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Cloud Servers : Is It The Best Solution For Your eCommerce Site?


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Cloud Servers !  Read What Our Experts Say

Cloud Servers are nothing but a centralized server resource. It is hosted and delivered over a network on the internet. It is accessed when multiple users demand. According to statistics, 60% of businesses migrated their workload to clouds in 2020. Also, by 2025, the global cloud marketing worth may reach up to $623 billion.

The cloud server is the most reliable solution when you receive unimaginably high monthly traffic levels. One best example would be eCommerce websites, where several transactions occur every day. 

Ecommerce has changed the ways businesses operate. In addition, the global pandemic has further escalated consumer dependency. As more and more customers turn to eCommerce websites, web admins must ensure easy, effective and secure solutions. 

Cloud Hosting is one good solution that comes with multiple eCommerce advantages. However, there are a lot of things you have to be careful about when it comes to eCommerce websites. Cloud Hosting provides one of the perfect frameworks to develop a full-fledged eCommerce website. Here are six reasons why:

Cloud Host Increases Scalability

When running an eCommerce business, you put your best efforts into increasing the number of visitors and traffic to the website. The end goal, of course, is to increase sales. Therefore, you must be investing a lot of resources into it. 

It is super easy to increase scalability and arrange this boost in sales and enhance website performance with Cloud hosting. If there arises a sudden surge in demand due to promotion you are running or anything else, Cloud will tactfully scale the resources. 

You can build your eCommerce presence as quickly as your business grows. This extraordinary level of scalability perfectly complements the demands of the retail sector.

Cloud Hosting Provides Enhanced Security

The pillar of the eCommerce business model is trust. They trust the quality of the product you describe and believe their data is in safe hands.

Thus, it is imperative to secure the necessary business files and data as well as clients’ confidential data in eCommerce websites. In addition, users have to enter their sensitive information, such as residential address and credit card numbers.

The professionally managed cloud services ensure unbreakable security. Cloud hosting provides antivirus programs, managed firewalls, and multi-level authentication processes.

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Cloud Hosting Provides Better Accessibility

Easily accessible data is one of the keys to smooth business operations. Cloud increases your data accessibility for your employees, partners, suppliers or anyone. 

Clouds make accessibility not only easy but cost-effective. With any standard web browser, you can access all the required data. 

Cloud Hosting is Much More Reliable & Stable 

Cloud hosting makes your web apps more reliable in terms of functionality. The load equally distributes as all servers are connected to the same network. It leads to better efficiency and cross-functional usability. You can rely on your system entirely.

It is normal for new ad launches to lead to traffic spikes. However, the real power of cloud hosting lies in superior stability. Hosting your eCommerce infrastructure on Cloud enables your website to handle sudden traffic loads. 

Cloud Hosting is Economical

Economic efficiency is the top priority of every business, be it small, medium, or large. Cloud helps you cut down on costs by allowing you to pay for only what you use. Moreover, there are pricing plans that do not come with any hidden charges. 

Cloud enables you to control your operating cost much more efficiently than other per-unit storage options. It is way more economical than hosting your own security network.

Cloud Hosting Ensures Blazing Fast Speeds

When a page takes more than three seconds to load, more than 40% of online shoppers abandon the page instantly. Moreover, 79% of unsatisfied customers never return to the same online store. 

These statistics are alarming for any eCommerce business. However, if your eCommerce website is stored on the Cloud, you enjoy the speed that no other on-site infrastructure promises.  

Easy Recovery 

Any unexpected power interruption or extreme system failure can halt your workplace and adversely affect your routine business operations. You are really swimming in dangerous waters if your business data is lost.  

However, these physical damages or system failures will not come your way if your website is hosted on Cloud. Your servers will be working all the time, and there will be no interruption in customer activity. 

Full Root ADP Access

You get complete control over the hosting platform. Install applications and do a lot with full root/RDP access. Then, you can use it to enhance the activities of your business.