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Dedicated Server Hosting

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server Hosting


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The list of decisions you may need to make as an entrepreneur could be extensive. An important one among them is choosing the web host and the vendor choice is not all you have to do. First, you make up your mind about which type of server to pick. A dedicated server hosting is the best choice you can make because of its excellent security, efficient control and power, and profound impacts on SEO. 

However, looking at it as the best solution for every business also does not make sense. Yet many organizations prefer it, and we will tell you some reasons to select it. This article is all about why dedicated server hosting should be your preference. 

Why Should A Dedicated Server Hosting UK Be Your Priority?

The first regular concern of most potential buyers is the cost. The prices of dedicated servers are high, no doubt. Then it must provide some pros that no other hosting type offers. Here are five great features that can help your business a lot. 

  • The Abundance of Reserved Resources 

Other hosting types are limited, especially in terms of resources. While one task consumes the resources, others are waiting in the queue. When this task is done, others will have their processing turn. Another problem arises in the later stages. Speed gets slow as the number of your website visitors increases, and performance becomes sluggish. This problem is most common with shared hosting types. 

Dedicated servers are all yours. Every single resource is dedicated to your and only your website within this isolated environment. No other website can use it. Hence, dedicated hosting provides better resource availability. 

Like shared hosting, what happens on any other website will not influence yours. Bad scripts running on other websites will equally affect your website in that environment. You will end up compromising both speed and performance. 

  • Great Freedom: Full Administrative Control

There are many different types of dedicated servers. Whichever you select, you can exercise complete control over your server. Every type comes with full root-level control. 

We can also refer to it as SSH control of your server. The resource sharing principle of shared hosting does not allow such control. It will provide you with zero or little control over the server.

Perfect liberty comes with dedicated servers on the other side. You can be in charge of anything from installing custom applications to customizing the packages. You can even establish the security protocols you like and configure the server however you please.

These servers let you upgrade the plans and scale the resources as well. The addition of one more server is also possible. Moreover, if you are a website administrator, you must monitor the statistics to find flaws and develop better strategies for improvement. 

Dedicated servers make the tracking of statistics straightforward. So this freedom is one of the best reasons you should go for no other hosting type but dedicated hosting.

  • Perfect & Flawless Website Performance: Speed & Server Load

The uptime is an essential parameter for estimating the quality of a website. For an online business, uptime has the utmost importance. Even an hour of downtime would lead to severe consequences. 

Dedicated servers would ensure maximum uptime and protect your brand integrity and investment. Other hosting types are not reliable in these terms. Also, you get unlimited bandwidth with dedicated hosting.

Opting for dedicated hosting provides high-traffic websites with stability and better security. It won’t let traffic spikes crash the server or influence performance. Instead, manage your website smoothly and efficiently. 

Such outstanding performance levels are not possible without industry-standard hardware resources. Therefore, the dedicated server hosting providers utilize the potential of top Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres to empower the hardware. This is where the dependable infrastructure and immense power come from.  

Also, many other features help your website perform better and load the pages at a lightning-fast pace. Some are powerful processors, solid-state drives, and unlimited bandwidth.

Speed is an important reason online businesses prefer no hosting type other than dedicated servers. Surveys suggest any web page should not take more than three seconds to load. If it takes longer, the user will switch to another web page. 

But when speed is impressive, business grows. It attracts more traffic, increases the conversion rate and consequently multiplies the revenue. What could be more critical for any business than revenue generation?

Also, dedicated server hosting is the best option for websites with high traffic. The high number of visitors can mess with the functionality of your website. Any other hosting cannot handle it. You should not instantly purchase a dedicated server if your website also enjoys high monthly traffic volume. It can take the load. 

  • Unbreakable Security

Regardless of the size of the business, security is crucial. It is critical for small portfolio websites of one page and big business websites with thousands of pages. Whenever there is an online presence, you need good security measures.

There are always great chances of data loss when using a shared server. The risk of cyber-attacks is always there. Dedicated servers eliminate all such concerns. They offer impeccable security algorithms that protect the valuable data of you and your customers. 

  • Distinct IP Address

Server sharing leads to IP address sharing. One server cannot have multiple IP addresses. Again, the evil neighbour could hurt your business. What if one of them is a spam site or has a bad reputation? Using the same IP address will destroy your credibility. 

However, a dedicated server hosting gives you a unique IP. It is imperative for large eCommerce websites, online portals, and gaming websites. 

The Final Verdict

In short, dedicated server hosting provide diverse features, the best security, total control, and ample resources. These qualities are superior enough to outweigh the downside of heavy price. 

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