How to Get Your WordPress Blog Listed in Google News

How to Get Your WordPress Blog Listed in Google News


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Are you a WordPress blog owner looking to get more readers? Have you achieved success through social media strategizing and bookmarking but looking for more? Well, this blog post is about another super trick. 

Google News can help you. Getting your blog featured in Google news is an effective way to reach the interested audience at a broader level. Indeed,  it will not happen in some days. Read the full post to know how you can do it. Dedicated efforts and sound knowledge can help you do that.  

This article will explain all steps to get your WordPress blog listed in Google News and enjoy its benefits. First, you can build credible links. Second, your readership expands.

Google News: Introduction

As the name implies, it is Google’s platform. Google searches for the best stories and promotes those that it finds resonate with current events. It also published the story as newsworthy. So think of Google News as a syndication platform. 

The platform collects the stories that may appeal to a bigger audience, categorizes them, and publishes them. The impressive fame of Google, both as a search engine and a company, makes sure it does not go unnoticed. In short, it is a great way to attract a large number of new readers to your blog. 

So let’s tell you the procedure of submitting your website to Google. This could be the first step to getting your story featured by Google News. 

Submit Your Website to Google

So you think your story is good enough. Well, first of all, you should visit Google’s Publisher Centre. Enter the required information. They may ask about your website’s URL, topical category, description, etc. 

After providing all the required information, click the button that says, ‘Verify the search console.’ Now, just wait. This duration may span from two weeks to four weeks. Within this time, Google will finish its review process. 

Remember, this step is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Submitting your website to Google News is not a technical requirement for getting indexed. Neither is it a technical requirement for being categorized as a news publication?  

Google uses BERT models. It is the abbreviation of Bidirectional Encoder Representations. This natural language processing model allows Google to determine if the submitted site deserves to get featured on Google News. 

First Is The Quality of Content

Yes, we know that content is the king. The first thing to focus on for making your story heard on Google is the written content. Anything less than well-written and free of errors will not be acceptable. Moreover, the voice of the content should be newsy. It should sound like news. Google will probably not accept you if you sound like a typical blogger. A newsworthy voice increases legitimacy and goes a long way. In addition, it would look more professional.

Keep generating high-quality content regularly. With the growing readership, clients’ interest in your business also increases. Your content should provide information about your products in attractive words. Also, it should inform readers about your services in an engaging way. Finally, it must reflect your business goals in the long and short run.

People want to listen to stories. Often, they buy the story and not the product or the service. While writing, do not forget that your purpose is storytelling. Anyone scrolling the Google News page wants to read compelling stories. Think about some content you have recently read and really enjoyed it. Read again and try to identify their storytelling approach. 

You should develop a thorough understanding of the core message behind the story you are writing. Then, all words and sentences should serve to deliver that message.

Do you have any social media presence? If yes, you can get topic inspiration from discussions of your followers. If you have a loyal and responding audience, you can directly ask for their opinions about future posts. 

Utilize Multiple Authors For Content Generation

Yes, you cannot achieve your goal with a sole author policy. The key to success is a team of contributing and good writers. In addition, the team must produce enough volume and quality to get to the top of Google. 

Google may consider the entire blog and not just your story. The blog should make them feel that an organization handles it. If they think a single overworked author is there, it will turn them off. 

So have multiple writers onboard, publish their content, and let Google know. Publish their articles with their name and author bios. It would be best if bios appear on the ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact’ pages. The number of author bios should not be less than three. 

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Your Blog Should Be Google Crawler-Friendly

In the end, you must ensure that your blog is Google-crawler friendly. Google needs to know your website and make sense of it. So it has to crawl and index your content. Google even checks the user reviews on your website. Those pages help it know the services or products you offer. 

There is no room for odd characters in the URL of your blog. The ideal scenario is when it also contains the title of a blog we want Google News to pay attention to. One step many people forget is adding a Google News sitemap somewhere on the website.

If you have a well-coded WordPress theme, it would also help you put your content on the top of the page. Also, sidebars and footers should be near the edges. Both help Google crawlers index the content quickly. In addition, that eventually increases the chances of getting noticed by Google News. 

Putting It All Together

Yes, getting your content featured by Google News is not easy. However, calculated efforts in the right direction will eventually get you there. Keep producing high-quality content with a newsy voice and attractive structure. 

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