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How To Deal With A Bad Email Hosting Service Provider

Most businesses struggle with internal IT issues, the main of these being email hosting. It can cost more than just downtime, lost business, disgruntled clients wondering what is happening and can harm your business reputation quickly and permanently.

Because of this many companies have been forced to host their email internally. Meaning, money spent on things like servers, software licensing, network security and maintenance, not counting the labour required to run the technology like how to handle missing emails, email servers that go down during peak business hours and a significant of other bothersome details.

Thankfully, there are now companies that specialise in email hosting allowing businesses to outsource their email hosting and focus on other parts of their business while also streamlining otherwise ungainly IT departments.

The good thing about outsourcing your email hosting to us is you don’t have to worry about any of the costs or complexities of maintaining the actual system.

In most cases, you fill out a short form with your company IT email requirements and hand this to us.

Email hosting is a very effective method of down-sizing internal IT costs, it is relatively simple, but should not be taken lightly as your company’s email is the lifeblood and an integral part of the branding of an organisation.

This presents a lot of firms with the issue of choosing the right Email hosting provider; To make the right choice take the following steps. Which include but not limited to the following:

  1. You should clearly understand and document your business’s email requirements. Understand your current situation taking stock of whatever data you currently possess and which data can and should be archived.
  2. Establish and outline what services you wish to include in your company email system. This is important to help you properly communicate your requirements to your hosting provider. Make sure to add details like data security and protection, ensuring continuous service delivery and so on, in your request.
  3. Research your proposed email hosting provider; check out its published prices to ensure that it fits into your planned budget. Email hosting services can run into huge sums of money cumulatively so it’s best to get the best deal you can. Also, investigate the track record of the proposed provider to ensure it is reliable in its services. You also have to ensure that the provider has the features that you require for your system.
  4. Ensure that your proposed service provider is running the latest versions of email software. You don’t want to encounter issues later on due to outdated and slow software.
  5. Confirm the standard of service you expect from your service provider. For example, if it performs migration of data or a system upgrade. How much of downtime is to be expected and how soon can the system be up and running again. The more time the system stays down, the more money you lose; time is, after all, money. So you need to verify this and see how it can be tied favourably into your day-to-day business schedule.

If you’re struggling with in-house It issues, then email outsourcing is the way to go. It is a great idea, and it takes a sizeable chunk off running costs both regarding money and labour. As long as the provider selected provides top quality service for the top dollar you pay it, you’re set to go.

At the current moment, here in the UK, there are a tremendous amount of companies and individuals who are being mistreated and/or not properly served by their hosting providers.

Here at TheEmailShop.co.uk, we will make certain that you are taken care of both in the service transfer to work with us as well as the extraordinary customer support needed to make your emails send and receive day in and day out.

If you would like to see how quick, painless and seamless it is to make the transfer from ANY email hosting service to us, please click on this link and follow the simple steps so that you can get your email working right now and get back to business and serving your clients today.