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2022's Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your E-Commerce Website

2022’s Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas eCommerce Stores


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Did you know that Valentine’s Day sales reached $21.8 billion spent on gifts last year in America? 

After enjoying Christmas and new year holidays with friends and family, all of us cannot wait for Valentine’s Day. For lovers, it is a great event to let their better half know how passionate their love is.

On the other hand, it poses a great opportunity for business owners to win more customers and earn handsome seasonal revenue by going creative in their marketing campaigns. 

This article will discuss ten great marketing ideas for eCommerce stores. However, it is better to look at changing trends first. 

Changing Behaviors 

Few years back, Valentine day was the most romantic and couple-oriented holiday. However recent years have witnessed some changes. Luckily, these changes have brought more business to the event.  

What is the first change? Valentine’s Day is no longer couple-oriented. Not only are people sending gifts to their friends, parents, siblings, kids, and even the pets, but also they see it as a chance to indulge in self-love and shop for themselves.  

Back in February 2020,  people spent $1.7 billion on buying their pets a valentine gift. 

On the other hand, global pandemic is drastically changing consumer behaviors and business processes. Online shopping trend is on the rise more than ever. The statistics suggest that the total eCommerce revenue will reach 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2023. The trend of sending gifts to loved ones in other countries is also prevailing in the market. 

The Best Valentine Day Ideas for E-Commerce Marketing in 2022

Lets begin with the most exciting valentine day marketing ideas. 


Revamp Your Site

Visuals leave a profound impact on the minds of online shoppers and drive their purchase decision. So what strategy could be better than romanticizing your online store’s design? It should give the feel of love. 

The valentine look and design instantly draw attention in the season. Don’t we all dress up at festivals and special occasions? Your eCommerce store should be no exception. 

Here are three quick tips for revising your website’s design temporarily for valentine days. 

  • How about decorating your homepage slider with a valentine banner? The design can be made on a free tool like canva. 
  • Rather than altogether reframing, you can add a temporary valentine’s day section. Add all products with specific subcategories. 

Check Past Customers

Never forget your loyal customers. Statistics show that the budget required to retain old customers is five times lesser than that required to get new prospects. So reaching out to your past year customers is one of the best strategies. New year holidays have just finished. Update them with all relevant content. They deserve your valentine offers, and rewards, more than the new customers. 

Re-engaging with the previous client base would surely give repeat purchases. One suitable tool could be Facebook Retargeting Ads. Businessmen upload the email lists and phone numbers of current customers and Facebook retargets them. 

Utilize The Potential of Email Marketing

Yes, it is an effective marketing method. Emails sent two weeks before are not the best ones. Rather the best ones have tempting words and clear call to actions. You can send them promotional emails, inform them about special offers, and try to direct them to product detail pages. 

Email should also be full of love spirit. The selection of words should be very delicate. 

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Provide Bundles Offers For Valentine Day

Most of the people search for items in pairs or combos on this loving day. Also, they are expecting attractive discounts. A smart businessman will definitely try to make the most out of this event. He/she will create product bundles and attach a discount tag along.

Go creative and add an appealing bundle title that immediately gets noticed by consumers. You may name it as Valentine’s Gift set, Romance Set, Love Collection, etc.

Do you have any slow-selling products at the store? You should bundle them with target products and offer reasonable prices. It will be a mutual benefit for you and the customer, and near to a win-win situation. They get more products for less price, you win more sales and get rid of unwanted stocks. 

Another fantastic idea is to allow customers to bundle any two products and get them for heavy discounts at total price. For lovers, nothing would be more than making the gift set for their significant others.

Use Social Media To Build Trust

Instead of focusing only on websites or directly at eCommerce stores, use social media to increase sales. It is the fastest transmission line between you and potential customers. 

Promote valentine campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Get them into the spirit of the holiday and let them know you are here. Displaying the instagram feed on the website can also build trust and drive conversions. 

Just like websites, the design of social media posts should also reflect the core values of the day, which is the most beautiful thing in the universe, love. It would dramatically increase sales and engagement rate.

Use Popups

Instant pop ups, surprise visitors and direct them to valentine’s best offers. You can use them to impress visitors with catchy valentine taglines. Pop ups are the best and quickest possible way to provide coupons or discounts, custom offers, and promo codes. They are the best way when you need to give your website a good valentine touch in a short time.

Polls With Love Theme

It is fun to create and use polls. It brings a unique interactivity. Create one poll everyday in valentine’s month. Design it according to your business and keep in mind that it should be relevant to your products. 

Use Hashtags

Launch hashtags that represent your products and brand values and build brand authority.  Ask your clients to use those hashtags in reviews and in the posts they share about your products. For example, #love, #myvalentine, etc. 

Engage Them Through Contests With Valentine’s Day Theme

You may organize such contests on social media. Many new ideas originate from there. For instance, everyone feels happy about sharing his/her valentine story. You can send gifts to the best story. 

Also, you can ask people to share their views about the event, or maybe what different they plan to do this year? 

Use Social Causes

At the time of spreading love, we are most ready to do something for humanity. Promote the message of a significant part of every sale going to some noble cause, like helping the poor. Going green is the most trendy noble cause, and you must feel free to incorporate it. 

The Final Verdict

Valentine’s day campaigns can make your story heard. Ensure that you and your team put in your best efforts. Majority of the tips we shared are universal and will work for you any year.  

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