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WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Which One Is Right For You?


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Sometimes, deciding the hosting type for your web project takes more time than any other step. It requires sound knowledge of hosting types to make a wise decision. This article will clarify one of the most widespread confusions in hosting. 

Many people tend to confuse web hosting and WordPress hosting and cannot differentiate them from each other. Both are different things, and confusing them would never let you make hosting conclusions. Read the complete article to determine if WordPress Hosting UK is your go or web hosting is your need. 

To help achieve reading goals, we will define both terms, check their pros and cons and clarify the fundamental differences. Let us start. 

How Do We Define Web Hosting?

It is a very broad term, with hundreds of types. For example, web hosting is the service that publishes the website online and makes sure that anyone can access them on the internet.

Buying a hosting plan means you are renting a portion of the server or a complete server. The server is the property of the hosting company, so of course, you have to pay the rent. You store the files of your website on that server. A lot of words will fall under the umbrella term of web hosting. Some are VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Shared Hosting.

What benefits you enjoy when you opt for web hosting depends upon which type of hosting you select. In most cases, physical equipment is the responsibility of the company. Also, they will be maintaining the hardware 

What is WordPress Hosting UK?

When you optimize hosting to run WordPress websites, it is WordPress hosting. Therefore, if you purchase a WordPress web host, you will receive many tools and services made to work on WordPress websites. 

Most WordPress hosting UK services will provide you with a one-click-install, automatic software updates, and a dedicated support team. A renowned content management system is also abbreviated as WP. 

Statistics say that WordPress empowered almost 39.6% of the internet in 2021. Moreover, this immensely famous site builder is the choice of many renowned businesses. Some examples are The New York Times, Sony, and eBay. 

People like to opt for it because of its solid security, great plugins, automatic updates, and good support. In addition, WordPress is easy and quick to set up and comes with many plugins and themes. 

All hosting providers equip their servers for WordPress-specific threats and a dedicated team that ensures the security of your website. 

Classifications of WordPress Hosting

There are two basic classifications.

Managed WP Hosting

When the hosting providers are responsible for controlling and maintaining technical elements, it is called managed WP hosting. They ensure the security and speed of your website and also help with backups and updates. Managed WP hosting will also provide you with solid customer service to resolve your issues in time. 

Unmanaged WP Hosting

The client is responsible for most technical aspects. Since few or no additional services are provided, it is more budget-friendly than managed WP hosting. However, you are responsible for almost everything. In most cases, you just get a server and operating system. 

WP Hosting and Web Hosting: Which Is Better

Think about what types of websites you will create? The answer could help you a lot in figuring out your choice. It is essential to consider different parameters for reaching a reasonable conclusion. Let’s figure out the critical questions whose answers lead to the best decision. 

Is the creation of the WordPress website what we are looking for? 

In case the answer is no, then WP hosting is not your option. Instead, you should conduct deep research on web hosting types and determine which one suits you. When you spot which one is better, start looking for the best plan.  

In short, when WordPress is not your option for website building, you need general web hosting. That gives us a clue of the fundamental striking difference between the two. Web hosting is a public service, and WP hosting is one of its types. 

Can you afford to handle website maintenance tasks on your own? 

If you are not well-versed with website maintenance, perhaps the best choice is managed WP hosting. 

Those hosts will be taking care of many different aspects. The backups, caching, and WordPress-specific updates will be their headache. However, if you are confident about managing these issues yourself, you are free to choose either option. Managed WP hosting is good, and any other web hosting will also be fine. 

Another contributing factor is also worth mentioning. What are your priorities for website maintenance processes? Is the hands-on approach your preference, or is your choice convenient? You can choose accordingly.  

Are you confident about the security? 

WP Hosting is your call if your answer is no. Your hosting server will have protocols to serve the purpose. These protocols will be experts in resolving WordPress-specific security issues. 

Moreover, most WP hosting plans will even provide you with pre-installed security plugins. That sets you free from the problems of malware and cyber-attacks. 

However, going with any regular web hosting plan will not bring any issues if your answer is positive. You can find plenty of tutorials and guides about security on the internet. Please read them and know everything you need to secure a website.

Do you have a reasonable budget?

If there is no affordability issue, paying a little more to get WP hosting is worth it. Take advantage of WordPress-optimized features and functions. On the other hand,  it is okay to pick any general web hosting plan if your budget is low.

Is the level of your WordPress knowledge satisfactory?

Even if it is not, the WP hosting plans provide good website management support and expert-level help. So even the beginners with no or little WordPress experience would face no issue. 

On the other hand, experts can also take full advantage. For them, the entire platform will be intuitive. 

Putting It All Together

We hope that this article helps you understand what separates both services. Web hosting is an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of things, even WordPress hosting.  

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