How to Install MailWizz on Your VPS Hosting UK?

How to Install MailWizz on Your VPS Hosting UK?


The Internet has evolved a lot ever since its beginnings. Yet, email is one of the most unchanged aspects. So many new communication ways are available now. Still, email is the preferred communication medium at the professional level. The online world sees the exchange of billions of emails daily. 

The trend does not seem to be outdated in the future as well. Per surveys, 80% of experts use email marketing for their brand promotion. Moreover, they employ many tools to automate the process. Mail Wizz is one such solution, and this article is about Mailwizz installation.

Mailwizz: A Brief Introduction

Mailwizz is a self-hosted tool for email marketing. It was developed in 2013. It is a great all-in-one solution widely used for email marketing purposes. The dashboard is user-friendly and self-intuitive. You can easily send mass emails, monitor the surveys, and manage your users for email marketing purposes.

Let us say you are running an eCommerce shop. You can utilize additional SaaS features that help with orders, payment methods, and taxation. Two pricing plans are available in MailWizz. The regular plan costs $79, and the extended plan costs $295. You get the first six months of support in both plans.

Pros of MailWizz

A lot of people prefer MailWizz for bulk email messaging on VPS. There are a lot of impressive features that provide this benefit:

  1. The first is a variety of features. It is a one-stop solution for email marketing with a bundle of great features. Developers have worked hard to make it as versatile as possible. Some great features are attractive templates, blacklist monitoring, two-factor authentication, and easy list management. 
  2. The second is easy email management. The dashboard is comprehensive and easy to understand. You can easily find helpful reports and settings for fine-tuning email platforms. The interface is so simple that even total beginners have no difficulty understanding it.
  3. The third best thing is detailed reports. The tool keeps an eye on many factors and represents a brief report through the dashboard. You can check your subscribers, email lists, etc. It becomes easy to figure out the critical factors that hinder your progress. You can also track the activities on your website. 
  4. The fourth great feature is API integrations. The power to adapt with several third-party tools is a highly-valuable. API is helpful in many different ways. You can also use it to allow or block specific IP addresses or entire IP ranges.
  5. Monetization tools are fifth on the list. The SaaS platform of MailWizz is an excellent way of project monetization. That makes it one of the favorite tools of entrepreneurs and marketers. Get MailWizz’s extended license option to have everything. It includes promo codes, taxes, currencies, payment gateways, etc.  
  6. Sixth and last is GDPR compliant. It is more than compulsory if you store sensitive customer information. 

Cons of MailWizz

Mentioning the disadvantages is critical to get an unbiased view. So here are the few downsides of MailWizz. 

  1. Anyone can use it for spamming. Yes, any bulk messaging tool is suitable for spamming if it falls into the wrong hands. Similar is the case with MailWizz. The self-hosted email marketing tools are often involved in spam campaigns.  
  2. The support is limited. The licensing of MailWizz gives you access to future updates. However, their support will finish just after the first six months of the purchase. There will be no live chat or phone support. All you can do is submit a request and wait.  
  3. MailWizz is not so budget-friendly. At the same time, some tools are even available for free, like MailChimp. 

How to Install MailWizz?

Since it is a self-hosted platform, you must install it on your VPS. Here is the procedure:

  • First of all, you buy the MailWizz license you want. 
  • You will receive an archive. You must unzip it.
  • There, you will see a folder named’ Latest.’
  • Upload it to your hosting account. 
  • You either upload it in a root folder or any other subfolder you find better. 
  • Now you have to direct your browser to the correct installation path. Here is an example path. (
  • Now follow the steps. 
  • Once done, remove the installation. 
  • Now you will launch MailWizz. 

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How Can You Find a MailWizz Hosting Provider?

MailWizz does not come with too many system requirements. All you need is an Apache/Nginx web server with Linux, PHP, and MySQL. 

The cron jobs make it a perfect candidate for a VPS hosting solution. However, the repeating events would consume too many server resources in the case of a shared environment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for this:

Server Resources

Resources like RAM, disk space, and RAM should be enough to manage all email traffic. Sometimes, there are limits on outgoing emails. So check if there are any with your potential provider. Does your project fit within them or not? Also, remember that a dedicated IP address is mandatory to avoid a bad reputation. 


You will require more system resources as the email list grows. Otherwise, you cannot manage all emails that come from or go to your server. However, as long as you have a scalable VPS plan, you do not have to worry about enough CPU and RAM that ensures smooth email operation.


The need for extra assistance is always there, no matter how much progress you make. The hosting support staff can always help you with optimizations and server-side issues. Make sure you get a managed VPS plan always to have hands-on support.


Of course, the budget is essential. Do you want only to utilize MailWizz, and running a website is not your priority? Then, you can easily find particular email hosting plans. However, the VPS plan is better from the optimized performance and feature-cost ratio perspective.

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