How to Fix Issues With Sending Email SMTP

How to Fix Issues With Sending Email SMTP


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SMTP servers are not easy to understand. If you are a beginner, you may find things very difficult. Many people struggle to get familiar with how email gets sent. So this guide would answer the most frequently asked questions about the subject. Also, we will discuss how you can fix the issues if you cannot send an email. 

What is an SMTP server?

Yes, even the fundamental question falls under the category. Many people do not know the basic definition even after months of using it. SMTP is the abbreviation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. The mail servers use this application to send and receive mail. Also, you can use mail servers to relay outgoing mail between email senders and receivers. 

An SMTP email server may have more than one address. You can set them by the mail client or application you use. The general format of these addresses is

Your mail client’s account or setting section will show your SMTP email server address. For example, the one Gmail uses is something like 

A three-step process will follow every time you send an email with SMTP host Gmail or AOL:

  1. The SMTP server will process your email.
  2. It will check which server to send the message to and then relay it to that server. Then comes the turn of the recipient’s inbox service provider. It could be, for instance, Gmail or AOL.
  3. It will download the message and store it in the recipient’s inbox.

Is an SMTP server the same as a normal server?

Speaking in technical terms, the answer is yes. The SMTP server also processes data and sends it to another server. However, they have particular goals for sending, receiving, and relaying emails. Also, the SMTP server is not always on the machine. We need to understand that this is an application. Also, it is constantly running in anticipation of sending new mail.

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Why are SMTP servers important?

Email would not reach the destination without an SMTP server. When you send, the system transforms the email into a code string. Then, it sends that string to the SMTP server. But it is not difficult for the server to process that code. Everything would be lost in translation if there was no SMTP server to process the message.

Hereafter, the server verifies if that particular outgoing email is from an active account or not. It is the first defense shield that protects your inbox from illegitimate email. If the mail is not delivered, it will notify the sender. Also, it will let the sender know why the email failed. For example, it could be the wrong email address or that email being blocked by the receiver.

What If You Cannot Send Email?

So how would you feel if you suddenly couldn’t send these emails? It would indeed be painful. There can be many reasons behind it. However, one thing you must know about is the default port that allows you to send emails. In many cases, it is 25, but that depends on your internet service provider.  

It mostly happens on mobile devices. For example, you may face it on phones or tablets, as you always switch between different Wi-Fi networks. Here is a complete guide on how you can resolve this issue. But remember that the steps can differ if you use other devices and applications. 

  • First, you must open the settings for your email in the application or device you use.
  • Find the outgoing SMTP server and its settings.
  • Check the current outgoing port. 
  • Please change it to either 26 or 587.
  • Is there any username or password fields? Do not forget to fill them.
  • Save all changes and tests.

Congratulations, you are done. Now, the problem should not be there. 

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What if I am still having trouble sending?

Check login details if the problem remains unsolved. If login details are correct, there could be a problem with outgoing encryption. If you are using SSL, try removing it, and if not, try installing it. If the problem does not solve, it is time to reach out to the support team.

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