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Secure VPS Hosting Everything you need to know


Secure VPS Hosting Everything you need to know

Websites getting compromised is part of daily global news these days. Some credible resources claim that the number of new websites compromised every day in the world is as huge as 30,000. Such horrible figures demonstrate how critical it is to have secure VPS  hosting for your blog or eCommerce websites.

One hosting server could be serving multiple websites. But even if one of them is hacked, the brand’s reputation is dead. This should equally concern business owners who avail the hosting services and the hosting services, providers. 

Business owners should understand that data is king, and the protection of both their and their client’s data is crucial. The hosting environment is one of the most important security pillars. So this is going to be your comprehensive guide to secure hosting. 

Which hosting options are the best?

Is Secure VPS The Best Option

The answer in a single word would be yes. The safest host you can get is a managed virtual private server, which has been on the rise in recent years for good enough reasons. 

Managed VPS enhances the server’s performance. They are far less expensive than dedicated servers and still provide great reliability and security. 

We know that VPS is nothing but many servers created within one machine with the help of server virtualization. But before further proceeding with secure VPS hosting, we have to be clear about something. Let us ensure that we clearly understand the difference between managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. 

Managed VPS

If you are using the managed VPS, you do not have to worry about updating, running, configuring, and maintaining your VPS. VPS Hosting provider takes care of all this stuff. If a Linux server is not easy for you to run, managed VPS is your go. 

However, the range of tasks hosting providers are responsible for, may vary from provider to provider. Before making a final decision, you should be totally aware of what your providers do and what they do not do.

Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS is more budget-friendly and also you get some control over your VPS. However, you are also responsible for configuration, administration, and maintenance. Surely you need enough technical expertise to reap the benefits.

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How Managed VPS Helps With Security?

Managed VPS server makes your website secure and ensures that the data shared on your website is safe from potential threat actors. 

Continuous Support

A great support team helps you manage everything proactively. Their experience equips them enough to manage attacks and threats and identify breaches.

Regular Updates

It is easy to forget updates managing your core business areas. However, when you have managed VPS you do not have to worry about this, as the provider updates everything using the latest patches.  When an attack happens, updates will be provided to prevent further issues.

DDoS Protection & Cloud flare

Managed VPS providers also offer Cloud flare to keep you safe from DDoS attacks. Hence, you do not have to worry about downtime.

Anti-virus & Other Protections

Malware scans, email virus filters, vulnerability scans, and intelligence are all available with managed hosting. Managed VPS provides real-time security updates.

Hardware Upgrades

One of the worst things that can happen is the failure of hardware dive RAID. It will put all your precious data at risk of being lost. Again, it is a dedicated team that can monitor these risks and performs necessary upgrades. If you want extra RAM or a larger hard drive, the support team will follow your instructions.

Automatic Backups

Another measure that managed VPS takes to strengthen your website’s security is performing regular backups. To be prepared for worse situations, managed VPS stores these backups in the cloud. 

It has your back even in the scenario of a server crash. You can immediately restore to the most recent backup state with little data loss.

The Attacks Managed VPS Can Deal With

Hackers are continuously on the hunt for new targets. Below we share some of the most common types of attacks Managed VPS providers will help you tackle. 


All malicious software that activates when you click on an attachment or a message and aim to exploit network vulnerabilities fall under the category. Viruses, spyware, ransomware, and worms are the different forms of it.


Probably all of us would have experienced phishing, once in a lifetime. The hackers communicate with you, show themselves as a legitimate entity, and ask for sensitive data. 

They may pretend to be a telecom operator, payment vendor, or utility company. You open the door to risks when you enter the details.

SQL Injections

Your databases are the target of SQL injections. They trick the server into revealing sensitive data. Their mechanism is to insert malicious code in your SQL and show themselves as legitimate user.

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What If You Are Using Unmanaged VPS?

Even with the unmanaged VPS, some measures can make you safe and protect your data. Here is what you must do other than updates and backups. 


An audit is necessary because whatever happens on your server, should be in your knowledge. Audits expose the vulnerabilities. There are many tools available such as Bastille, Log watch, and Linux Security Auditing Tool. To get maximum safety, include audits in a weekly or monthly routine.

Firewall Configuration

We usually install a firewall during the earliest steps of setting up a new Linux VPS. The reasons are to filter out unwanted traffic and prevent or fight DDoS attacks.

Find Vulnerabilities & Get Rid of Them

Are you certain that all of the services and applications running on your server are required for it to operate properly? Even if they are, should they be open to the world? Unnecessary applications pose the risk of vulnerability. Also, check your open network ports.

Use Strong Passwords

Weak passwords pose a big threat. Even the best security systems can do nothing if your password is ‘123456’. Other than having strong and difficult-to-break passwords, you should also update passwords regularly. 

Which Is The Best VPS Hosting UK?

The best Secure VPS hosting saves you from all kinds of threats and helps you establish a strong online presence. Which is the best option depends on your situation. Our best pick, however, is Grid Hosting