VPS Linux Hosting or VPS Windows Hosting

VPS Linux Hosting or VPS Windows Hosting – Which One To Choose


Web hosting requirements of all businesses are not the same. Some anticipate rapid growth soon, and some in the distant future. VPS hosting is the most common choice of those who expect it in the near future. Almost everyone agrees with this. However, some prefer VPS Linux hosting, and some prefer VPS windows hosting. 

The reading goal of this article is to help you decide which one suits you. We are going to explore their differences in depth. They matter a lot when you use shared hosting and even more when switching to VPS. The fundamental difference is that the Linux VPS server uses Linux as an operating system, and the Windows VPS server uses Windows as an operating system. 

Who Are The Prime Users?

Linux is much more prevalent in the circles of small business owners. The reasons are affordable costs and easy usage. On the other hand, large companies usually prefer windows. This is because they have a high budget and an extensive expert staff to manage it well. 

Which One Performs Better?

First of all, we will compare performances. Good speed and stability concerns every web hosting owner. But these are one of the prime motivations to get VPS hosting. Speed, stability, and scalability are the primary concerns when someone opts for VPS. The best operating system will be the one that provides all of it. 

A great VPS plan would ensure to maximization of the potential of the website. In addition, the multi-core servers with good RAM and SSD drives ensure the best performance and responsive server provisioning. 

Both Windows and Linux are best from the performance perspective. So yes, they almost tie. But that will not always be the case. So we are going to compare them in some more aspects, as well.  

Which One Is More Cost-efficient?

Linux is the winner, of course. It is open-source software. Anyone can study, change, and distribute it. Moreover, it is cheap for resellers and end users. 

If you need enterprise-level functionality, free Linux distributions are best for you. It is also best for hosting companies since they can offer their customers cheap hosting and increase their sales. It is best to create a managed VPS environment. 

Windows comes with a high-price license, on the other hand. So you would have to pay for a license to build a VPS hosting environment. 

Which One Is More Flexible?

The purpose of VPS is to fill the gap that shared hosting leaves. It must meet complex and evolving business requirements. Those who go for VPS are usually interested in website growth. They want to manage many websites, use the content management system they like, and have a diverse list of tools. That flexibility is the gap shared hosting leaves and VPS hosting fulfills. Both operating systems have different flexibility levels to offer.


Linux takes the lead once again. Its flexibility levels are far greater than that of Windows VPS. For example, you can add processing resources much more quickly. It also shows better flexibility when it comes to the choice of website management tools and content management systems.  


Windows also does not lack any server functionality. So your server would work perfectly fine and smoothly. However, you will miss the diverse choice of tools and CMS if you use it after using Linux VPS. 

There will be no other option but to learn how to stay happy with Microsoft technologies. You will be dealing with things like ASP, .NET, and Microsoft SQL Server, all the time.

However, a professional VPS always offers good flexibility, irrespective of the operating system. However, if a long list of choices for CMS and tools is your crucial requirement, go for Linux VPS.

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Which Is More Secure?

Security concerns every website owner. Data has to be safe at any cost. And this capability has much to do with the server’s operating system. 


Windows itself is one of the most targeted operating systems in the world. Hackers focus more on the security gaps of Windows than those of Linux. Microsoft continuously releases updates to compensate, but it is not always on time. As a result, the damage is done before it comes into the market.  


Go for Linux VPS and enjoy the best enterprise-level security. Also, a large community of dedicated software engineers is continually working to find bugs in Linux and resolve them immediately. 

Which One Is Easier To Use?

You may argue that good performance and better flexibility make any system difficult to use. It would be a valid argument. VPS configuration requires storage, RAM, and CPU allocation, which is not such a simple task. 


Such fears will make sense if you use Windows VPS. First, you have to be an expert in Microsoft Platforms. Otherwise, you will need a long time to get your hands on it. The managed VPS servers also are a bit challenging for nontechnical people. It is not easy for them to make high-level configuration decisions.


So the best would be for a managed Linux VPS server. You will enjoy greater control levels on all server resources than Windows. 

Which One Offers a Better Technical Support Team?


Windows server provides the best technical support, but you will have to pay for it. Your hosting company will pay that fee and charge you support subscription fees.


Linux VPS also provides the best tech support. The secrets are open source and have a large support community of expert developers worldwide. A good hosting company must have a team of great developers to address customer queries.

Remote Desktop Access

Windows servers come with a graphical user interface. That is why it is effortless to manage a server. On the other hand, Linux servers are not that easy to manage since they either do not come with a remote desktop or require a setup for the server administrator. 

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