimum of one year. And it’s always more perceptive to go for a web host that allows hosting of more than one domain.

  • Number Of Databases

Every website has a database attached and each installation of WordPress requires one MySQL database. Therefore, the web host should have a minimum of 1 MySQL database to host the WordPress site. Although the hosting providers should have a limit of approximately 10 databases. Exeter databases are needed in hosting forums and installing test environments or WordPress websites.

  • Customer Support

Customer support is one of the important factors when opting for a web hosting company. Technical support is important for both technical and non-technical users. Hosting providers offer expert support through live chat, email, or ticket. Before selecting the hosting provider users must ensure that hosting providers provide the opportunity to connect to their support team and solve them instantly.

  • Speed

Optimized performance and speed are the factors every user should pay high attention to them. People look into the appealing features and choose the hosting providers and when their page loading speed and performance are low they spend countless hours improving their site speed. But end up doing nothing because of weak hosting. Thus, when selecting a provider, one shall ensure that website is loading fast and has a high uptime.

  • Server Location

When selecting a hosting provider choose the server with the closest location to the user’s geographical location. This will put a huge impact on the speed of the website. Moreover, ensure CDN (content delivery network) is included in the hosting provider’s chosen package which will help the international audience load the website faster.

  • Scalability

A hosting provider server must be scalable to handle large traffics. Otherwise, the website will be crashed if the server can’t deal with unexpected, high traffic. That is why a scalable server is highly important when choosing a hosting plan because the servers either manually or automatically scale ups when needed when the need arises. 

  • Uptime

Choosing a hosting plan that offers all the features yet it is useless if it does not guarantee uptime. Downtimes are a torment for any website owner, they not only drive away visitors but also affect Google SEO rankings. Thus, choose a web host that guarantees up to 99.9% uptime and actually delivers it.

  • Caching

Page speed is important these days because users do not have to wait for the page to load, as they prefer to shift to websites with fast-loading pages. It is a highly important factor for the website’s SEO as well. Caching helps to reduce the loading times for regular visitors by saving some elements of the website in their browsers. WordPress hosting providers offer their own caching solutions for WordPress websites that perform better than the plugins.

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  • Backups

All main WordPress hosting providers have a backup policy with extra cost. While most of them provide free backup for free. Managed WordPress hosting providers offer automatic backups on a single server for many applications. However, many hosting providers guarantee high yet they are vulnerable to attacks and malware. Therefore it is considered to be the best practice to choose a WordPress hosting provider that provides a free and automated backup service.

  • Free Migrations

Migrating a website from one platform to another is always technical, complex, and requires time. Thus another important factor to choose a WordPress host that will allow effortless migration. However, most hosting platforms provide migration services free of cost.

  • Pricing

Pricing is generally the most important factor when considering a WordPress hosting platform’s plan. People are ured to choose the cheapest hosting plan but they often fail to provide basic requirements and facilities. Therefore people should always analyze the pricing plans of any hosting provider and make sure that there are no hidden charges included in their plans.


Choosing a hosting service should be considered an investment. Users must research and review their business requirements while choosing a plan. With hosting people will get great value for money and their decision will make an impact on their website’s performance and reflect in the customer experience when they visit the website. When choosing the provider people should consider the above factors and other options of what the platforms are offering in paid or free services. Another important factor to be considered is user reviews; what others experience is saying for a particular WordPress hosting provider can be a great help in selecting one of them 

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