How to Choose Your VPS Hosting Provider UK

How to Choose Your VPS Hosting Provider UK


VPS is an entire industry these days. A lot of providers are there in the market. They offer different services in different forms and at different rates. VPS servers also allow you to install the operating system you find better.

Finding the right hosting provider is critical for success. But finding the right one could be a little tricky when so many providers are working in the market. This article would help you pick up the right partner.

Here is a complete step-by-step procedure to reach the right VPS hosting Provider

  • Understand Your Needs

Of course, this is the essential step in finding anything. You cannot find something you do not know. Consult your IT department. Talk to them in detail and write down everything you need. It should be written with the collaboration of the entire IT team.

  • Compare The Types of Services You Find

Companies typically offer two types of services, managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. Shared hosting does not come with root access, so it will not give you the unmanaged option. However, VPS hosting UK does come with this privilege.

The provider helps you with everything if you use a managed VPS provider. They are here for daily maintenance, operations, and monitoring. But if you go with unmanaged VPS, this would all be your responsibility. 

Providers usually offer both managed and unmanaged plans. Check both in detail, and before finalizing, ensure you get the value of your money.

  • Select the Operating System

Operating systems are important enough to be number three on the list. We all know that Linux and Windows are two basic options, and both have unique advantages and disadvantages. It is time to reread the requirements you have gathered in step one. Select the option that aligns with your goals. 

Operating systems should take you closer to your objectives. Also, some specific servers may work better with specific operating systems. Keep such things in your mind. Spend your time researching these things. Finally, compile the list of all operating systems that work better for you and choose the best one at the end.

  • Think About Hosting Server Configurations

Performance concerns every website owner. Configuration of the hosting server is a critical performance parameter. That is why you must have all the information about your server. You should know everything about the capacity of the processor, RAM allotment, and disk size. 

Capacity is everything when it comes to handling sudden traffic increases. A website with insufficient and poorly managed server resources never performs well. Research over and over again to ensure you find the best brand.

  • Look For Disk Space

Where will all your data reside? Of course, it is disk space that stores the entire data. So choose the disk space which is slightly more than your current requirements. It would be the best way to fulfill future requirements proactively. Ensure that disk space is enough before finalizing anything. 

All providers are not equal. Some would offer unlimited storage, and some would not. However, the story does not end at the storage amount. Also, you have to be careful with storage types. SSD is a great option and also the hottest trend.

  • Check the Security Infrastructure of Your VPS Hosting Provider

Never settle for less than the perfect security. You should instantly reject any VPS hosting provider if you realize they are not serious about security. Your website stores sensitive customer data and must protect it from malware attacks. So when you are considering a provider, check what their security policies and practices are. Here we will mention four essential security measures. Find someone else if one or more are missing in your potential provider.

  1. The secure Socket layer is the first. It ensures that data traveling from server to browser is encrypted. 
  2. DDoS protection is second. It is a common attack. A mechanism should handle it and notify you about the network attacks. 
  3. The firewall is third on our list, but it is your first line of defense. 
  4. Malware scanning is the fourth and last. Regular malware scans are crucial. 
  • Control Panel

One of the mainstream options for control panels is Plesk, Direct Admin, cPanel, and Webmin. The control panel choice has a direct effect on the usability of the server. Of course, every control panel comes with its unique pros, but cPanel is the most popular choice. Its simplicity, custom scripts, and plugins make it almost everyone’s favorite. In addition, it comes with configuration to WordPress domains, so beginners can also use it very easily. 

If you find another control panel better for your website, feel free to go for it. Just keep in mind that control panel selection has a profound impact on the functionality of the website.

  • Root Access

Root access is a daily routine for developers and IT professionals. The deeper access they have, the better they can work. So pick the VPS provider that offers the deepest root access. It will help install software tools, write new codes, and modify the already written ones. 

However, it is essential to confirm the technical skill of the customer. That is why some providers do not offer root access. Non-monitored usage of root access can result in disaster.

  • Uptime & Customer Support

You can quickly determine a provider’s reliability level if you have the required knowledge. Of course, the first thing for websites is to be available and accessible all the time. So make sure that your provider offers at least 99.9% uptime. 

No matter how much server management experience you have, you will still need support at any stage. Please make sure you get it when you need it. Find a provider who is always available for help through multiple channels. You should have email addresses and phone numbers to contact when you face any issues.   

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