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UK Minecraft Server Hosting: How to Identify the Best One


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UK Minecraft Server Hosting: How to Pick the Best One

A plethora of companies provides UK Minecraft Server Hosting services. However, it is difficult to choose one without knowledge of minimum server requirements, the real benefits of running your own server, and the features of good Minecraft hosting.

Looking at the fame of Minecraft, it should not be a surprise that many people and organizations want to set up their own Minecraft servers with the cheapest Minecraft server hosting out there. Minecraft is most fun when played online with friends. The minimal and straightforward graphics allow for a great deal of innovation.

UK Minecraft Server Hosting

To help you, this post from The Email Shop is going to elaborate on the following points:

  • Minimum Server Hosting Requirements of Minecraft
  • Advantages of Running Your Own Minecraft Server
  • What to Look for in the best Minecraft server hosting

The Minimum Requirements

Games are the most resource-hungry web applications, making hosting games difficult. However, luckily, Minecraft is not one of those resource hogs. Many dedicated server hosting Minecraft services allow you to host Minecraft.

Here are the basic minimum Minecraft hosting requirements.

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU Core

And these are the recommended requirements.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Core

As long as storage is SSD-based,  it isn’t crucial in context to what else is the part of the offer. The more the number of players, the more the requirements. There are other requirements you may consider.  If mods are one of your preferences, you may find the best modded Minecraft server hosting.

Why Run Your Own Minecraft Server?

At this point, one starts wondering if the headache of finding the cheap Minecraft server hosting for yourself is worthwhile. So here are a few of the many positive aspects.

1. Choice Freedom in Mods

Nothing is more frustrating than playing Minecraft with multiple disabled mods. When you host your own Minecraft server, you can install any plugin. Modded Minecraft server hosting is more than imperative.

2. Community Building

Man is called a social animal for a reason. It is a lot of fun to be with friends. However, time and distance do not always allow you to. The advent of the internet has removed physical barriers.

Minecraft is one of the great ways to build a small community of closer friends. You get to have your own private world within the world, which nobody other than your beloved ones can access with a suitable UK Minecraft Server Hosting.

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3. Sense of Independence

Hosts that have to support a large community make rules for a majority. When you host your own Minecraft server, you need to consider regulations that affect your little group. The best is, it will be at your pleasure and no one else’s.

4. Teaching Tool

Even many education professionals have no idea about the excellence of Minecraft as a teaching tool. It provides a fun-filled environment that encourages them to build and explore. In addition, Minecraft can be used in social experiments and teaching young minds the importance of behavioral aspects and decision-making.

Jotting down all ideas may make up an extensive list. Go creative and start thinking more about the immense creative potential of the game.

5. Monetization

Over the long run, it can be pretty expensive to host a Minecraft server. The level increases as the number of players increases. So the costs will be high, but Minecraft is still under the license of Microsoft. They understand that there are costs that need to be covered.

Microsoft has made some allowance for that. For example, they open avenues through which you can offset costs. In addition, there are some ways you can monetize your Minecraft servers. For example, in-game advertising, setting up web stores, and more.

What To Look for in Idea UK Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft puts demands on both hardware and infrastructure like many other applications. Therefore, you must know some technical and financial details to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Running your Minecraft servers means you’ll need the supporting bandwidth and hardware. In addition, it means renting a space on a server hosted by a web hosting company like The Email Shop, unless you own a data center.

Consider the following things before choosing a hosting company to get a Minecraft hosting plan.

1. Processor

Every web application requires a processing time to run. The importance of this time doubles in the case of gaming environments. Therefore, the processing time is calculated in clock cycles (MHz or GHz) in actual usage scenarios.

Typically, there are multiple powerful processors in web hosting. The amount of processor time you get depends on the plan your web host offers. Inspect your potential UK Minecraft server hosting provider from this angle.

2. Memory

RAM is nothing but a fast and volatile memory to run processes. RAM loads data into memory for processing when a request is made to the server. When you have less memory than required, servers have to swap data in and out of RAM more frequently, which leads to lower performance.

Shared hosting works from a large pool that is shared between multiple accounts. VPS and cloud plans offer their users dedicated memory for use. Exactly how much will depend on the host and plan you pick up.

3. Storage Type & Space

Minecraft is not an exceptionally storage-heavy game. However, if you run a Minecraft server, having an SSD will improve your performance. Some web hosts offer SSD-based server software (such as the operating system and web server software) and store your data on regular storage. This is different from providing a complete SSD solution where SSD stores everything.

4. Server Location

Location is one of the most critical aspects. Depending on the place where your server resides, huge differences can surface. For example, huge latency can be observed if the server is too far away from players.

Sadly, there is not much anyone can do about this. Players could be anywhere throughout the globe. If you are hosting in a more localized context, then you may choose a server in that area to control game lag.

Some hosting providers even provide dedicated Minecraft servers like Grid Hosting.

Putting It All Together

So, finding a good UK Minecraft server hosting is not a terribly complex duty. Basic Minecraft knowledge and research on different providers and your requirements will help you quickly land upon the one.

We hope that this post from The Email Shop helps you find an ideal UK Minecraft server hosting for you. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any queries.