WordPress Comparison with other CMS

Why is WordPress Better Than Other CMS?


Starting or launching a website is really easy in 2022. The market is full of different content management systems. Any of them will help you make a website in no time. The majority will offer you each and every tool that you need to make a website. Despite a plethora of content management systems online, the majority of users search for the best WordPress hosting UK. There must be reasons behind that. We are going to discover the same reasons in this article, and discover the superior qualities of WordPress that make it better than other content management systems. The top three systems are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. 

What Makes WordPress Better than Other CMS?

OK, so here is our question. Why is WordPress better than other systems? The first thing that demonstrates its competitive edge is its immense popularity. It is much more famous in comparison with Drupal and Joomla.  The market share of WordPress is 60%. 

Users love WordPress because it provides ample room for customization and is very easy to learn. You do not require high technical expertise for using WordPress. Whether you want to create a simple blog or a hugely complex eCommerce store, WordPress has your back. Although it is a suitable choice for small websites or blogs with relatively simple architecture. 

Many readers may find it amazing that the sole focus of WordPress in its early days was blogging. It is surprising because now it has grown beyond that point. Now it is no longer just a blogging platform. 

Also, WordPress is an amazingly diverse and rich platform. You will find a lot of themes, widgets, and plugins. CSS and Code Snippets are available for you to further customize them.

Advantages of WordPress – Best CMS Platform

As a beginner, you cannot find a platform that makes learning website building easier. Here we enlist the six biggest motivations to use WordPress. 

  • WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is the most beginner-friendly platform. Using it is simple and easy. Moreover, you can set up WordPress quickly.  The installation will hardly consume your five minutes. The best is all this installation and usage require no coding knowledge.

In short, everything is easy with WordPress. Thanks to the self-intuitive interface,  using, understanding, setting up, managing, and updating, all are super easy. 

  • WordPress Gives Flexibility with Designs

WordPress provides you full opportunity to utilize your creativity with designs. There is no restriction on using one design for one website. WordPress allows you to spread multiple layouts across your pages. The platform itself has thousands of themes as well as plugins in its repository. Pick whatever you think best complements your business. 

Nearly all themes are responsive. Clients can use any device to view your website. Also, formatting your content could not be easier. WordPress provides you with an advanced editor to do that.

  • Good WordPress Hosting UK Offers You Advanced Security

Protecting your website from malicious hackers is a core value of WordPress. They provide the industry’s best security features. Despite being an open-source platform, it is very difficult for hackers. WordPress at least sets you free from the tensions of data breaches and vulnerabilities. 

Your websites will be totally secure and it would be very likely that some unauthorized person accesses them. The probability of your website becoming a victim of any cyberattack will be very low. The credit largely goes to two basic elements. Number one is the free security plugins of WordPress. Number two is the advanced password protection features it offers. 

  • WordPress Features The Easy User Management

Do you have a large business? If yes, then probably it’s your requirement to let multiple users collaborate for working on the same website and updating it. Perhaps, no other content management system understands it better than WordPress. It provides powerful multi-user capabilities. Multiple people can work simultaneously at one website without having any trouble.

All people working in the office do not have the same job. Understanding this, WordPress even lets you assign unique roles to all employees that work in the same office. For example, you can have an editor, subscriber, contributor, administrator, and author. It will be decided what someone can do, and what someone cannot do with the website.

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  • WordPress Offers Tremendous SEO Benefits

No other content management system can beat WordPress when it comes to SEO. It has immense potential to resolve a number of SEO-related queries. Many experts agree on this. 

WordPress is the best option if you are on the mission of finding an SEO-friendly content management system for your website. Many tools that can optimize your website according to the SEO best practices are pre-built in WordPress. Hence,  you can enjoy a good ranking on search engines. 

One of the best plugins that most experts recommend is Yoast SEO. It is a powerful plugin that boosts the performance of your website. 

  • Social Media Integration

Social Media Marketing is the most important pillar of every modern business. If you have social media integration, you can achieve amazing results with good content marketing strategies. Ignoring the power of social media in today’s life would bring nothing but business loss.  

However, extracting good results from social media is not as easy as you may think. It requires enough time and financial resources. However, it will become challenging if your content management system lacks social media integration capability.

However, this will not be your concern if you are a WordPress user. It will give you a lot of plugins and tools that improve the visibility of your website. When the website visibility is good, social media processes become easy. 

Putting It All Together

Perhaps, the most basic reason behind the popularity of WordPress is it is most friendly for non-technical people. TheEmailShop provides good WordPress hosting services at attractive and budget-friendly rates. 

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