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How Does VPS Hosting Supplement Your Website SEO?


They say the second page of Google search results is the best place to hide the dead body. Yes, no one opens the second page. So your business website must show up on the first page. And we all know that SEO is the great science of showing a website in search engine results.

This is a complex method trying to increase website traffic. It ensures a high ranking on search engine result pages without advertising. Higher rankings mean more views, and more views represent more sales.

Choosing the right web hosting type is also one factor that plays an essential role in SEO. This article will discuss how VPS hosting can help you with SEO.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS is the hosting type where multiple websites share the same physical server but use dedicated server resources. It ensures that one website does not consume the resources of another website. The resources may include storage, space, CPU, etc. A software called hypervisor ensures dedicated resource allocation. 

Hypervisor works in the bare metal server. First, it separates the server resources under the physical server, including the operating system and other applications. Hereafter, it allocates these resources to different virtual machines. 

How VPS Hosting Positively Influences Your SEO

  • Reliability & Uptime

VPS is almost like you have a little server of your own. The isolation is virtual, and they reside on one physical server, but all are independent. None of the critical performance parameters of your website will be affected by any other website in any way. That saves you from many SEO problems. 

Search engines use several ranking factors to judge websites. If you satisfy all elements, you will get a boost in results. Also, uptime is one of the most critical parameters. Search engines do not prefer referring their users to down websites. So their algorithms crawl websites and instantly report the down ones.

  • Speed

Just like uptime, speed is also an essential concern of Google. They do not want to lose their business by sending their customers to slow-loading websites. People also have zero patience these days when it comes to the loading speed of websites. They hardly wait for a couple of seconds. If the website does not load, they close the tab. They go and find some other website.

VPS Hosting makes your web pages load extra fast. Blazing fast speed is the most prominent VPS benefit after dedicated resources and account isolation. Also, you can scale up very quickly if requirements increase. For example, sometimes, just one viral blog post suddenly increases the traffic. Your hosting package should be capable enough to handle the situation.

  • Root Access

Here is a fantastic advantage of VPS hosting that sets you free for many things. It is known as root access. You get access to your server. You have the ultimate authority and control that makes you feel like it is your server. 

Do you also think you know your web needs better and you should have the right to make changes? VPS hosting fulfills this dream by giving you complete control. You can install third-party applications you like better. You can change configurations to meet your goal most efficiently. 

Now you can do everything you want to do to secure your website. For instance, you can edit security configurations, close the unused ports, and stop applications from accessing the internet without reason. 

That also leads to improving your SEO. It hardens the security and adds to the reliability. Search engines love websites that are secure and reliable.

  • Security

Security is mandatory for a website’s growth. It helps you gain the trust of your customers and search engines. What would be the consequences of sharing a server with a website that does not have sufficient security? Yes, that would make your website vulnerable, too. Hackers would have many opportunities to get into your system.

VPS hosting saves you from these problems and also provides much more control. There are no bad neighbors to influence you, in short.

How to Choose A Good VPS Hosting Provider

It will be a perfect choice if you find all four qualities in a provider. You can relax and concentrate on your business when you know you have good security, uptime, support, and speed. 

However, you can also use a couple of other parameters to know about the quality of the provider. 

How many years of experience do they have? The more years they have spent, the better services they will provide. 

Check their SLA. How reliable is their SLA? Would they be able to keep their word of a 99.9% uptime guarantee? 

Are you going to get managed or unmanaged VPS hosting? Remember that managed VPS hosting should be your choice in most cases. Unmanaged VPS hosting would demand a lot of your time for management. Make sure you get managed VPS to enjoy the benefits of virtual private servers. 

Putting It All Together

So, SEO is an integral part of your business’s marketing. And, it holds immense power to boost your sales. The only condition is that you use it wisely. Small businesses and big businesses can also increase their visibility with SEO. 

Business websites need a proper SEO strategy to survive the competition and ensure they are seen. Some essentials you need are good content, good speed, good security, and maximum uptime. In addition, SEO brings organic traffic you cannot achieve through advertising. 

Since web hosting plays a significant role in SEO, choosing the hosting that helps you with SEO is vital. VPS is the most appropriate choice you can make. It can complement your SEO efforts. 

The best thing is that VPS is a budget-friendly solution. So you can easily find good plans that offer good features at affordable prices. 

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